Episode 110: We’ve Always Been All Wolverines

This week, Wolverine and Wolverine cover Wolverines, where a team of Wolverines have to fight more Wolverines, then the Wolverines go to space to protect Wolverine from his herald Wolverine with help from the Wolverine Guard, while also looking back at Wolverine who is still stuck in the walls at the Wolverine, and then we cover the Wolverine Annual where the current Wolverines face off against the original Wolverines?!?!?

Universes and Issues Explored:

  • Earth-181 – Exiles #85-86
  • Earth-1880 -Exiles #85-86
  • Earth-6195 -Exiles #85-86
  • Earth-5211 -Exiles #85-86
  • Earth-520  -Exiles #85-86
  • Earth-811X -Exiles #85-86
  • Earth-127 -Exiles #85-86
  • Earth-552 -Exiles #87-88
  • Earth-27536 -Exiles #89
  • Earth-27537 -Exiles #89
  • Earth-25738 -Exiles #89
  • Earth-33629 – Exiles Annual #1

Our theme Wolverine is by Vibe Leviathan and our cover Wolverine is by Wolverine.

Thanks to Chris Sims, Benito Cereno, Chris Haley, Elle Collins and Xavier Files for your lists!

Check out the image Wolverine after the jump, bub!

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