UltiversalQ 049: Ultimate Jean Grey is a Karen

Luke and Devin finish up with the Ultimate Comics era of X-men as Jimmy might fuck around and become Wolverine, Jean Grey continues going full evil for no reason, and Utopia is weaponized. Also the end of Persona 5 talk?

Comics Covered

  • Ultimate Comics: Wolverine #1-3
  • Ultimate Comics: X-Men #23-33

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Ultimate Universe Part 49

Ultimate Comics: Wolverine #1 – #4

Ultimate Comics: X-Men #23 – #33

Ultimate Comics: Wolverine #1–4 – Legacies

Writer – Cullen Bunn, Pencils – David Messina, Inks – Gary Erskine, Gaetano Carlucci, Color – Javier Tartaglia, Letters – VC’s Joe Caramagna

In the past, Wolverine was on a SHIELD team working to track down people who were activating the powers of mutant kids to weaponize them as part of something called Mothervine. A mysterious woman ends up tracking the person who activates the child though. 

In the present, Jimmy Hudson has been watching the hologram Wolverine left him and Blackbox ends up hearing the box and picks up on a hidden signal meant as an activation, which he shows to Jimmy. Jimmy decides he needs to look for the cause, gets permission from Kitty, and heads off with Blackbox.

But with the signal sent out, a member of project Mothervine goes to try and shut down the program, only to be killed by Quicksilver who has his own plans.

Back in the past, Wolverine and his team tracked down Mothervine to a fertility center and were able to get to the inside when the mysterious woman from the last mission appeared.

Back in the present, Jimmy and Blackbox ended up in Florida because he wanted to see his adopted parents again before heading to the same fertility center, where another mutant named Wildchild and a group of soldiers have been waiting as the pair realized Mothervine was an attempt to weaponize mutations. Jimmy underestimates Wildchild though, and is almost killed before Quicksilver shows up, calling Jimmy his brother, because the woman Wolverine met in the past was Magda, mother of Wanda, Pietro, and Jimmy.

Quicksilver brings Jimmy to a mall where he tracked an unaware survivor of project Mothervine, which left a bunch of babies as mutants with code words and he demonstrates how to activate their powers, but the mutant girl’s power he activated, released a flesh eating plague forcing Jimmy to try and kill her to save everyone else, but he’s unable to do it, so he asks Pietro for help and he kills her. Jimmy gets angry and Pietro threatens him, before knocking him out and putting him in a cell with Blackbox, who deactivates the cell doors, releasing Jimmy.

In the past, Magda met with Wolverine after injecting herself with Mothervine, and wants to make sure Jimmy ends up better off than Wanda and Pietro, so she hands him off to him to put somewhere safe while she heads off to die. 

Pietro meanwhile sees Jimmy going to escape but it was a trick and Jimmy gets a hit on him and Pietro explains he just needed Jimmy’s blood since he’s related to the original mutant bloodline and tries to kill him by moving super fast but Jimmy grows fans to bite Pietro to stop him and Jimmy tells him to stop before Magda shows up and shoots him. She reveals how Logan passed Jimmy on to the Hudsons.

Back at Utopia, Jimmy decides Magda isn’t really his mom, and Logan isn’t his dad but he will still be Wolverine. And then Pietro wakes up in a hospital room where a robed woman greets him. 

Ultimate Comics: X-Men #23 – Stormfront

Writer – Brian Wood, Pencils – Carlo Barberi, Inks – Don Ho, Colors – Jesus Aburtov, Letters – VC’s Joe Sabino

After Camp Angel fell, Storm and Colossus went to the Rockies to go and hide but as time went on, Colossus grew frustrated hiding and left Storm. On her own she quickly got captured and sold to a mutant camp which is where she met Blackheath and joined the revolution when it came.

Storm tried to find what happened to Colossus and if he took the cure and when she didn’t, because she now truly appreciated her freedom, she was ready to join Utopia.

Ultimate Comics: X-men #24-28 – Natural Resources

Writer – Brian Wood, Pencils – Mahmud Asrar, Inks – Juan Vlasco, Colors – Jordie Bellaire, Letters – VC’s Joe Sabino

Using their mutant powers, Kitty’s Utopian mutants have helped to transform Utopia into an actual Utopia with a microclimate, resources and in general desirable traits so other mutants start showing up. Rogue has started having a relationship with the sentient plants as well and works to take care of them.

Mach Two’s team is having issues with wanting to follow a teen girl. Warpath is in a relationship with Psylocke who is working on a plan to take down everyone. Meanwhile, Jean Grey of Tian is still keeping tabs on them with Farbird but as it gets harder she wants to take action. 

In Washington, politicians are working to declassify mutants as people so they become property and so they can take over the sentient seed and the resolution passes, especially since President America is no longer active President America.

And Jimmy Hudson has gone to talk with Warpath.

Jean Grey who officially gave up being Karen Grant heads to Utopia where she psychically disguises herself from Kitty so she can learn more about the society she doesn’t like.

Mach Two meanwhile finds out that Warpath met with Jimmy who wanted to reunite the mutants so they can protect everyone with things going down, especially since Mach Two isn’t mature enough to lead. He just asked for the handgun to be returned as a show of faith and Mach Two has Psylocke attack the guys psychically in return.

Jean meanwhile works to question Kitty about her intentions and she insults Tian which is reasonable.

Meanwhile General Ross gets orders to attack Utopia which he is not happy about as part of Operation: Natural Resources.

Psylocke meanwhile delivers the gun to Jimmy so he owes her, Storm waits for Colossus to return and Warpath confronts Mach Two about how she doesn’t have a long term plan to survive. 

Ross meanwhile is hesitant to go and fight and heads to meet with Kitty Pryde who delivers the unfortunate news that Utopia is being Nationalized. She demands to talk to Captain America who isn’t around. Meanwhile Psylocke stops Jimmy telling him to stay behind due to Mothervine so it can all fall apart – when a bullet is shot from a sniper. Kitty avoids it and Ross leaves, unhappy with what happened. 

Mach Two decides to return to unite everyone. Kitty plans to defend the mutants but lacks the knowhow so Jimmy takes over to start building more active defenses, and when Kitty has an issue, Jean sees the weakness and plans to exploit it by staying for the fight, unaware that Psylocke is watching her. 

Ross is still not hoping to fight believing the military is on the wrong side and Kitty wanting the military to have to attack first. 

Jean and Psylocke meanwhile prepare to fight and Psylocke moves to command Farbird to return home as the war breaks out with the soldiers taking the first shot under Psylocke’s control. Psylocke reveals she’s here to take down Kitty’s Utopia and has been since the start. She is now forcing the mutants and soldiers to escalate the fighting.

Meanwhile Storm got shot and when Blackheath goes into a rage as a result, Storm kisses him. 

As the battle escalates fire breaks out.

Psylocke prepares her gloating killing blow before Farbird attacks, having recognized Psylocke’s trick and knocking her down, which releases Jimmy from her control and he realizes he didn’t want to prepare for such a bloody battle.

Rogue meanwhile activates Utopia which starts to attack the soldiers, and as Psylocke dies she knows that Jean will be the one who will complete her mission to destroy Utopia. With her removal, Ross is able to order the soldiers to stand down and retreat and meets with Kitty and tells her to lie low and she rightfully tells him not to victim blame. And as a result things quickly die down. 

Jean meanwhile sends Farbird home to prepare for Project Supersonic. When Jean returns to camp, Kitty confronts her and shows she knew the true since Jean arrived but she burnt bridges already and doesn’t want to live in a segregated society like Tian. Kitty calls her a despot and tells her she will never have Utopia and Jean leaves, preparing for the next war.

Ultimate Comics: X-men #29-33 – World War X

Writer – Brian Wood, Penciler – Alvaro Martinez, Inks – John Lucas, Colors – Chris Sotomayor, Letters – VC’s Joe Sabino

The Supreme Court decided that mutants are human and not property so they are back to owning Utopia which has expanded beyond. Colossus shows up with his new boyfriend. Stark is sharing the sentient seed to fix the world. Mach Two sees a bomb tosses at them and is unable to stop it before it explodes releasing a mutant herbicide that starts to kill Utopia. Mach Two and Utopia capture Farbird who dropped it and Kitty is stuck with another war. 

Meanwhile Derek and Liz, the only other two people really in Utopia are like “what the fuck Jean” but she turned full villain and is planning to force all of Utopia to come to Tian, using weapons the Xorns developed in secret – including an entire army.

The army attacks and meanwhile, Jimmy has gone to join Tian and Jean, while Rogue mourns the loss of the Sentient Seed. 

The other mutants join the fight against the Tian army and Kitty has issues not taking on everything yourself. When Jean telepathically gives them a chance to step down, Kitty has Storm kill all of the army which shakes Jean who thought Kitty would push over. 

Jean, realizing conventional war hasn’t worked so far, reaches out to the media to paint Utopia as a home to violent extremists and that humans should stay out of mutant affairs. 

Meanwhile Magma, who reshaped Utopia, works to make an underground utopia and work on a new deterrent.

Kitty meanwhile reached out to Colossus asking him to take over. 

In retaliation, Storm decides to fuck with the weather of Tian including causing a typhoon and Jean decides that Kitty has to die so Jimmy threatens to leave because Jean keeps escalating things and Jean decides that he is a traitor.

Meanwhile Utopia moves underground and Kitty visits Rogue because Jean promised if they surrendered there would be a cure for the Sentient Seed and Rogue decides to say fuck Tian.

Kitty officially announces her step down in place of Colossus because she knows she exists as a symbol and Colossus looks stronger and is a new face. And it is only for 4 weeks.

Mach Two meanwhile goes to show Colossus that they’ve developed a rail gun almost able to hit Tian.

Jean goes to check on Jimmy and sets him to attack the Tian before announcing that he is an escaped Utopian criminal to murder while Farbird is sent to kill Storm. As Jimmy rampages, Tian mutants go to attack him and overpower him but Storm is able to push Farbird into a plane so he dies. In her grief when Jimmy is returned to her, she prepares to kill him but Liz rebels.

Meanwhile Colossus meets Megan aka Pixie, a mutant who can teleport so they can work to evacuate Tian before it is bombed. 

Derek ends up saving Liz and Pixie teleports them away from Jean who then finds Kitty holding Jimmy, ready to settle the future of all mutants. 

Meanwhile Pixie is working to evacuate the citizens of Tian but as the time of the Utopian attack on Tian gets closer, she is struggling to keep it together. 

Meanwhile Blackheath has found that while they saved the Sentient Seed, it has lost its sentience which has devastated Rogue.

Back in Tian, Kitty and Jean are fighting with Kitty having learned to become super dense. Kitty argues that Utopia is right because they built it for everyone while Tian is something that was taken that Jean controls like a religion. Jimmy recovers but Jean knocks both of them out and then she calls for Derek and Liz who tell her that she is fucked as the railgun is launched. Pixie comes in to evacuate them and teleports out, being immune to telepathy, and Tian is destroyed. Pixie tries to save the remaining population but is knocked unconscious and Storm ends up saving Jean. 

Two weeks later she has started living in Utopia with limits on her powers and Kitty is not in trouble for anything she has done with any governments. 

  • Ultimate Comics: Wolverine #1-4 – Legacies
  • Ultimate Comics: X-Men #23 – Stormfront
  • Ultimate Comics: X-men #24-28 – Natural Resources
  • Ultimate Comics: X-men #29-33 – World War X

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