Journey Into The Multiversity Guidebook

Luke sits down across the Internet with Kieran Shiach of Journey Into Misery to tackle the The Multiversity Guidebook and all 52 Universes.

Universes and Issues Explored:

  1. All of the DC Universes and Beyond – The Multiversity Guidebook


The much more annotated notes on The Multiversity Guidebook by David Uzimeri on Comics Alliance can be found here.

The Little League Justice League first showed up in Superman/Batman Vol 1 #52 by Michael Green and Rafael Albuquerque.

Also sorry for the abrupt end, the AC came on and started to drown out the full wrap up.

Our contest way back from the Identity Wars episode is still open, so if you want to, write us an Itunes review, screen cap it and send us an email for your chance to win either a HC copy of Identity Wars or the single issues, your choice.

Send in your best and worst comic fathers and we will go over them in our Father’s Day Special!

We have one more episode coming up this week – an interview with X-men 92 Artist, Scott Koblish.

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