136 – I Can’t Believe They’re Not The X-men IN SPACE!

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Art by Mike Norton and Rochelle Rosenberg. Wanna buy the original? I don’t see it listed online!

In which Jay and Miles from X-plain the X-men are called in to discuss Joshua Williamson’s What If Infinity: X-men is a bit like Firefly, there are universes X-men who were also Avengers reunite, DC Earth designations are like trade numbering, Cannonballs Not Actually X-men are a weird group, Sunspot and Cannonball have a weird wifeswap, picking family over team, the Power of Friendship saves the day, the villain is ill-defined, and the X-men are dead – JUST LIKE YOU. Also questions from listeners like you (or maybe you?)!


  • Podcast genealogy
  • Over-reading for Infinity understanding
  • Al Ewing, cereal writer
  • Shuma-Gorath
  • X-men Avengers/Avenger X-men
  • Jay was never an Avenger
  • Marvel Wikia TRNs
  • Universal Numbering System
  • Old Man Logan: 90210
  • All New Numbering
  • Xavier vs The Illusive Man
  • Hugging Norman Osborn
  • Weird Emma Frost Dreams
  • Cute Trainspotting
  • X-men as a Roleplaying Game
  • Spaceship Horseplay
  • Sympathetic Wendigos!
  • Strict Utilitarianism
  • Grizzled Guthrie
  • Haircuts by M
  • Hairsuits or Skinsuits
  • The All New Space X-men
  • Who gets eaten/gets to breed
  • Tahani is Monet
  • Chuck Austen’s Magik
  • Batman/Hellboy/Starman/Disappointment
  • The Doom Factor
  • Space X-men Team Pitches
  • Luke needs to see MOON
  • X-men in Space Vs X-men vs Magic
  • Sorcerer Supreme Peter Corbeau
  • Stardust the Super Wizard
  • Why JJJ doesn’t hate mutants
  • Columbus Podcast Festival

Next Episode: Katherine Pryde and Age of Apocalypse Sabretooth fight Hydra Wolverine!

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Episode 129.2: X-men NOIR

This week Luke and Cameron DeOrdio are back for Marvel Noir Month and talking about the mysterious take on Marvel’s Merry Mutants that is X-men Noir! Someone is killing sociopaths, there is talk of eugenics, and both of the hosts are a little uncomfortable about everything. Comics!

Universes and Comics Covered:

  • Earth-90214 – X-men Noir #1-4
  • Earth-? – X-men Noir #1-4

Cameron can be found here on Twitter!

Check out the image gallery and notes after the jump!

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Episode 126: Here Comes Tomorrow

This week Luke and Devin sit down to talk about Morrison’s Here Comes Tomorrow, the wrap of the New X-men run – haven’t read it? Luke has you covered with the hit winter jam of 2018.
Oh god, it’s 2018?
part of me just still thinks it is 2016.
where am I
time has no meaning.
Tom Skylark wants to have sex with Robots!

Universes and Comics Covered:

Earth-15104 – New X-men 151-154

Check out the song by itself here

Check out the image gallery and notes after the jump!

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Episode 125: Alive In Phoenix

Happy Jeanuary listeners! This month we are highlighting some Marvel Girl/Phoenix related stories.
This week we cover what if Jean didn’t die – twice! First a post-Phoenix retcon and then a pre-Phoenix retcon!
And Devin and Luke are in the same room and Luke doesn’t have notes. The Internet goes out! They can’t do a good high five! Dogs bark! A cat meows! Basically a quality episode.

Universes and Comics Covered:

Earth-9112 – What If Vol 2 #32-33
Earth-81727 – What If Vol 1 #27

Check out the image gallery after the jump! And the page we looked at costumes on is here.

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Marvel 2099 Edit Free Special

It’s a big universe special where Luke and Devin explore (without edits) the Marvel 2099 event Fall of the Hammer and use it as a launching ground to discuss the initial series, what they liked, what they didn’t – and that way they can finally get back to discussing the Exiles.

Our theme music is by Vibe Leviathan and our cover art is by Kyle Latino

Universes and Issues Explored: 

  • Earth-928 – Spider-man 2099 #1-16, Ravage 2099 #1-15,  X-men 2099 #1-5, Doom 2099 #1-14, and Punisher 2099 #1-13


No image gallery this week

Episode 75: A House Of M Divided

Luke and Devin discuss all of the tie-ins for The House of M and try to construct some variety of logic around what happened.

Universes and Issues Explored: 

  • Earth58163 – House of M: Spider-Man, House of M: Iron Man, House of M: Fantastic Four, Incredible Hulk #83-86, Hulk: Broken Worlds – Punnyville, Uncanny X-men #462-465, New Thunderbolts #11, House of M: Mutopia, Wolverine #33-35, New X-men: Academy X #16-19, Cable & Deadpool #17, Black Panther #7, Civil War: House of M, House of M: Avengers, House of M: Masters of Evil


  • Luke’s sister was nice enough to edit this episode.

Our theme music is by Vibe Leviathan and our cover art is by Kyle Latino.

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Episode 46: Fury and Dum-Dum In Mouse Land

In which Luke and Devin rejoin the Exiles as they are joined by Namora who ripped apart a shark as a kid, Johnny Storm worries about his sexuality, Mimic actually has good ideas and Impossible Man has a little something special for people with the inanimate object fetish – and nightmares for everyone else.

Universes and Issues Explored: 

  1. Earth-616 – Exiles Vol 1 #46-48
  2. Earth-14845 – Exiles Vol 1 #49


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Our theme music is by Vibe Leviathan and our podcast is by Kyle Latino!

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