• This week, the nasty clowns knows as the Jokers have taken over the podcast to talk about the Dark Joker and the nasty crimes that he does with no respect. Not even nasty respect.
  • Comics covered this week:
  • Batman: Dark Joker: The Wild
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  • Batman: Dark Joker: The Wild
  • Writer: Doug Moench, Pencils – Kelley Jones, Inks – John Beatty, Colors – Les Dorscheid, Letters – Todd Klein
  • In The Wilds on the top of large mountain in a castle, Lilandra is preparing to deliver her child with the help of Majister, which is a magical process. Unfortunately before they can bless the child, the attack blimps of the Dark Joker appear blocking the moon and the ogre warriors attack, capturing Majister and Lilandra. Dark Joker appears who murders both of them and claims their magical talisman, which he can’t use, and he also takes the baby and their secret cask. But then he decides he doesn’t want the baby and tosses it out the window where it transforms into a bat which the Dark Joker doesn’t see. The Dark Joker then burns the castle down and leaves and twenty years pass. 
  • A doomsayer approaches a small village warning of the Dark Joker returning, telling the villagers to leave but because he was gone for the past twenty years, most of them don’t fear him.
  • Meanwhile the Dark Joker is still trying to figure out how to use the talisman and open the cask. A group of villagers who investigated, try to attack the Dark Joker but his magic and monsters quickly kill them all. The traveler shows this scene to the rest of the town and the townspeople get angry and uncover the traveler, who is a woman who they don’t trust and call a witch as they prepare to burn her alive. 
  • Luckily for her, the Dark Joker summons a storm blocking the sun and enchanting the forest and earth to attack so she escapes and sees the town is destroyed and she heads out. 
  • Meanwhile the baby batman has grown into a larger batman and hunts for food. The woman finds him and introduces herself as Saressa and promises to transform him, while the Dark Joker causes more havoc. 
  • Saressa teaches the batman to not murder more than it needs to eat, and that murder is bad and that the Dark Joker is the one exception. She also teaches him to talk and to make fire.
  • The Dark Joker meanwhile finally breaks into the cask and finds a smaller box inside of it and releases it, regaining his original evil. 
  • Saressa explains to the Batman that his parents found the Dark Joker enjoyed causing pain and was cursed by the light by Majister because he laughed at the pain of others. Majister and Lilandra worked together and had captured his evil in a box. Now, Saressa needs to finish transforming the batman by bathing her in the blood of his parents under moonlight, which is also her blood and he refuses.
  • Meanwhile in another village, Jaymes is worried that there is evil in the woods that has been capturing couriers and that it will soon reach them. 
  • Saressa meanwhile leaves the batman to go on a hunt and finds the Dark Joker who recognizes her power and he has a bunch of decapitated heads strip and kill her. When the batman finds her later, she uses with her last breath to explain again that she was his older sister who didn’t have the ceremony completed correctly for, and that he was the parent’s second chance but didn’t get the blood so she tells him to now use her blood. She then turns into a panther and he drains out all of her blood under the moonlight to complete the ritual.
  • Meanwhile, Donal, a random kid is given the box of evil and he opens it releasing the evils of the  Dark Joker transforming his father into an evil Dark Joker minion. The batman approaches in a cloak offering his help and Jaymes is the only one who wants to give him a chance, but when the batman is asked to remove his hood, he declines and walks on. 
  • Dark Joker’s seven ships airships attack and they start destroying the trees where the village is built on so the batman comes in to help. He tries to inspire the people to attack with fire knocking out two ships quickly and destroying 3, so that there are only 2 left. Unfortunately, another one of the guards attacks the batman knocking him from the sky with an arrow allowing the other two ships to escape. Jaymes defends the batman saying he isn’t evil since he fights with the light of fire even though he looks like a creature of darkness. The batman orders them to fix two of the ships to take him by surprise and Jaymes agrees with him. 
  • Meanwhile the possessed Joker dad drops his son from the trees but the batman saves Donal, and fights the possessed people gaining the further trust of Jaymes. The batman then plans to attack and tells them to wait for the signal in the sky. Some people don’t trust the batman but Jaymes ultimately wins out. 
  • They summon the batman and head forth in the two ships, so the Dark Joker attacks with an evil ball that turns all of the crew of one ship except for Jaymes into evil Dark Jokers while also briefly knocking out the batman. The batman goes to attack the orb and is sucked in while Jaymes fights for his life. 
  • In the sphere, the Batman regains his parent’s talisman which activates the light magic and he destroys the sphere, weakening the Dark Joker. The batman returns blasting evil with the talisman so the Dark Joker attacks Batman with his father’s leg bone and the batman drops the talisman in the fight. The batman starts getting the heck knocked out of him but the batman tosses a batarang he made, shattering his father’s thigh bone, and then tosses out the Dark Joker onto the rocks in front of the villagers who made it in, presumably killing the Dark Joker. The batman then lays his family to rest, briefly turns human saying he can be called for help if he is signaled, and then flies off.

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