Episode 132: I See New York, I Fight France!

This week the New Exiles go to a world where England and France are still at war, there’s a lot of weird stuff in here, Devin finds out that castles weren’t real, a cat brings Luke some Jaffa cakes, Jean Grey is Sunspot, Peter Parker is on the X-men instead of Angel, a bunch of ships fall from the sky, the French are afraid of the rain and a guy shoots wolves from his hands.

Universes and Comics Covered:

  • Earth-80827 – New Exiles 7-10

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New Exiles 7 – 10

Art- Tom Grummet, Colors – Wil Quintana. Letters – Tom Orzechowski


A group of French commandos start chasing after a man, a woman and a young boy. The man tries to stand up against them, but is stabbed in the back by the woman, a version of Darkstar, who is working to kidnap the boy, the prince of England. She has a knife on him and while she’s waiting for her helicopter – the man who is Captain Steve Rogers gets back up and knocks her out.  And that’s when he transforms back to Mystiq as Rogue flies down – she destroyed the helicopter. They fly him back home to complete his mission and Mystiq is bothered by how Rogue acts around him.

We flashback to Cat showing them the world where France and Britain are on the verge of war and they have superheroes and Cat and Sabretooth are set to stay behind.

In New York, capital of the British Empire – the heroes – Lord Iron (Iron Man), Lady Scarlet (Scarlet Witch) and the others are getting briefs on the war. Meanwhile the team – Psylocke, Gambit, Morph and Sage, examine the city – Sage is having issues with Telepathy and suddenly something hits Psylocke as well and when she comes to she’s speaking Chinese and she flies off.

The team tries to figure out what is happening and Sage senses Havok attacking a nearby building. The team goes to help the survivors and all of the superheroes got killed and only the Queen who looked like Pepper Potts survived. Havok reappears – he’s French – and prepares to attack again so Morph balls him up and the Gambit and Sage knock him out.

The Queen thanks them and Gambit is sent to look for a French invasion fleet.

Meanwhile Betsy is having issues as she sees Slaymaster killing her and losing her rings she received from the Mandarin. She gets to Shanghai and finds her dead alternate universe self with the eyes removed and figures that Slaymaster is killing Betsys. She then gets knocked out by a mysterious someone. And back at the base Cat sees that the stars are blinking out and creation is coming to an end.


Psylocke wakes up after a dream where Slaymaster was killing tons of her and finds that she doesn’t fully recognize herself, and then Ogun shows up and defeats her. Ogun was the guy who trained Wolverine in Japan, also worked on training Kitty Pryde and tried to take over her. It turns out that Psylocke’s body has been invaded by the murdered Psylocke of this universe, Psylocke explains Slaymaster’s deal, Ogun says she was the Mandarin of this universe and he wants to train her.

Meanwhile Gambit is hanging out with some Dolphins but he sees an armada of wooden ships coming near. He goes down but is attacked by high tech scuba men – luckily he uses Sue Storm style force powers to stop them, breaks a rudder on purpose, and then is attacked by a giant squid belonging to one of the Great Ancient masters of the Oceans – sentient super animals who are like gods for the Atlanteans. He sees Fen, who in his world would be his grandmother, and is able to talk his way out explaining his deal and how the Exiles want to stop the war and we see Storm start to summon a massive storm. Fen talks to the Admiral Napoleon and turns off their power in Paris which is connected to a geothermal plant in the Savage Land run by Ka-Zar because why not have word vomit. Gambit flirts with Storm and the French ships get telelported out because Napoleon has his own power generator and the armada lands in New York City. Mystiq and Rogue and the wee prince head to Department X, a school run by Dame Emma Frost leader of Force X

and back on the base the omniverse is starting to die even faster and the digital Heather disappears.


We get introduced to Force-X which includes Starbolt (Summer Scott), Sunspot (John Grey), Spider (Peter Parker), Puma (Hank McCoy) and Aurion (Roberta “Bobby” Drake)

We get a long sequence of Rogue just beating up all of them until Storm and Namor come in.

Outside Manhattan the French know they have 24 hours before the Atlanteans fully retaliate and in that time they need to find and capture the queen.

Back in the streets Morph and Sage attack the french troops to protect the queen, and in Japan Psylocke is losing her memory as she faces Ogun to prove she is worth to leave, she has actually defeated him but she now believes she is the Lady Mandarin.

The French heroes prepare to attack and Force X and and the Exiles are ready to face them.

Back on the Panoptichron, Sabretooth goes to check on Cat and tells her to follow her instincts and not regret things.


Sage and Morph along the way got captured by Purge along with the Queen and Purge hit Sage with a neutralizer – a drug made by Ogun, that drains the conscious identity – which because her head is full of identities, means Diana Fox her persona from when she infiltrated the evil Captain Albion team comes out and defeats him before she falls unconscious.

Meanwhile Storm starts a downpour in Manhattan and the French soldiers run for cover while the harbor gets frozen by Aurion, and Sunspot and Starbolt start attacking the ships since they are still made of wood.

Gigantor – the version of Atlas from this universe stops them and almost kills Summer.

We then just get more fighting as we see more shitty villains show up like Garotte who uses a deadly rope, Wolftrap who summons wolves, and Legion who is like a shitty version of Multiple Man.

Psylocke/Lady Mandarin meanwhile has gone to France to meet the Emperor and he tries to overtake her with a codeword “Wolverine” because ooops, Ogun set her up to be his queen and his slave but Psylocke was only faking and decides to do something else.

She appears via hologram and forces the French to release the queen and surrender, Sage is still boring and we’re supposed to care about her not knowing how she defeated Purge, Rogue is still withdrawn, and Morph asks how Mystiq took out the real Legion to stop all the troops and we don’t get a reason why he should be mysterious or what this moment is supposed to mean.

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