UltiversalQ 039: The Assassination of Reed Richards by the Coward Reed Richards

This week Luke and Devin watch a lot of explosions go on as the smartest minds that Brian Michael Bendis remembered are killed and it’s up to Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, and the Fantastic Four (minus Reed) and also Nova (he’s back) and Captain Marvel team up to try and fix things before they get worse!

Issues Covered:

  • Ultimate Comics: Enemy #1-4
  • Ultimate Comics: Mystery #1-4
  • Ultimate Comics: Doom #1-4

Check out the image gallery (when Devin sends them in) and show notes after the jump.

Ultimate Comics Enemy #1-4

Writer – Brian Michael Bendis, Pencils – Rafa Sandoval, Inks – Roger Bonet, Color – Matthew Wilson, Letters – VC’s Joe Caramagna

Spider-Woman swings by Roxxon when a massive explosion goes off and finds a giant monster inside. She saves who she can before it explodes.

Meanwhile, Reed Richards is at his parent’s house napping when it explodes. 

Sue Storm is heading back to the Baxter Building while invisible where she finds Captain Ben Grimm waiting for her. They talk and Ben admits that he misses her and loves her. She doesn’t reply and then a piece of Ben’s armor falls off and he leaves. Suddenly a monster like the one that hit Roxxon appears and knocks Ben away.

And then an alien warrior comes after Nick Fury who was in disguise. 

Johnny Storm and Spider-Man come across the alien attacking Nick Fury who is trying to hold his own but then he disappears. When things settle, Johnny sees the Baxter Building and goes to attack it where he meets up with Ben. Susie inside pulls out a piece of it before it explodes, taking out the building.

As Spider-Woman gets back to her apartment and hears about the Baxter Building attack, an alien attacks her too so she swings away. 

Meanwhile Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four find out about the attack on Reed Richards and Spider-Man calls to warn Aunt May as another alien teleports outside. 

Meanwhile Carol Danvers is trying to figure out what is going on. The Ultimates are current out and puts the base on lockdown. When she goes to the restroom, Nick Fury is waiting for her. 

Back in Queens, Iceman sees the alien and protects them from the attack with an ice wall allowing May and Gwen to escape, and the news of the attack reaches the restroom.

Iceman holds his own till Spider-Man and the Fantastic Three show up but Ben’s body starts to glow. Sue bubbles it as SHIELD arrives on the scene. Ben starts to glow more

SHIELD captures the aliens and puts Fury in charge of torturing it.

Meanwhile Ben is sent to the medical center where he’s in a coma and Sue admits she loves him and Ben’s body starts to change.

Back in Queens, Peter is angry the alien came to his house and sets off for revenge after telling everyone else to hide for now. 

And then Hawkeye comes in to torture the alien. He says he was sent by the Creator to cleanse the world and explodes into a flesh mass. 

And back in the medical center Ben emerges in human energy form from his rocky form.

Ultimate Comics Mystery #1-4

Writer – Brian Michael Bendis, Pencils – Rafa Sandoval, Inks – Roger Bonet, Color – Matthew Wilson, Letters – VC’s Joe Caramagna

Dr. Phil Lawson shows up at Project Pegasus asking for a tour because he’s been assigned to protect the building because he’s Captain Marvel.

Meanwhile Spider-Man finds Spider-Woman who recaps what went on and explains she’s after Roxxon for creating her. 

Sue wakes up in a hospital bed from a nightmare about Ben attacking to find Ben, back to human, waiting for her and he shows he can still access his old strength. Unfortunately before they can celebrate Carol Danvers and Nick Fury show up, enlisting them in SHIELD to find his murderer. 

At Project Pegasus an alarm goes off so Captain Marvel goes to investigate and finds Nova who was sent by the Watchers to warn them about the destruction.

Meanwhile, Spider-Woman, pretending to be Dr. Julia Carpenter has applied for a position with Roxxon which she gets.

Danvers calls in to find out about Project Pegasus and gets the rundown as Nova and Captain Marvel talk things out when suddenly Captain Marvel transforms and starts attacking the base. 

Back at the Baxter Building the remaining Fantastic Four and Nick Fury who looks like OG 616 Fury meet to talk when Nova appears with the transformed Captain Marvel.

The Fantastic Four fight Marvel and work to mitigate damage until he gets knocked out and Nova accidentally teleports Sue back to Project Pegasus. Sue sneaks in and finds more aliens stealing secret tech along with Reed Richards.

Spider-Woman is meanwhile introduced to Arnim Zola III, Misty Knight, Nathaniel Essex, Dr. Layla Miller and Dr. Samuel Sterns, part of the Brain Trust she will be working with. They begin picking her backstory apart and then trying to gain her trust by making her think that they are also against Roxxon and claim Roxxon did the attacks. She ends up webbing them and tries to escape but Sterns turns into a Hulk and captures her. 

Carol and Fury meanwhile have been torturing Captain Marvel to try and get answers and he explains he was controlled and nobody believes him. Sue luckily returns to explain Reed was behind it all before they killed Captain Marvel.

Ultimate Comics Doom #1-4

Writer – Brian Michael Bendis, Pencils – Rafa Sandoval, Inks – Roger Bonet, Jordi Tarragona Color – Matthew Wilson, Letters – VC’s Joe Caramagna, Clayton Cowles

Sue confronts Reed at Project Pegasus and tries to understand what he’s been doing and Reed brushes her off for his big plans after electrocuting her. She tries to kill him and he survives and luckily Nova, realizing Reed is the threat, ends up breaking Reed’s portal and he escapes with Sue.

Johnny, with Sue returning, wants revenge. Sue wakes up and after Ben comforts her, warns everyone they need to leave the Triskelion.

Spider-Woman wakes up tied to a lab table at Roxxon where she realizes Doc Ock is in charge. Luckily Spider-Man comes in to free her and they attack and get away only for another fleshy mass to appear. 

Sue asks for access to Reed’s files which Carol doesn’t have but Fury does and she finds his files on other universes. She realizes she can use the residue in Captain Marvel to find where he came from before the Triskelion is attacked, along with Castle Doomstadt, Stark Industries, and Seattle Tech.

Sue bubbles up everyone from the attack and they escape with Nova back to Project Pegasus. Inside they find Wendell Vaughn the recurring Project Pegasus agent. They realize they need a hidden lab to stop Reed and Wendell sends them to the research lab that was originally the main home of SHIELD.

Spider-Man and Woman work to save people from the mass including Doc Ock. 

Sue meanwhile finds a way to track Reed but needs more samples and asks for any scientists they can find.

Johnny and Nova find the Spiders and Ock, get a sample, tell them Reed is behind everything and Ock asks to help since his team is dead. 

Ben shows up in the base to make sure Reed is Reed and he confirms it is true and then calls in all of the heroes including the Ultimates. They start to destroy everything and his army which pisses Reed off. 

Nova accidentally teleports himself, Marvel, Spider-Man and Ock to his old elementary school while Reed’s dimension starts to crack. Ben offers to help but Reed refuses and the remaining heroes leave. Fury vanishes when they return, Carol Danvers makes Spider-Woman an agent of SHIELD, and Ock promises to turn over his Roxxon plans.

Sue and Ben get a moment to say she loves him and asks him to marry her and they kiss.

And in the vacuum of the broken dimension, Reed remains.

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