The Higher Faster Stronger Captain Marvel Movie Tie-In Special

Luke and Devin get back together to take on the garbage boys who are angry about a woman leading a superhero movie to talk about the first arc of the Kelly Sue DeConnick Captain Marvel arc because they both misremembered there being an alt universe in it.

Issues Covered:

  • Captain Marvel Vol 7 #1-6

Additional Notes:

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Captain Marvel Vol 7 #1-6

Writer – Kelly Sue DeConnick, Art – Dexter Soy, Rich Elson, Will Quintana, Karl Kesel, Javier Rodriguez, Emma Rios, Inks Alvaro-Lopez with Emma Rios Color – Jordie Bellaire Letters – VC’s Joe Caramagna

Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers, and Captain America are fighting the Absorbing Man who is trying to steal moon rocks for moon power. They end up trapping him in a cape Carol was trying with her new outfit and they knock him out to return to Avengers Tower where Captain America tries to convince her to go by Captain Marvel. She goes to spar with Spider-Man before leaving to reflect on Helen Cobb who inspires her and she decides to take the name.

Carol goes to visit Tracy Burke, an old friend who took over the women’s magazine Carol used to edit. As they talk, Carol finds out that Helen Cobb has died.

We get a flashback to Carol at the Whiskey Tenor Flyers Club when she and her brother talked to Helen who was one of the best pilots and wasn’t afraid of what that meant.

Carol and Tracy in the present go to check out Helen’s T6 plane which she set some unverified records with in Peru before escaping her arrest. Carol decides to fly it but when she gets high the plane starts stalling out on her and she’s forced to use her powers and she whites out. She wakes up with the plane missing being attacked by the Japanese army from WW2.

With help from the Banshee Squad from 1943, an all female air force division, she is saved and realizes she’s gone back in time. She starts to run with them until a Prowler flying saucer shows up, attacking Daisy in the squad and she rips apart the ship as more start to appear, trusting them to hide her powers as more ships come but they lose Rivka, another Banshee in the assault. They are able to capture a pilot and send him back to bring his best troops so she can tear them apart.

While she waits Carol explains how she got her powers from the Psyche-Magnitron which essentially worked as a wishing machine giving her the powers to save her.

In the morning the ships return and Carol is taking them down until the remaining ships start to merge together

Meanwhile in the 60s Helen Cobb makes a deal with George Howard for a chance to fly in exchange for some alien tech she got from Peru.

Carol is blasted down by the ship and so Jerri, the captain of the squad prepares to fly into it but Carol gets up and is able to reroute the energy into it, causing it to explode.

She goes to the Japanese camp with the Banshee Squadron and force them to surrender and tries to figure out why they are in Peru. Jerri explains they were supposed to fly the planes from California to Hawaii but they whited out and the planes were gone as well. Carol starts investigating what the Japanese soldiers were digging and finds part of the Kree tech that Helen had found in the ground and sees Helen Cobb’s ship and flies after it, whiting out.

Back in the 60s, Helen Cobb was having drinks and having fun. When she gets into her room that night she finds Carol Danvers.

Helen and Carol start flying together and Carol finds Helen to be really reckless and Helen is suspicious of Carol. They get a call that the women’s astronaut program got cancelled by George Howard’s office. Helen gets furious and goes off to try and steal the Kree tech Helen sold so they break into NASA. They steal the piece but Carol has to use her powers to get them out. When they return they see the T6 flying and they both pass out as Helen tries to steal the piece and they end up arriving back to where Carol got her powers.

In the present Jessica Drew goes to check in on Tracy who is waiting for cancer surgery and Carol was supposed to be there.

In the past Carol watches the past unfold and Helen tries to get her to change her past so she never has to be a hero and Carol goes in to save Mar-Vell the Kree captain and the Magnitron explodes with the pieces going through time and Carol rescues Helen who takes Captain Marvel’s powers. Carol fights her until she realizes they need the plane to stabilize the timeline and the two Captain Marvels fly after and Carol fights to regain her position and Helen sacrifices her chance to have done more and Carol finds she had achieved Helen’s claimed record in her plane.

Carol then goes to see Tracy before the surgery.


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