Episode 129.10: Spider-man NOIR: Eyes Without A Face

This week Devin is back with Luke to discuss Spider-man Noir: Eyes Without A Face! It has Nazis, racism, and Spider-man before he apparently becomes really racist.

Universes and Comics Covered:

  • Earth-90214 – Spider-man Noir: Eyes Without A Face #1-4

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Spider-Man Noir: Eyes Without A Face

Writers: David Hine & Fabrice Sapolsky

art Carmine Di Giandomenico

Letters – Dave Lanphear

It’s now September and a criminal is dumped dead on the doorstep of the Manhattan Bureau of Investigation as Jean De Wolfe looks on recognizing the criminal as someone he’d paid to snitch about the Crime Master. Spider-man meanwhile is trying to figure out who the Crime Master is as well. And we cut to earlier as the Crime Master met with Donato Moretti and tried to get him to work under his rules. When Donato disrespected him, the Crime Master’s muscle Sandman killed him by crushing his head.

Spider-man heads to the Alhambra Theatre and finds an audience full of dead mobsters. He heads over to meet Felicia to ask about the Crime Master but she refuses to help and then they hook up. In the morning she asks him to leave saying she’s good for the nights but nothing else and he returns to the soup kitchen where Mary Jane Watson is working to help his aunt. May is caught up arguing with the Joe Robertson who is raising some good points about the discrimination against black people during the attempts by Roosevelt to kickstart things. Peter comes in and greets Joe and Robbie, his son, and Peter and Robbie head out to talk. Robbie is currently writing for The Negro World, talking about the liberal appeasement of black people and how he wants to visit the lab of Doctor Otto Octavius on Ellis Island but he got rejected so he asks Peter to ask for the Bugle and 3 days later they head over and are greeted by Doctor Connors who is racist. Doctor Octavius suffers from some defect and is in a wheelchair with robot arms. He shows his most recent experiment where he’s cut into an ape’s skull to study the reaction to stimuli, and when Robbie comments Otto is very racist about the whole thing and Peter is fascinated. When they leave Robbie comments he thinks something bigger is going on and we cut back to the island where Sandman is bringing in a shipment of black people to the island.

Jean De Wolfe and the police stumbled into the auditorium and noted the Spider-webs but doesn’t believe that Spider-man did the murders. Meanwhile in Harlem, Spider-man breaks into a club called Seventh Heaven and tells everyone to leave because of the really bad illegal crimes. He confronts the boss Fat Larry and demands a tour which includes prostitution, drugs, and a weird soundproof horror room. He asks to know what goes on in the room, Fat Larry tries to bribe him and Spider-man threatens him to stop.

He heads over to the black cat and sees a man in the room with Felicia and leaves, returning home when he finds out that Robbie is missing. It turns out he was investigating White Supremacists like the Friends of New Germany who want to set up an American Nazi party. Robbie got contacted by someone and noticed that a lot of black people have gone missing recently and the police didn’t care so Peter takes off.

We see that Robbie along with a number of other people have been captured by Octavius who doesn’t remember Robbie.

Meanwhile we also see the Crime Master isn’t really a leader, he’s just a guy working for the Friends of New Germany and is dressed down. The real leader heads to Ellis Island where Octavius reveals his plan to mess with the brains of black people so he can completely control their will.

Spider-man meanwhile returned to Seventh Heaven to ask about the room, one of the attendants calls Crime Master and so Crime Master, Sandman and a number of toughs show up. He takes out the men easily but his punches on Sandman fail to have an effect.

De Wolfe meanwhile is trying to get information on Crime Master and has a black man beat by an all too willing cop. They burst in the club and Peter meanwhile barely escapes having his throat slit. Sandman starts smashing his face in as the police arrive. They warn Sandman to stop but he doesn’t so they just keep shooting him. Crime Master escapes with his hand broken by Spider-man, and Jean meanwhile helps Spider-man recover. He passes on the information he has, brings up the Draft Riots, and notes that Sandman smells like Octavious’ lab. Spider-man wants Jean to check it out but he can’t so Spider-man will have to go alone. He’s able to get himself over to Felicia’s where she helps him recover and in the morning when he is healed, she tells him to go so she can let the Crime Master in, her other partner. He wants to buy the club because he thinks he’s a big shot and she asks about the black people disappearing. He ends up finding the bloody bandages and attacks and kills Felicia for cheating on him. He calls his boss who wants things to get cooled down which means killing all of the black people on the island.

Spider-man meanwhile snuck back and frees everyone in the cells but it’s too late for Robbie because he’s been trepanned.

Spider-man tries to help him, meanwhile Crime Master’s men have come to the island and Octavius is angry. Crime Master starts incinerating things while Octavius makes a call and is told he’ll have a new lab in Tuskegee and he learns that Crime Master is considered a Liability to be killed. Spider-man and the escapees take out the majority of the men and Crime Master holds Robbie at knife point and mentions killing Felicia. As the police show up, Spider-man tells them if they shoot they’ll also be put on death row and Octavius reappears and kills Crime Master with his claw hands and asks Spider-man to put in a good word for him. In anger Spider-man attacks Octavius breaking his arms and almost killing him until Jean tells him to stop saying he was sent for by Felicia who is actually alive.

All of the muscle got arrested and Spider-man went to visit Felicia to talk to Lippy, her bodyguard who told him she never wanted to see him again. Robbie is irreparably hurt and Octavius gets deported to Germany. Mary Jane gives him a talk about how things should get better but he doesn’t believe her.

And when Octavius meets Himmler in Germany he is sent away for being a cripple. And Felicia stays hidden now behind a mask.


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