UltiversalQ 030: Nobody Calls Them Supreme

Luke and Devin celebrate the Banishment by Old Kevin of Jeph to the Plane of Silence as they confront the Curse of Bad Greg while covering Ultimate Power. The Ultimate Universe goes to war with people we never start to care about in a thin story so Luke and Devin also go to twitter for beefs.

Issues Covered:

  • Ultimate Power #1-9

The image gallery and show notes are after the jump!

Ultimate Power #1-9

Writer #1-3 – Brian Michael Bendis, 4-6 J. Michael Straczynski, 7-9 – Jeph Loeb, Pencils – Greg Land, Inks – Matt Ryan, Jay Leisten, Color – Justin Ponsor, Sotocolor’s A. Crossley, Letters – Chris Eliopoulos, VC’s Cory Petit, Comicraft’s Albert Deschesne

The Fantastic Four fight the Serpent Squad, a group of women with powers, trying to retrieve the Serpent Crown, and in the fight, Ben loses a scale and Sue subdues everyone else so they can look into it. SHIELD shows up because they attacked Project Pegasus and nothing is shared about what is going on and a sexy woman yells that nobody would want to fuck the Thing, which makes Reed feel guilty.

Reed goes to SHIELD to ask for money and permission to look for data on other dimensions and Nick Fury knows this is about Ben and he denies the request saying they need to rebuild after all the shit they’ve been going through. Reed builds a few orbs though and sends them through. Later while the Fantastic Four are discussing their action figures a superhero team attacks them.

Spider-Man and Kitty are swinging by when they see the attack and Greg Land takes every fucking opportunity to do a upskirt shot of Kitty Pryde, a minor at the time. 

Meanwhile the other team is wildly attacking and is unable to communicate as the fight drags on. Eventually the other team gets the ability to talk and control their powers but the Ultimates show up with Nick Fury. There’s more poorly done fighting and then the X-men show up and the leader of the other team explains he’s here for Reed Richards for destroying their world. That’s when another member of the team shows Reed’s orb covered with something. 

We flash to Washington DC on the other world where the something that was on the orb is all over in massive amounts and the heroes are trying to fight it. Hyperion, the leader of the team known as the Squadron is having issues as it is across the world and growing. The White House and President find the source and send Hyperion to get it and the Squadron investigates it to find that it is broadcasting data. They interface with it and find a message from Reed Richards explaining he sent the orb in peace and wants to get information and promises to share data with them. Hyperion decides to capture him to undo the damage.

Reed hearing about this decides to surrender and go with them. Sue and the others try to stop him but he still goes through and Sue is pissed that nobody did anything on Fury’s orders. But now Fury plans to follow them with a team for revenge. They end up getting a helicarrier and Spider-Man comes up with the idea to use Mjolnir to open a portal for everyone to travel to the other world.

Meanwhile Reed investigates the cell of the creature that he presumably used to attack and believes that the inter-dimensional energies made it grow and Reed learns he maybe killed millions. 

Meanwhile Hyperion is having issues because something in the fungus is weakening him as he talks to Zarda, his partner. And that’s when the Helicarrier appears. Thor and Hyperion get in a fight and Fury asks for time to find Reed valuing his life over everyone else. Sue traps Hyperion in a force bubble and Johnny tries to nova blast him but it fails to do anything more than destroy his clothes and then Hyperion takes Mjolnir from Thor which at this point I don’t think we saw anything about you needing to be worthy to wield it. Just very strong. Meanwhile, Fury in the helicarrier with everyone who can’t fly is going to Washington DC and Spider-Man and Captain America are suspicious and as they get close, Reed is moved from the White House and sees the big fight that he caused outside as the Ultimate heroes and the Squadron fight and the teams are evenly matched even though there’s like 30 Ultimate heroes and 8 members of the Squadron. Meanwhile Dr. Burbank, an evil scientist who was forcing Reed to work knocks him out. 

Fury tells Wanda to go and fight but she doesn’t want to because someone else has similar chaos powers and it could go wrong and Fury doesn’t care. When she leaves. Fury goes to check on a secret weapon and he is knocked out along with the soldiers and then heroes on the battlefield. Spider-Man finds and wakes Fury and we find that Doctor Doom, but classic style, shows up.

We find out that Fury expected Reed to not listen to him so Fury reached out to Doom to move data through SHIELD and then to the Baxter Building because that happened months ago, presumably before the Fantastic Four got him trapped in the zombie universe. Fury thinks that Doom weaponized it but – unknown to him it was actually Dr. Burbank, a genius whose article about him winning a Nobel Prize was bumped because Hyperion showed up. So a General hired him to make a weapon again Hyperion and so he did, knowing it would be an infection killing millions and releasing radiation that would kill Hyperion and then they blamed it on Reed’s probe. But as Burbank is gloating. Reed wasn’t really knocked out. 

Fury meanwhile goes in for his secret weapon so he reveals that he brought the Hulk. The X-men meanwhile save Reed and Wanda tries to use her power and ends up bringing in the classic Squadron Supreme for no real reason. They get into a fight instead of talking as they also got hit with a similar trapped probe and they notice that they are all only at half strength. They get Thor to stop fighting because they sense power issues, and then Ben as he fights Doom, discovers it was just a robot.

Both iterations of the Squadron Supreme are saying the same things. Classic Nighthawk recognizes Cap and things halt and get more confusing so Nick Fury sends in the Hulk who attacks everyone. Meanwhile the Arcannas, the Zatanna analogues, talk to Wanda because she halved everyones powers when she brought in the second team so they start working to resolve it. 

Hulk fights everyone some more until Spider-Man webs his face, Sue cuts off oxygen and Ben knocks him out. Meanwhile the Arcannas and Scarlet Witch sends home the classic Squadron, and they get to the core about how Fury used Doom and caused the problems. Fury back on the Helicarrier is caught by Kitty and Shape who could transform. We also find out from Reed that Emil Burbank worked with Doom on the attack and Zarda, Hyperion’s partner who is finally named decides to return with the Ultimates and Nick Fury is turned over and left with the Squadron’s world to pay for genocide and they mention how powerful Scarlet Witch is. Also Reed still didn’t cure Ben, who doesn’t want Reed to try helping because he keeps causing damage . 

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