Episode 160: Night of the Marvel Zombies

This night, this scary night, Luke and Devin work together to bring you tales of the undead and superheroes! Prepare for thrills and chills!

Universes and Comics Covered

  • Earth-2149 – Marvel Zombies: Dead Days, Ultimate Fantastic Four #21-23, 30-32, Marvel Zombies #1-5

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Marvel Zombies: Dead Days

Writer – Robert Kirkman Art – Sean Phillips, Color – June Chung, Letters – VC’s Rus Wooton

We start off with Peter getting home to Aunt May and Mary Jane after Colonel America bit him and he succumbs to the virus, infecting them.

Meanwhile in space Magneto regrets releasing the virus and Fabian Cortez tries to say it is cool, but Magneto has regrets so he decides to go to earth.

Meanwhile Nova goes to check on Spider-man and is attacked. Daredevil tries to save Nova so Spider-man bites him instead.

Meanwhile Colonel America starts to stop being hungry and wants to find a cure.

And over at the Xavier Institute, Magneto kills Alpha Flight saving some of the X-men and asks for their help.

Hank Pym and Black Panther are running together when Black Panther notices that Hank Pym was bitten so he knocks Black Panther out to hide him.

She-Hulk bit Valeria so Sue Storm kills her and they are called by the SHIELD.

Thor gets into a fight with the Thunderbolts who are infected and Nova moves to help and they all are saved by the Fantastic Four who move them to the SHIELD Helicarrier. Nick Fury assigned Iron Man, Reed Richards and Bruce Banner to get a cure while everyone else will work to rescue people.

Nova doesn’t like the plan but nobody has a better one.

Meanwhile Hank Pym returns to the mansion to find the zombie avengers, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Ms Marvel, Luke Cage, Colonel America and Wasp there and they don’t want to fight it.

The saved heroes work to fight, spider-man attacks Jameson, Doom refuses to help Nick Fury and things get worse.

Reed meanwhile has split off from researching with the others and wants to improve the virus. Fury checks in with Tony Stark who wants to work on escaping, possibly to the Negative Zone or another world. Out in the streets the heroes are overrun.

Reed meanwhile decides to get everyone infected because it is evolution – and he already infected them and killed their kids. As the other members succumb they infect him.

Tony has the machine prepped and the Fantastic Four burst in and attack infecting Tony. Fury escapes with the machine and meets up with Thor, Storm, Colossus, Dr Strange and Nightcrawler. They lock themselves in but the Fantastic Four eventually get in and kill Fury and plan to expand on out.

Ultimate Fantastic Four 21-23

Writer – Mark Millar Pencils – Greg Land, Inks – Matt Ryan, Color – Justin Ponsor, Letters – VC

Reed from the Ultimate Universe is reached out to by another Reed Richards and goes to their universe to find out that they became zombies because it is the zombie universe. Reed escapes and is captured by the zombie heroes to know something is up and the Hulk accidentally frees him. Magneto saves him by bombing them with cars. Meanwhile the rest of the Ultimate FF find the teleporter. Magneto brings them back to his base and introduces him to the Gildewells and officer Kelly Ridge who Magneto saved. Reed explains he came from another universe and he realizes they could get into his world as the Zombie FF get into the Ultimate Universe.

The Ultimate team locks them in, Reed escapes but they are able to stop him when he stretches too much. Meanwhile Ultimate Reed realizes they are stuck and Magneto wonders if they can escape to the Ultimate Universe too as the Zombie heroes find them. As they step out the zombies surround them and the Ultimate FF show up and Sue blinds everyone by making their eyes invisible and Johnny lights them on fire. The Hulk attacks and the Thing knocks him out. Magneto realizes someone will need to stay behind so they can escape and the zombies can’t follow and so he dies and the FF return home.


Marvel Zombies #1-5

Writer – Robert Kirkman Art – Sean Phillips, Color – June Chung, Letters – VC’s Randy Gentile

Magneto was able to destroy the machine but is surrounded by a group of zombie avengers and kills a number of them using metal, but even when he uses Colonel America’s shield, he keeps going. He avoids them and has to take to the streets. Meanwhile Magneto is contacted from Asteroid M and when he finds there are survivors he decides he will need to find a way up to space, but the zombies close in on them so he smashes a building on them. As he gloats though, the Wasp bites him, infecting him. They start to fight until the Hulk appears and he is dead quickly.

The zombies talk about how awful things are being zombies that don’t feel pain but also don’t die. Peter gets upset about eating his wife and they all get gross and mopey. That’s when the Silver Surfer shows up. The Zombies decide they want to find him and split into a team to track him and another team to go back to the base.

Hank sneaks to his base where he has been keeping Black Panther to eat without infecting him but the Wasp shows up and is angry that he was hiding this. He attacks her and eats her and spits her out. Black Panther wakes up and begs for death.

The other team meets with Iron Man who doesn’t believe them about not eating Magneto because they still have emotions and the Hulk turned back to Banner and Tony understands. Tony is worried about the future because they may resort to eating each other even though they taste bad.

The Silver Surfer reappears to warn them about Galactus who is going to be coming for the first time to this Earth so they attack.

Silver Surfer kills a number of them until Thor smashes him with a piece of concrete on rebar. He gets knocked down and Wolverine who loses an arm fighting tosses the top half of Iron Man.

Meanwhile in the kerfuffle Hank goes to hide, and Bruce Banner hulks out and attacks. The Surfer tries to run but the Hulk grabs him and eats his head and they all go to eat but Hank steals the body and gives it to the leaders to eat and they develop the Power Cosmic.

Black Panther escaped and has Janet’s head who keeps asking to eat him and that is when Fabian Cortez and the Acolytes find him, asking where Magneto is.

And then Galactus appears, and asks where the Silver Surfer is, Galactus is shocked and they go to eat him.

Galactus starts attacking so the zombies decide to split up and regroup. They go to Pym’s lab to work and Hank plans to share Black Panther – but he finds the corpse is gone so he lies and says he wanted to show them he killed Janet.

Cortez and the Acolytes decide they want to kill Black Panther but he kicks their ass and Cortez is on his side and he even gets them to bring Janet’s zombie skull up.

The zombies meanwhile made vibranium and have learned to eat their own flesh to satisfy the hunger and they work on their machine, while Galactus has summoned actual zombie villains.

Up on Asteroid M, Black Panther meets everyone, including Forge and the other members of the Twelve.

The zombies shoot their weapon at Galactus and the villains move to attack but the main Zombies fight with the power cosmic so it is Hank Pym, Iron Man, Colonel America, Hulk, Wolverine, Spider-man, and Luke Cage vs Green Goblin, Super Skrull, Red Skull, Rhino, Juggernaut, Venom, and Doc Ock. The main zombies have the power cosmic though and easily kill their enemies but Red Skull kills Colonel America. Then they overpower Galactus and eat him.


Ultimate Fantastic Four 30-32

Writer – Mark Millar Pencils – Greg Land, Mitch Breitweiser, Inks – Matt Ryan, Color – Justin Ponsor, Jason Keith, Letters – VC’s Randy Gentile

Reed decided he wanted to get back to the Zombie Universe so he could return the Fantastic Four there and he will be able to do it because of a limited convergence field. Johnny meanwhile gets a parasite and they are unable to find a cure so Ultimate Reed turns to the zombies for help. They promise they plan to escape and the Ultimate FF go to Latveria.

The zombies pretend to teleport out so the guards go in but they were just invisible so they’d open the doors. They cause havoc and start working on the teleporter to bring more zombies into the Ultimate Universe. Doom who is actually Reed Richards comes in and kills them with magic and prepares to sacrifice himself to go into their world and die a hero but instead Doom switches them back and goes in just as the heroes killed Galactus.


Post-Credits from Marvel Zombies #5

Five years later the residents of Asteroid M and Black Panther and his child, K’shaba, and Wasp in her robot body come to Earth because they can’t sense the zombies anymore.

Out in space the zombies who ate Galactus have now become Galactuses and destroy planets.


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