Episode 129.3: Daredevil NOIR

This week along with talking about Daredevil Noir, Luke and special guest wrestler James Alvarez talk about their early podcasting days, how John Cena is the X-men, and relating to immature boy Matt Murdock. Also apologies for the audio quality.

Universes and Comics Covered:

  • Earth-90214 – Daredevil Noir #1-4

James can be found here in Twitter (in kayfabe).

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Daredevil Noir



Writer – Alexander Irvine, Pencils – Tomm Coker, Colors – Daniel Freedman, Letters – Joe Caramanga


Daredevil shows up in Kingpin’s office to obtusely talk about finishing it and we move immediately to the flashback and I get that this is a trope and shit – but why waste pages showing this – and then move on to Daredevil talking about how he can hear people lie – and then we flashback again to lil Matt Murdock watching the court case that made him want to practice law – about the idea that poorness leads to being a criminal and then flashback again to Matt and his dad getting shot by a mysterious assailant. Tiny kid Matt attacks the kid and then gets blinded when his head gets hit against the wall. So he somehow has the ability to do stunts for money as Daredevil in the Daredevil costume until …all the black Vaudeville acts leave for Harlem and… I guess sure? I mean – sigh.

Anyway we end the flashback, the case finds the guy not guilty and Matt and Foggy Nelson, his partner in investigation, are out walking.

Meanwhile the Bull’s Eye Killer is out killing people and he never misses a killing shot. When they get back to their office, Matt senses someone is waiting for them, a woman named Eliza who wants to talk about Orville Halloran who is now working as a bootlegger and is presumably the one who owns the Bull’s Eye Killer. He wants a war with Fisk, she wants to be safe from Halloran, and she leaves Matt and Foggy the money.

Matt is unsure because he’s having issues reading her and they both know Halloran is dangerous so Foggy has Matt follow her to get more info because all they have now is that she doesn’t like Halloran.

Daredevil heads out at night, attacks one of his factories and it ends up exploding.

Meanwhile Halloran is having dinner with Wilson Fisk, trying to convince him to leave and Fisk brings up Daredevil. Wilson passes on the rumor that Daredevil is Matt Murdock and Halloran mentions he killed Jack Murdock.

Daredevil tries to recons things but he is not good at it and ends up getting into a fight with some bootleggers – meanwhile over town the Bull’s Eye Killer got 5 more people down. Daredevil picks up on people talking about the killer working for Halloran because Fisk’s men are being killed and Matt’s resolve is doubled but Foggy is pretty sure it is because he’s interested in Eliza which is fair. He also brings up that Halloran had bet money on Matt’s dad the night he was killed and Matt questions what he’s even doing before heading to a bar where she drinks.

They meet, he touches her face and he asks if Halloran really had money on his dad and she tells him to not be a hero. but moments after leaving he hears a call for help and springs into action – saving a woman – which was actually a lure by Fisk. He confirms that Halloran killed his father and they walk out. In the present Fisk confesses he knew from Halloran for certain and he was manipulating Matt – and it’s like – this would be better if we didn’t know all of this.

Anyway past Matt is obsessed with Eliza because she was mysterious. He stumbles into a bar where the Bull’s Eye Killer struck according to a man who was just killed and it’s really dumb because here is a man who was stabbed several times and Matt doesn’t ask for any clues, doesn’t look around. He ends up in one of Halloran’s bars, beats up everyone and keeps going to all of his locations. He stops by to talk to Foggy once he has the location and Foggy asks if she was ever with him.

He gets to Halloran’s base and confronts him and Halloran used the info he gave to Fisk to get Daredevil to come to him which is a horrible plan since Daredevil literally spent a day attacking everyone in his employ.

And then it turns out that Eliza is the Bull’s Eye Killer. Daredevil puts it together and tries to warn Halloran and then she kills him. And first time I read this it was a good bad twist because it’s like I guess it makes sense. There was no other character it could be.

Anyway in the present Daredevil talks about feeling very upset and we cut back to the past where he calls her a psychopath, they start fighting and it is intense but eventually they fall into the water and he decides to try and kill her and he gets into some really bad stuff considering he’s like “I loved her and she betrayed me” and Matt, buddy, you were obsessed with her, you never loved her, she never loved you.

He pulls her body onto the docks so she can die in front of the police and escapes and then he’s sad because he almost killed a woman and Foggy calls him out for being an idiot. Not enough though. Like, I’m with Foggy.

They talk about how the cops aren’t there and figure Fisk had a hand in it and Daredevil takes off and confronts Fisk which is how we got to the framing sequence. Fisk gives a speech on how they need each other for balance and then end up going to fight one another.


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