Episode 158: SepTangent Part 3: Superman’s Secret Wife

This week Devin and Luke are back to follow up on the Tangent universe with two series that are pretty much people being angry and confused and then a longer story that doesn’t amount to anything in the end. Thanks Tangent Comics!

Universes and Comics Covered:

  • Earth-9 – Ion #9-10, Justice League of America Vol 2 #16, Tangent: Superman’s Reign #1-12

Check after the jump for the image gallery and notes!

Ion #9-10

Writer – Ron Marz, Pencils – Fernando Pararin and Greg Tocchini, Inks – Jonathan Glapion and Jay Leisten, Colors – Tanya and Richard Horie, Letters – Rob Leigh

Two kids found Tangent Green Lantern’s lantern.

Meanwhile Kyle Rayner’s mom is in the hospital dealing with what looks like cancer but she doesn’t actually have it. Kyle gets called to return to Oa and he doesn’t want to go but his mom is fine with it. He leaves to go but feels something calling out to him and he finds a broken tree house and Tangent Flash and the Atom.

Kyle tries to figure it out but Atom gets angry and the start fighting and Flash can control Ion’s constructs and then Atom knocks out the flash and they get out Tangent Green Lantern and all of this is being watched by the Monitors.

Kyle wakes up in a nether space called the Bleed where he finds the kids David and Joshua Holliday who found the lantern on the beach.

A horde of monsters show up and a mysterious armored figure fights them with Kyle and it turns out to be Captain Atom who had been traveling universes. They talk it out are able to get out of the Lantern which sucks in the Tangent Heroes again.

Kyle gets to Oa and gives it to Guy to look after for the time being and goes off to do his own thing.


Justice League of America Vol 2 #16

Writer -Dwayne McDuffie, Pencils – Joe Benitez, Inks – Victor Llamas, Letters – Rob Leigh, Colors – Pete Pantazis

So two thieves break into Guy Gardener’s storage and one of them touches the lantern and is replaced by the Tangent Atom.

The Justice League gets a call so John Stewart the Green Lantern, Black Canary and Red Arrow show up, talk to the police, find another patrolwoman went missing and when they try to ask Guy about it, he’s busy fighting a space monster.

They go in and find Atom pondering the Lantern and he routes them and Canary calls Guy and gets the information that they can swap people back so the Atom is returned to the lantern, but the Tangent Flash is still in the universe.


History Lesson

Writer – Ron Marz, Pencils – Fernando Pasarin, Andie Tong, Inks – Jesse Delperdang, Matt Banning, Mark McKenna, Colors – Kanila Tripp, Letters – Steve Wands, Travis Lanham

We get some moments where Jennifer Hayden who works for Nightwing is interviewing a potential asset named Guy Gardner, a hacker with the net name Detective Chimp. Hayden keeps quizzing Gardener on the past which serves as a recap and to fill in some gaps. Lola, Harvey Dent’s girlfriend died from the Miraclo pill and that’s when he decided to take over after he stopped the Ultra Humanite. Ultimately it is revealed they Guy Gardner is fake and he’s actually Clayface who works for Superman and Jennifer taking her place.


Tangent Superman’s Reign #1-12

Writer – Dan Jurgens, Pencils – Matthew Clark, Jamal Igle, Wes Craig, Carlos Magno Inks – Jesse Delperdang, Robin Riggs, Dan Davis, Julio Ferreira, Colors – Dom Regan, Kanila Tripp Letters – Steve Wands, Travis Lanham, Sal Cipriano

It is 10 years in the future. Lori Lemaris – one of the former Jokers checks in with her probation officer and swearing at a poster of the man behind this, Superman – Harvey Dent. Meanwhile a mysterious old woman heads to a cemetery after telling a man he’ll find out who his true father is.

Meanwhile in the main DCU, Barry Allen the Flash is fighting a new version of the Mirror Master who is connected to the Multiverse but luckily Lia Nelson, the Tangent Flash shows up and helps defeat Mirror Master and says she was looking for the Lantern which is at the Hall of Justice. They meet up with John Stewart there and Johns’ Green Lantern ring and they are sucked in.

Flash, Flash and the Lantern end up in the Graveyard and the end up restoring the youth to the Green Lantern. John and Barry want to go home but they are stuck and Lia is worried about the Question, an AI, finding all of them and Tangent Green Lantern resurrects the dead Joker, Mary Marvel. We find out that Superman led a purge of heroes who would fight him and he was just stopping the people who opposed him. Mary got captured, was interrogated and killed.

Meanwhile in Saudi Arabia Superman showed up because King Faroush was having issues with the limits that Superman is putting on oil that they can produce but Superman is like “well time to spend that money you never used.”

On on New Earth, Batman, Black Lightning and Black Canary are trying to find what happened to their team.

Back on Earth 9 Manhunter and Spectre work together to retrieve a now desiccated Atom. When they try and escape they are faced with Jade and Obsidian. Green Lantern senses the danger they are in so the two Flashes head over to help

Lori meanwhile is at a reeducation center when Vincent Lord, aka Hex suddenly appears. He wants her to return to being the Joker and shows her John Stewart and the resurrected one.

The Flashes save Spectre while John Stewart and Mary Marvel Joker free the Atom only for Superman to appear. Superman kills Mary Marvel and captures Green Lantern while the Spectre escapes with the Atom. Superman tracks the rest of their group when they meet up so they vanish with the power of the Green Lantern of the Tangent universe except that John Stewart is left behind.

Back on New Earth, Hal Jordan got called in to help and he makes a portal to get them in.

The two Flashes, the Spectre, Manhunter, Pooch her robot dog and the Atom arrive back in the graveyard and the New Earth team tries to break through and Batman, Black Lightning and Canary and Hal Jordan enter.

Superman brings John Stewart to his base in Switzerland and they fight and reveals he still has the real Atom, the Justice League has Powergirl, the genetically designed hero who moves to kick some ass and kills Manhunter.

Batman moves to extricate the team with the Green Lantern but only half of them get away with the two Flashes, Black Canary and Black Lightning getting left behind.

Hex meanwhile took Lori Lemaris to his secret base.

Powergirl returns to Switzerland where it turns out she’s in a relationship with Superman and Superman probes Green Lantern’s mind and is like “shit, you got a lot of heroes and a lot of problems and they want to stop me, well I’ll stop them” and then he takes John Stewart’s ring.

Meanwhile Green Lantern, Batman, Spectre and Pooch go back to his apartment where they find Gunter Ganz, the Plastic Man. They realize Superman wants to take over so they will need to overthrow the government – but Batman is against it until he does his own research. He goes and meets with Halo who is a super computer, you get the moment where he’s like Superman is HARVEY DENT? and Superman stopped war and shelter problems and he didn’t have weapons to worry about. Batman also asks about Lola who is missing and then the alarm goes off.

Meanwhile back at Spectre’s apartment, Hex brings in Lori, Spectre offers her the Joker suit and she rejects it. They get notified that Batman is fighting at the core and he’s teamed up with Tangent Batman and they escape to Castle Bat and Lori has decided to be the new Manhunter and Batman is introduced to the Outsiders.

Batman and the Outsiders head to Sweden to attack Superman’s base while Superman, Powergirl and Orion head to the New Universe, he loses the Green Lantern ring in the Tangent universe and there he is immediately asked for help so he magically produces money and decides the world really needs help – he does give the woman and daughter who asks $40,000.

Meanwhile Hex and Sir William, the spirit behind Batman, try to figure out where Superman went to.

Gunter Ganz gets a new body, the Outsiders find the Justice League and the team realizes where Harvey Dent went to.

Harvey meanwhile keeps getting asked for help and when he says he’s Superman the real Superman and Powergirl show up. Superman tries to play it cool until Harvey is like “why is your Earth so shitty when you should rule it and why do you let people suffer?” Harvey whips Superman’s ass so Power Girl takes him by surprise and Tangent Powergirl teleports away with Orion to go to Washington.

Batman, the Outsiders and the Justice League realize they need to get back and will need a circuit to do so.

Superman and Powergirl confront the Tangent Team so Orion summons magical Negative Men that delay Superman as Harvey Dent destroys the White House and Capitol building (though like – there would only be janitors and interns in the Capitol since it is late at night).

Harvey Dent soon has captured every world leader and left them on an aircraft carrier where he is threatening them unless they give him total control. Superman finds out about this and realizes something is up so he sends in Vixen. They lose contact with her so Superman, Power Girl and Guy go in, are attacked by jets and when Guy goes to destroy one he finds out there is a nuke inside and it explodes as Harvey and the Tangent team watches on.

Meanwhile the Tangent Earth people with Batman’s help track down Lola Dent, who inexplicably turned white – because like – the colorist wasn’t paying attention.

Anyway she didn’t die, Batman wants to know why they divorced and she basically had a line she drew and Batman wants the Miraclo Pill.

Superman and co meanwhile survived the Nuke and return to find that Harvey is hiding all of the world leaders. Guy’s ring goes off though and opens a gateway because all of the heroes on the Tangent world super charged their powers so they all got back to the New Earth.

Meanwhile Harvey knows he has a fight coming on so he reached out to the Legion of Super villains.

Our heroes – Superman, Batman, Green Lanterns John Stewart, Guy Gardner and Hal Jordan, Black Lightning, Black Canary, Powergirl, The Flash, and Tangent Manhunter, Batman, Flash, The Atom, Pooch, Gunter Ganz the Plastic Man, The Spectre and Lola Dent go for the big fight.

At his base, Harvey Dent, Orion and Powergirl are ready for a fight while Vixen is captured and signals the League. The Flashes go in for recon and come across Icicle and Mister Freeze and Dr. Psycho before the rest of the team shows up. They fight with the other villains including Black Manta, Felix Faust, The Joker, Lex Luthor, Merlyn, Poison Ivy and Scarecrow. There is a bunch of fighting and Lola can’t find Harvey until she senses the energy and finds he is summoning the Ultra-Humanite who he only locked away.

Harvey knocks out the Green Lanterns and proceeds with a world wide invasion with nuclear warheads set to fire. The Heroes and Villains realize they will need to work together and there’s more fighting. Tangent Batman sacrifices himself to stop the Ultra Humanite with his magic sword, the heroes do a teamup move beating down Harvey and Lola and Superman knock out Harvey, Lex Luthor stops the missiles and the Green Lanterns banish Harvey, Powergirl, the Ultra-Humanite and Orion into the shell that Harvey previously trapped the Ultra Humanite in. The Tangent team gets back home and the heroes are like “we did it, we are good”


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