Episode 134: Thanos and The Avengers: Daddy Quest

This week Luke and Sam Freund watch Thanos join the Avengers to do the impossible – to change Infinity (the event, which isn’t really changed by this, it’s just a What If? issue).

Universes and Comics Covered:

  • Earth-TRN267 – What If? Infinity: Thanos

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What If Infinity Thanos #1


Writer Joshua Williamson

art: Mike Henderson

Colors: Jordan Boyd

Letters: VC’s Travis Lanham


During Infinity there are two parts of the story – outer space where the Avengers and the Galactic Council with oops all the species are meeting – Kree, Skrull, etc, and the chips are down for them as they fight the Builders, who are super old planet seeding people.

Luckily/unluckily Starlord’s dad and intergalactic asshole garbage scheme boy invited Thanos to help out because he wants to destroy all life, not evolve it as the Builders claim to want. This scene of Captain America deciding never happens in the comic because Thanos and his group of murder friends, the Black Order, is down on Earth trying to find and kill Thanos’ son and grappling with the Illuminati and the Mighty Avengers and some other people.

They do very well, not even needing to bring in the Annihilation Wave – the thing that was an enemy like 10 crossovers ago, because they are doing very well on turning the war. A bunch of Alephs, who are robot soldiers, show up to try and make the Kree surrender and Thor and Thanos get into a Lord of the Rings style Who can kill more fight.

Steve, Captain America, is worried and checks in on Earth but the Illuminati are just chilling so Thanos goes to talk to him and Thanos is like “The Avengers have done crimes to and you’ve stood with them” and Steve is like “You’re no Avenger.”


Captain Universe, who is an ultimate cosmic being representing the universe but who had to take a convenient nap gets back up, which sets the Builders to try and blow themselves up taking out everything with them which would then allow whatever remained of the forces to return and destroy everyone else.

They teleport to the war zone with Thanos, and Cap notices that Thanos is interrogating one of the Builders and almost gets killed but Gladiator, head of the Shi’Ar Empire sacrifices himself, Cap kills the Builder and Thor tells him to get his head in the game.

Thanos starts rampaging through the base until he finds his son who here is the first new builder in millions of years and it turns out they just didn’t pay tribute – which raises questions like did Thanos bang a builder or is Thane, son of Thanos, supposed to hyper evolve into a Builder?


Anyway, Steve heard this and realized this is what Thanos wanted and goes to fight Thanos and he is killed. He reappears, joining the fight with Captain America’s shield, and saves Thor. He then humbles himself to earn Thor’s trust and says he wants to save all the worlds.

Thanos’ contribution is kept secret and soon after, when the Illuminati return, troubled by the secrets and the Incursions, Thanos greets them, offering to help them destroy worlds.



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