New Listener?

Welcome new listeners (or people clicking this page out of interest) to MultiversalQ, your guide to the comic book multiverse – now in podcast form!

Where To Start

Chances are you either really hated the first few episodes or you are considering starting at the beginning.

Well, that is an option. It may not be the best option. Luke really sings a lot early on and hits the vocal transformers a bit heavily and it took a bit to get a rhythm going between Luke and Devin.

The following episodes are generally not bad – minus sound quality which we are retroactively fixing.

Episode 4: Watcher Kaiju Battle – The first one we had a flow on.
Episode 11: Would Doctor Doom Beat Voldemort? – Luke remembers this one being fun?
Episode 13: Gender, Sexuality, and Galactus – The first really good Exiles arc.
Journey Into The Multiversity Guidebook – Kieran Shiach of Journey Into Misery is on this one.
Father’s Day Special 2015 – An all time classic with our #1 on Trials of the Multiverse
Episode 23: Vi-popping and Vi-Locking – First image gallery
Episode 26: Black Hole Beach Party – Strangely popular, possibly because of Masada.
We Got A Broad In The Swamp with StrucciMovies – The first movie Shannon and Luke generally enjoyed.

What Is The Trials Chart

Luke stole the idea from War Rocket Ajax who stole the idea from the Best Show of ranking every universe and putting it on a list as it is covered. And for some reason they did two joke specials that added like 75 universes. And if numbered universes are mentioned, they get added. And if unnumbered universes are mentioned, they get added. And if we get sketches of universes they get added. And if we got fan emails then we would potentially add those.

And originally we were only going to add to the list in numbered episodes but that plan died.

What’s the Deal with the Schedule?

Luke and Devin do the shows in 20 episode cycles.

Episode numbers ending in:

  • 1, 4, 7 – What If Universes
  • 2, 5, 8 – Standalone Universes
  • 3, 6, 9 – Exiles Arc
  • 0 – a “Big” DC Universe

And then we switch who picks between Luke and Devin in a fashion so there is even distribution.

Where is the 616 on the list?

We haven’t added it yet. Trust us, the stories we have seen it in have not been good.

Why aren’t more episodes linked especially on the Trials chart?

Laziness slash how we construct the chart. But soon it will happen.

The volume early on is really low and sound quality is bad.

Luke is working on this bit by bit, supporting us via Patreon helps though since we get more space to reupload old episodes.

Will the old episodes get image galleries?

Probably when they get reuploaded.

Is that contest still open from Episode 2?

It currently is! We also had one later on for Luke’s run of Mutant X. It is taking up valuable closet space!

How are you improving the podcast?

Spite. And guests.