Episode 24: Spider-man Kane or Two Tales Of JJJ Destruction

Luke and Devin sit down for the last time before Devin moves to discuss two Spider-man What Ifs, they make the same Futurama reference several times and then they ship Storm and Norman Osborn. And Luke actually had to edit stuff to make it fit Libsyn.

Universes and Issues Explored: 

  1. Earth 80219 – What If Vol 1 #19
  2. Earth 7736 – What If Vol 1 #24
  3. Earth ? – Storm ‘N Norman (Created)


Libsyn gives us more space overall but with a monthly cap and we hit it this month so hopefully it is not too apparent. If possible and if we have more space next month we will put up a less edited version – it was either less time or less quality.

Our cover is by Noél Villay and our theme music is by Vibe Leviathan.

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