Runaways Special!

Luke and Devin are here to talk about those Runaways What If backups by the new Marvel Editor-in-Chief CB Cebulski, some time travel confusion, Kayne West, Frisky Dingo, Luke’s birthday, Heroclix and more!

Universes and Issues Explored:

  • Earth-2912 – What If House of M, Fallen Son, Newer Fantastic Four, Spider-man:Back In Black, Secret Wars

Our theme music is by Vibe Leviathan and our cover art is by Kyle Latino.

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What If The Runaways Become The Young Avengers – Earth-2912
What If 2008
What If House of M, Fallen Son, Newer Fantastic Four, Spider-man:Back In Black, Secret Wars
Writer – CB Cebulski, new Marvel Editor in Chief, Pencils – Patrick Spaziante, Inks – Victor Olazaba, Colors – Christina Strain, John Rauch, Letters – Jeff Powell

The Young Avengers – led by Iron Lad assemble to face off against the Wrecking Crew. The Young Avengers are generally the runaways – there’s Gert Yorkes aka Arsenic who has a dinosaur named Old Lace, Talkback aka Chase Stein the lovable idiot with fistigons – giant punching hands, Sister Grimm aka Nico Minoru – who wields the staff of wand which requires her to come up with new commands each time, Princess Powerful aka Molly Hayes who is very strong, and Lucy in the Sky aka Karolina Dean who has alien flight powers and energy projection.
Iron Lad tries to lead the team but they don’t really listen to him that well – Nico turns Bulldozer into stone which upsets his son, Piledriver. Molly punches him into Old Lace on accident, giving the Wrecker and Thunderball the chance to turn the table and sent Princess Powerful into a building where she is vastly injured but Iron Lad and Gert convince them not to take her to a hospital so they return to their base hidden beneath the La Brea Tar Pits where Iron Lad determines she will be fine but the group’s distrust of Iron Lad is growing.
Iron Lad points out before they were just trying to survive and now they are actual heroes and he storms off when he’s called out. They go over what they know – that Iron Lad is a younger version of Nathan Richards aka Kang who didn’t want to be evil and kill the Avengers. So he went back in time where a villain names Victorious killed all of the heroes, so he tapped into the dead Vision’s files and used the Failsafe Program to find 6 heroes which led him to the Runaways – instead of the normal Young Avengers.
When he confronted them at first they didn’t trust him but he helped them get back old Lace, their tech that they lost. But now the Young Avengers wonder why they haven’t grabbed Victor Mancha yet if he’s a threat – but we find out that Iron Lad is Victor Mancha.
As Iron Lad reflects on what he must do, we find him talking to Victorious about how he wants to kill the Runaways and we see the real Kang has been tied up but as they gloat, Gert and Old lace reveal they’ve been listening in and attack and Victorious easily takes them down and before he can kill Gert, Chase takes a shot for her before revealing he loves her.
The other Runaways come in and Victorious asks Iron Lad to kill the, and Kang warns them something might happen. Nico uses Clot to try and help Chase before destroying Iron Lad’s armor. Seeing his younger self disappoint him, Victorious steps in to fight, only to be shot by an adult Kang the Conqueror.
Kang blasts Victorious and talks down to his younger self and the Runaways try to figure out what to do and they figure attacking Victorious is the best solution. Young Kang meanwhile talks about how Victorious followed him back in time, recruited his younger self and replaced him after he assembled the team. But now both Victors are up, Gert pleads for young Kang to put a time bubble up around Chase but Victorious kills him, erasing Kang from the timeline – luckily Molly Hayes is back up. She punches Victorious through the roof, Chase meanwhile is getting up and he is still dying so he puts on Iron Lad’s breastplate to help him survive until he’s healed. Victorious comes back in and the team tries to do everything they can but Victor finally finds his conscience and stabs his future self in the eye, killing him and he teleports away with Kang’s time belt and they return to being the Young Avengers.

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