Episode 141: Deadpool Kills AGAIN (I KNOW RIGHT?)

This week the red murder boy with the murder toys is back killing the Marvel Universe again and Luke and Devin are just tired of it.

Universes and Comics Covered:

  • Earth-TRN664 – Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe Again

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Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe Again

Writer – Cullen Bunn, Pencils – Dalibor Talajic, Inks – Goran Sudzuka, Colors – Miroslav Mrva, Letter’s VC’s Joe Sabino




We start off in New Orleans with the police investigating the very grisly murder of Gambit by someone who enjoyed it too much.

We then cut to AIM Island where the Uncanny Avengers (Rogue, Doctor Voodoo, Quicksilver, and Synapse) are fighting AIM and MODOK. MODOK talks about how Deadpool is not supposed to be here and says a code phrase which momentarily stuns him and when he returns he kills MODOK, but as he dies MODOK sends out his Anti-Uncanny Avengers – Hands-Off Cowgirl, Snarky Raptor-Cheetah, Doctor Voodoo Doll and Brainwave Ninja who he murders – and it turns out they were his teammates.

The island gets investigated by Jessica Jones, Kate Bishop, Punisher, Cable, Moon Knight and Misty Knight which is a weird team and they talk about how a lot of other heroes have been killed – The Thing, Human Torch, Black Widow, Power Man and Iron Fist. Cable is worries since he cant see far into the future and Moon Knight points out that Deadpool had been there and is seemingly the only survivor.

Deadpool returns to the base which is now very run down where he imagines getting congratulations and then Nick Fury Jr sends him on a mission. The God Squad has been called to an island on the Agean Sea where Deadpool is imagining that he’s in a swimsuit special. The Gods including Hercules, Thor, Loki get worried and Deadpool ends up pulling out the head of Medusa freezing them all.

The Investigators meanwhile reach Deadpool’s base where they find files on weaknesses of superheroes who have been killed, as well as a cry for help and we cut to the people behind it all – a criminal organization led by Red Skull, Abomination, Magneto, and Dr. Doom and like – Magneto would have murdered Red Skull.

The Investigation squad next gets to the apartment of Venom where they find him surrounded by airhorns, dead, and then cut to Deadpool Venom attacking Spider-man. Deadpool meanwhile imagines he’s a a Honest-Brand Fruit Pie eating competition for charity where they have to beat the Blob and we see Deadpool actually ate Spider-man which fills Venom with satisfaction leaving Deadpool alone.

Deadpool goes to babysit for Jessica Drew and The Porcupine and kills them in front of her baby. The investigators try to figure out who they will attack next and split up with Jessica Jones and Kate, Misty Knight and Cable and Punisher and Moon Knight.

Miles Morales runs into Kate and Jessica after Spider-man 2099 got killed to try and warn him but it’s too late as Deadpool believes he’s Composite Deadpool/Spider-man who has to kill his clones in the Saga of the Spiderverse Clone Conspiracy and Jessica and Kate are too late and think someone is backing Deadpool.

Maanwhile back at the base, Doom expresses concerns while secretly Gwenpool is watching them, feeding information to the Investigation team. She goes in to get photographic evidence and then they lose the signal while Punisher and Moon Knight find the Guardians of the Galaxy dead.

Meanwhile at the Xavier School Deadpool tries to send the time displaced X-men home and kills them like he murdered the rest of them. He sees them dead but thinks someone else did it.

Cable and Misty head to his safehouse where the find the Mercs for Money dead except for Gorilla Man who has his curse and Cable swears revenge since Deadpool killed Domino.

Moon Knight and Punisher reach the base where Gwenpool went missing but Deadpool finds them and wants to play basketball but they are too busy with false idols and Deadpool kills Punisher by tricking him into using a trapped gun. Moon Knight fights Deadpool and is able to get enough lucidity by hurting him that Deadpool tells him all of the villains are behind this and he warns Jessica of the next stop.

Deadpool runs off and sees heroes trying to fix him but it is actually villain scientists.

The investigation squad and the Avengers show up only to find Deadpool has been turned into an Ultron hybrid who immediately starts killing them leaving only Misty, Cable, Kate and Jessica who calls for her to take the shot but Ultron kills her, before killing Cable, Kate and Misty as well and he removes his armor.

Gwenpool meanwhile confronts the Tinkerer.

Elsewhere Deadpool imagines playing with Ms. Marvel, the Power Pack and Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur playing a game of hide and go seek in a Casper the Friendly Ghost style montage before killing them all.

Gwenpool meanwhile gets the information out of the Tinkerer as Deadpool kills Daredevil, Ghost Rider, Ant-Man and Nova before Gwenpool shows up. She tries to talk to him, but he kills her – but not before saying his trigger phrase and telling him to not let the villains get away with it.

He starts taking down the villains sending Red Skull and his team on the run while also putting a bounty on his head leading to Carnage attacking Deadpool followed by the people who messed with his mind and reality, torturing them. He finally gets to the Kingpin where he has to fight Batroc and Bullseye. It continues on with more murders that gets covered by the news as if it is a vigilante retribution.

Deadpool heads to Magneto next who invited him, as he dropped from the group and he gives Deadpool the location of the Red Skull’s Sanctuary because he regrets the loss and Deadpool lets Magneto live with his regrets. He heads to the Red Skulls’ fortress and cuts a swath until he reaches the throne of the Red Skull where Taskmaster and Crossbones is. Taskmaster wants to leave because he feels bad for Wade so Red Skull kills him. Red Skull tries to gloat and Deadpool kills him but his skull continues talking, saying there is no going back and no redemption so he’ll just need to keep fighting the villains.


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