UltiversalQ 027: Cloney Island

This week Luke and Devin are here as Peter Parker meetings 4 different Peter Parkers, each with fantastic new powers and also his dad is back and so is Gwen? Also Luke explains his theory about how Ultimate Peter Parker is Trans.

Issues Covered:

  • Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 1 #97-105

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UltiversalQ #001: Petty Cash Theft

Do you feel it? Things are different! Luke and Devin are back with UltiversalQ, your Guide to the Ultimate Universe, now in Podcast Form! Tackling Ultimate Spider-Man, bad haircuts and fashion, New York Murder, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Spider-Verse, and more! It is an All New #1!

Issues Covered:

  • Ultimate Spider-Man #1-8
  • Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #1-3

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Fan Week 2016: Episode 3: Nova Nova Gonna Give You Up

This week our many Imzy follower came at us with a request to talk about Nova with this What If and because it was fan week we said “Okay”! It’s a good one – and a fast one!

Universes and Issues Explored: 

  • Earth-79715 – What If? Vol 1 #15
  • Earth-15797 – What If? Vol 1 #15
  • Earth-51977 – What If? Vol 1 #15
  • Earth-97751 – What If? Vol 1 #15


Our theme music is by Vibe Leviathan and our cover art is by Kyle Latino!

Check out the image gallery after the jump.

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