Episode 121: Inexplicably Gwen Stacy

This week Luke and Devin are back to cover Chris Claremont on Exiles as there are lots of continuity gaps and an overall poor development of the story beats. Hooray!

Universes and Issues Explored:

  • Earth-187319 – Exiles 95-98

Our theme music is by Vibe Leviathan and our cover art is by Kyle Latino.

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Exiles 95-98
Writer – Chris Claremont, Art – Clayton Henry, Inks – Norman Lee, Colors – Wil Quintana, Letters – Simon Bowland
The Exiles return – Blink, Sabretooth, Morph, Longshot, Miguel OHara, Psylocke and somehow they were gone for a while.
They never mentioned the lights before. And they were only gone for a day or so. The equipment and the Timebreakers are gone. They settle back and eventually ask what happened which apparently Heather was waiting for which is dumb – like she wanted to see if they were real – and she ended up destroying a lot of the equipment. She sunk into depression, the bugs left, she got better, cleaned up, and she returned home – because they were gone for about six months. Clarice and morph go after Heather, Miguel plans to restore the command center with Longshot, and Psylocke and Sabretooth try to explore the place.
Morph and Blink find either on her home world, she’s pregnant at this point so she’s off the team.
Meanwhile Psylocke is fighting Slaymaster again and is getting her butt kicked – but it turns out it was a simulation and she was fighting Sabretooth. She’s worried so Sabretooth suggest to find someone better or to accept her fate.
Miguel finishes the system repairs and there’s a world in peril, Psylocke offers to stay behind to watch. The end up in New York City where the find the fantastic four – you know – Sue, Johnny, The Hulk and Victor Von Doom – wait not the Fantastic Four, the Four Fantastics.
Psylocke is meanwhile sleeping while on monitor duty and finds herself in an area where hundreds of characters have exploded out of space. She gets grabbed by a man and woman who invite her to a picnic, and she asks what’s happening and they explain time and space are unraveling and someone else needs to fix it.
Back on the Earth, Doom feels like they are there to help and Blink teleports to Moleman and She-Hulk who are dressed in rags to try and talk things out – but they attack her and Moleman runs off with her so the Exiles join up. This version of She-Hulk is dumb, the Hulk is smart, and Sabretooth attacks and is able to subdue her.
They question her and it turns out that Reed Richards is the Moleman and Victor invites them home. The Exiles notice the crowd around them was being weird.
Blink wakes up in the clutches of Moleman – she notices everyone else looks like Ben Grimm. Moleman explains how Doom genetically modified the population removing things like humor and he figures Blink is from another world.
Doom meanwhile gives outfits to the other members of the team and Morph feels uneasy.
And meanwhile back at the Panoptichron, Kitty Pryde appears. She immediately runs away and tries to phase through a wall but fails. Psylocke goes to help but this version of Kitty is named Cat, and she recognizes Psylock as the deceased Captain Britannia and so Psylocke takes her to the med wing as the couple follows her.
Longshot meanwhile looks over the town and feels uneasy. Morph has been following him – similarly uneasy and they both head to Central Park. Morph asks whats up and Longshot says the people have no passion – no soul. Blink shows up and asks them to come with her. Meanwhile Miguel has been dancing with Sue getting very close (wait no that’s Gwen Stacey apparently?), and also so has Sabretooth somehow? Anyway they hook up, and Victor gets a chance to examine the Tallus.
Reed explains how Doom offered the world peace after world war 3 – no more hunger or disease, and he ended up killing dissenters or mind controlling them – that’s when an improved She Hulk comes in. Hulk follows in along with the Human Torch so the Exiles fight a bit but escape.
So Victor somehow duplicated the Tallus, so he sends in a group of mercenaries. They knock out the Timebroker version of Heather and Psylock takes out a few before she’s knocked out as well and Kitty surrenders. As they fan out and explore the base they are assaulted by John Proudstar – Thunderbird is back motherfuckers.

Ronan Cliquet – art, Amilton Santos – inks
Back int he Morlock caves the Four Fantastics follow, joined by Miguel, Sabretooth and Morph. Johnny gets angry at Miguel and so she bubbles both of them so they stop and meanwhile Jenn knows Reed loves her so it should be easier to attack. Miguel confesses his love to Gwen. Meanwhile Reed has killed all of his Ben Grimms.
Back on the Panoptichron they prepares to essentially genetically normalize Kitty but she escapes and Proudstar bursts in who Psylocke is unfamiliar with. The three team up and take the soldiers out. The get a moment of relief and share the fact that Thunderbird died on both of their worlds.
As Doom watches on Reed shows up and they start fighting with Reed having a definite edge. The Exiles meanwhile are still fighting the Four Fantastics. During the fight Gwen goes in to help and she tries to force him with the old are you with me or against me canard. She attacks him.
Doom meanwhile gets revenge on Reed knocking him out and prepares to send the Earth into the Crystal Palace but the soldiers are sent back – and Reed asks when was the last time people created or felt emotions and apparently people have been killing themselves – I have no idea – it’s weird and doesn’t make sense?
Anyway, the Four Fantastics end up dying the Exiles run away, and Reed destroys the earth and the Exiles are scattered across dimensions.


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