Episode 129.4: Wolverine NOIR

This week along with Wolverine Noir, Luke and special guest Sam Freund, they talk about Toddlera, Horny On Main: The Musical, Japanese fetishism, Storm’s Special Japan Friend, Dog’s Road To Recovery Writing, thirst for Creed, Universal Wolverine Mass, Slice of the Island Pie, a new Maude theme song, turn around Edward Norton, Jason Aaron’s Wolverine and more.

Universes and Comics Covered:

  • Earth-90214 – Wolverine Noir #1-4

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Wolverine Noir #1-4
Writers – Stuart Moore, Art – CP Smith, Colors – Rain Beredo, Letters – Jeff Eckleberry

Jim Logan is a private detective in Chinatown working with Dog who he feels obligated to work with even though he’s a nuisance. Then Mariko Yashida comes in looking to hire him – she’s been followed for the past few days by men from a hotel, gives him her number and $1000 in cash. She leaves and Dog goes to look into the hotel.
We flash back to Jim, who raised by a preacher. Dog was the son of his maintenance man and Jim and Dog both were attracted to Rose, a neighbor.
Dog gets to the Puritan Hotel that’s owned by someone named Creed and he makes an ass of himself.
We flashback again to Jim training with Smitty, his father’s gardener who taught him how to fight with knives. While they trained, Dog went to try and steal one of Smitty’s knives and Smitty told him off and have him a pocket knife.
In the present Logan went to the Puritan looking for Dog after a day and had to fight some men trained with knives. He went into the room where Dog was supposed to be and found his knife covered in blood and he feels awful because as much as he hates Dog, he feels like he owes him.
He heads out to look for Dog and is pulled into a building by Yuriko Oyama who assumed he worked for Creed. He inherently trusts her and she tells him to leave. He refuses and he runs out.
We flashback to Jim and Dog – Dog sucker punches Jim for making him look like a fool in front of Rose and it descends into a fistfight until Jim pulls out a blade and Smitty stops them. Jim’s father finds the knife and fires Smitty and belts Jim for acting like an animal.
Back in the present Mariko calls and he demands to know what she knows and she plans a time to meet at midnight. He ends up finding Dog’s notebook and all that is written in it is Creed. He ends up making his way to a boxing ring where he finds Creed. Logan doesn’t care about his crimes and just wants his brother back. Creed beats the heck out of him and drags him to the street next to Yuriko promising he’s not done with Jim yet. When he comes to, Yuriko is dead.
We flashback and Smitty fell apart after he was fired and until he died shortly after. Jim began to fear he was an animal and a beast of violence until he decided not to be and decided to also tell Rose he loved her.
In the present Jim and Mariko meet and he barks at her to find out what was up and she explains how she’s been an optimist hoping for a better Japan but the world shifted and now she’s stuck working for her father. She says Creed is a puppet, not the person pulling the strings but before she says more – she wants to know more about Jim.
Rose agreed to meet him in the greenhouse, he was ready to propose to her and when he got there, she was with Dog because she was more attracted to him. In retaliation he pulls out his weapons and enters a fugue state and when he wakes up, he’s covered in blood and Dog is terrified of him and Rose was gone. He decided to run away, and he took Dog with him, taking care of him since he never really recovered.
Mariko asks him to leave Dog and her and he remarks that Yuriko asked the same thing. He asks her for what she’s hiding and she says they’re the ones hunting him. He gets up and then collapses as Creed returns for him.
He wakes up back in the Puritan with Creed and his men. He explains he killed Yurko for not doing her job. He tries to escape but is beat down again and is brought next to Mariko and we find out that Rose is the one behind this with the scars from when he cut her as well. She has Dog on the train tracks and explains how Dog pushed her in the way to save himself, and he never thought of her. She became an outcast, met with Creed and ended up starting an drug empire with her inheritance.
Jim realizes it’s personal and asks to let her free. The train comes and runs through Dog and Rose kills Mariko. Creed gets angry over Mariko being killed but Rose wanted revenge, Jim steals a sword and starts attack and Creed runs off leaving Rose at Jim’s mercy. She asks him to leave, to come home and he stabs her, kills her and then returns home, haunted by what he lost.

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