War on Christmas: The 2015 Christmas Exiles Special

It’s a Christmas Universe Hopping Special with the Holiday Exiles as Jay has a cough while DMing, Luke breaks the game with teleportation, Devin is a murderous snow Jesus, James has a penchant for human flesh (again), and Bri is lighting people on fire.

The Cast

Luke – Gatecrasher – Normal host, also @koltreg and on @stuffpodcast
Devin – Iceman – Normal host, also @freddofett, Wine Tree Hill coming soon
Jay – Game Master – @jaydawson Tweet at him to do it again!
Bri – Jubilee– Find her comic for now at @pandocomic and find her on twitter @ohnobri and find her on Into It talking about Jubilee here!
James – Wendigo – Find his work here and on @leask
 and his podcast is here

Character Sheet

Here is a link to the master sheet including the Extra Characters, the minions and more. Made more for reference than use.

Our cover is by Noél Villay and our theme music is by Vibe Leviathan with a special bad Holiday edit by Luke.

Check out our abbreviated image gallery and maybe check out our Patreon?

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