Episode 143: Chris Claremont Kills The Exiles

This week Luke and Devin finish talking about the first volume of Exiles, even though it became New Exiles, and if I told you it involved a dragon man hooking up with Rogue and Sage turning into an even bigger Sage, then well, you would have to believe me.

Universes and Comics Covered:

  • Earth-81114 – New Exiles #13-18
  • Earth-991 – New Exiles #18
  • Earth-1137 – New Exiles #18
  • Earth-1009
  • Earth-797

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New Exiles 13-18
Chris Claremont – Writer, Tom Grummet – Pencils, Vicente Cifuentes – inks, Wilfredo Quintana – colorist, Tom Orzechowski – letters
Gambit and Mystiq are swimming in the ocean in the Panoptichron and it starts populating until they see Cat who is also swimming with them as a mermaid, she gets startled and disappears.
Soon in the Observation Suite, Sage finds Cat who is wet and she has controls that only work for her and Sage believes she is merging with the system.
Meanwhile Psylocke is fighting the mental construct that Ogun planted in her mind so she uses some Sabretooth tips and tricks and kills her which Cat sees and Cat has also turned into a Psylocke who Sabretooth see and tells her to get back. Sabretooth then talks to Psylocke who decides that she is ready to fight Slaymaster. Meanwhile Kitty is also watching Rogue when Morph comes in and he brought her a new outfit which is very weird.
Sage keeps looking in when she has an attack from all the voices in her, Cat wakes up and Sabretooth and Psylocke come in because they have a mission so everyone gets together and this is where they all actually go into the annual but the placement is weird and Sabretooth puts Morph in charge of the team.

14 – Earth 81114
Art – Tim Seeley
Nerimani is being chased by aliens including a skrull but is defended by Sharen of the Daughters of the Dragon. Sharen is ultimately killed by Offset, a mantis tiddy person and her life is drained, luckily for Nerimani, Morph and the Exiles show up and starts fighting with the rest of the exiles – Gambit, Mystiq, Rogue, and Psylocke who is familiar with the Shi’Ar Death Commandos. They are then stopped by the Sons of Iron – people in Iron Man suits and the Daughters of the Dragon, who are mostly in bad lingerie.
We find out this Earth is only islands and the Island they are on, London of Britannia, is the home of the respective peacekeeping teams. Since this is their first outer space meeting, Psylocke gives them the rundown. Nerimani explains she is one of the Shi’ar – rightful heir because she’s actually this universes Deathbird.
Meanwhile Rogue talks to Colyn, one of the Men of Iron who is a dragon man and he explains how the daughters are generally human looking and the men are saurian and they wear armor to hide their race. It is not good.
Mystiq and Namor try to get information from the guard when Cat appears in a Tigra form to protect Nerimani from the Shi’Ar.
The base gets bombed so the team works to save people but that’s when the death squad shows up – Warren Worthington – Krait – who is Bondage Archangel. Moria Kinross aka MacTaggart who is Hypernova, Samantha Summers who is Colony who is modular murder bugs, Scott Summers who is Devo who is Cyclops in armor, Charles Xavier who is Black Cloak who is standard death knight NPC #5, and Alex Summers who is Warshot who has a gun? Psylocke, Morph and Rogue get taken down, Cat tries to stop Black Cloak but gets the psychic wammy, luckily Mystiq is able to turn the tables briefly. Unfortunately that’s when Lilandra shows up with her partner, Sue Storm, Madame Hydra who is out for revenge and she pins down Cat and Mystiq.
The two of them fuse together into a classic style Kitty who keeps transforming as they fight and Kitty just keeps fucking with her. Gambit gets confused and calls Sue “mom” which distracts her, she gets racist and distracted about it letting Kitty strike.
Meanwhile Lilandra tries to kill Nerimani who is saved by Morph but Lilandra turns Deathstrikey requiring Nerimani to turn the tables.
Colony killed Misty Knight, is racist about it, and goes to attack Colyn, Rogue comes in and gets stuck. Colony tries to eat her and Rogue dissolves her instead and goes nude. Rogue is also able to heal people and Colyn gives her his iron man costume and they make out.
As the fighting continues Gambit steps in to save Nerimani, Cat separates from Mystiq and pulls out Sue Storm’s brainstem and doing so cost her the last of her energy.
Psylocke knocks out Black Cloak and Venger as she tries not to bleed out but then Slaymaster shanks her and starts beating the heck out of her. Venger tries to hold her down so he can finish her but Slaymaster gets angry at the interference giving Psylocke a second wind.
Rogue in the Iron Man suit comes in and kicks some ass and then takes off the armor and finishes beating them up. Mystiq meanwhile tries to save Cat and sees other versions of herself including the 616 Kitty who tells her she did great.
Psylocke turns the tables on Slaymaster and he prays for mercy which she decides to grant him but he turns around and almost kills Slaymaster who teleports away.
The Exiles then corner Lilandra and she surrenders.

Exiles: Sage
Writer – Chris Claremont, Art – Vicenc Villagrasa, Vicente Cifuentes – inks, Wilfredo Quintana – colorist, Tom Orzechowski – letters
We get a backup about the Sage and how all the voices in her head hate her, how she’s the Ominiversal Guardian, how she wants to save Cat and she keeps getting physically attacked. Cat saves her when she falls off a cliff and explains how she is splitting dimensionally which is why she keeps transforming. Cat is the chosen one to fix it because she is fluid and adaptable but she doesn’t want to do it so she decides to help.
Unfortunately the Diana Fox persona comes in who wants control and they fight. Diana wants control, Sage still won’t give in and the rest of the monster forms show up.
They fight and Diana is getting beaten. Sage wants to team up but Diana doesn’t trust her and leaves her and that’s when the source of the monsters/personas shows up Merlyn who wants control over Sage and the Panoptichron. Diana shows up to help Sage after a monologue and Sage decides to unleash a new form but Sage dies.
Diana keeps fighting the rest of the monsters and Diana decides to merge with Sage and Merlyn is destroyed by the energy. Sabretooth is very confused.

Back on Dragonworld, Psylocke is recovering, Mystiq pays his respects, Gambit is helping with reconstruction, Rogue and Colyn are fight boning. Lilandra is sent to court, Nerimani becomes the new empress, Antonia Stark shows up??, Morph decides to go with the Empress and stabilize the empire (he wants to bone her), Rogue decides to stay in this world to hook up with Colyn, and the rest of the team returns to find the new Sage who is now merged with the Panoptichron who is essentially the new computer. Psylocke is very upset for some reason, Sage is bringing life in to the Panoptichron and really just wants to know everything which is dumb.
Gambit meanwhile went for a swim and ran into Valeria Richards, the teen they met before whose mother they murdered but they got a new mission now.
They head into Earth-991 where Mongolians are attacking Viking/Indian Amerindians which makes no sense.
And on Earth-1137 the team helps the insect humans fight the Shi’Ar again. Morph eventually gets home since things didn’t work out. Eventually Gambit returns home for Namor’s funeral and then becomes the new lord of Atlantis. They attack Wakanda and free the world once and for all. Sabretooth and Psylocke start hooking up, and that’s the end. They have more work to do.

Earth-81114 – Dragon World
Earth-991 – Mongolians vs Viking/Indians
Earth-1137 – Insect People
Earth-1009 – Exiles Rogue’s World
Earth-797 – Exiles Mystiq’s World

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