Episode 34: All Comedy Special 2: Where Jokes Die

Universes and Issues Explored: 

All from Marvel What If Vol 1 #34

  1. Earth-82801 – Fantastic Four Were Bananas
  2. Earth-82802 – Odin Were Peter Parker’s Uncle
  3. Earth-82803 – Don Blake and Tony Stark were Brothers
  4. Earth-82804 – Aunt May Were Ant Man
  5. Earth-82805 – Spider-man Married Spider-Woman
  6. Earth-82806 – Reed Richards Took Postman Willie Lumpkin Up On His Offer To Join The Fantastic Four
  7. Earth-82807 – Captain America Chose To Remain Nomad
  8. Earth-82808 – Rick Jones Left Captain Marvel in the Negative Zone
  9. Earth-82809 – Nick Fury Had To Wear An Eyepatch on His Right Eye
  10. Earth-82810 – Ghost Rider Had Possessed Grandpa
  11. Earth-82811 – Ghost Rider Had Possessed A Skater
  12. Earth-82812 – Ghost Rider Had Possessed A Baby
  13. Earth-8234 – Everyone Who’d Ever Been An Avenger Remained An Avenger
  14. Earth-82814 – Him had Married Her
  15. Earth-82815 – Black Bolt Got Hiccups
  16. Earth-82816 – Galactus Ate the Earth
  17. Earth-82817 – Kazar Were A Middle-Aged Accountant
  18. Earth-82818 – The Hulk Were Yellow
  19. Earth-82819 – The Invisible Girl Dyed Her Hair
  20. Earth-82820 – Power Man Were White
  21. Earth-82821 – The Thing Were Blue
  22. Earth-82822 – Captain Marvel Hadn’t Died
  23. Earth-82823 – Phoenix Still Lived
  24. Earth-82824 – Elektra Had Survived
  25. Earth-82825 – Dazzler Had Become A Stand-Up Comedian
  26. Earth-82826 – Marvel Comics and the National Endowment for the Arts presented Spidey Intellectual Stories
  27. Earth-82827 – Willie Lumpkin Were Herald to Galactus
  28. Earth-82828 – Ghost Rider Owned A Fast Food Franchise
  29. Earth-82829 – All the Super Heroes Moved to Toldeo, OH
  30. Earth-82830 – The Watchers in all the Realities Got Together and Watched Watchers watching Watchers ad nauseum
  31. Earth-34882- Howard the Duck Formed His Own Super-Team
  32. Earth-88234 – Thor Had A Swedish Accent
  33. Earth-83482 – Cyclops’ Energy Beams Came Out Of His Ears
  34. Earth-34828 – Wonder Man Were A Woman and Power Man Were A Girl
  35. Earth-341983 – Black Bolt Were A Rock Star
  36. Earth-198234 – Daredevil was deaf instead of blind
  37. Earth-19828 – The Marvel Production Crew Existed In This Reality, and the Marvel Editorial Crew Did Too
  38. Earth-82348 – Tony Stark Had Owned An Auto Plant Instead of a Weapons Factory
  39. Earth-82834 – Sue Storm Had Become The Thing
  40. Earth-82831 – Moon Knight Got All His Identities Mixed Up
  41. Earth-82832 – The Watcher Grew Hair
  42. Earth-82833 – Alpha Flight Talked Like TV Canadians
  43. Earth-28438 – Silver Surfer, White Tiger, Night Rider, Iceman, and Moon Knight fought Wendigo In A Snowstorm
  44. Earth-28348 – The Black Panther Fought The Shroud In A Coalmine
  45. Earth-28834 – Moon Knight Had 3 Different Identities
  46. Earth-28843 – King Conan Were Bing Conan On The Road to Hyboria
  47. Earth-28483 – Black Bolt Hosted A Television Talk Show
  48. Earth-28384 – Bruce Banner’s Pant’s Didn’t Stretch
  49. Earth-23488 – You Went To The Movies and Had To Sit Behind The Leader
  50. Earth-24388 – Aunt May Became The Invincible Golden Oldie
  51. Earth-23848 – Aunt May Became The Astonishing Ant-Aunt
  52. Earth-24838 – Aunt May Became Auntie Freeze
  53. Earth-24883 – Reed Richard Had Not Invented Unstable Molecules
  54. Earth-23884 – The Hulk Married The She-Hulk: I Love She-Hulk
  55. Earth-82528 – The Hulk Married The She-Hulk: She-Hulkie
  56. Earth-53882 – Norrin Radd Had Not Volunteered To Become The Silver Surfer
  57. Earth-54828 – Dazzler Had Decided To Become A Lawyer
  58. Earth-88255 – Luke Cage Had Found The Hammer of Thor
  59. Earth-82568 – Doctor Strange Were An Ordinary Magician
  60. Earth-82578 – Obnoxio The Clown Became Sherlock Clown
  61. Earth-57828 – Obnoxio The Clown Became A Bat-Like Hero
  62. Earth-57882 – Obnoxio The Clown Became Spider-Man-Like Hero
  63. Earth-57288 – Obnoxio The Clown Became Obnoxio-Hulk
  64. Earth-28857 – Obnoxio-Wolverine
  65. Earth-28875 – Obnoxio-Daredevil
  66. Earth-28578 – Obnoxio the Clown Gained Superman-Like Powers
  67. Earth-28758 – Obnoxio the Clown Became A Watcher
  68. Earth-82588 – Daredevil Could See
  69. Earth-59882 – Thor Got A Haircut
  70. Earth-86082 – Spider-Man Had Married The Black Widow
  71. Earth-61828 – Iron Man Had An Eating Disorder
  72. Earth-62882 – Doctor Doom Had A Sense of Humor
  73. Earth-88263 – Galactus Needed Quick Cash
  74. Earth-82648 – Stan Lee Reads This Issue
  75. Earth-? The Watcher Were A Stand Up Comedian


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