Episode 135: Inhumans Apocalypse: Infinity

This week on Luke and Beau Quijano sit down to talk about the Inhumans and Thanos and Infinity, plus being an animation producer, sucky Inhumans, and Fear Itself.

Universes and Comics Covered:

  • Earth-TRN628 – What If? Infinity: Inhumans

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What If Infinity Inhumans

Writer – Joshua Williamson, Art – Riley Rossmo,

Colourists – Ivan Plascencia, Letters VC’s Travis Lanham



So normally Thanos attacks Attilan which was floating above New York City to try and find his son and they fight, Thanos leaves, but here Thanos is like “nah, I like it here, let’s take over and Black Bolt is gonna be our figurehead king.”

So the Avengers who were in space died,  and Thanos gets Blackbolt to use all the Inhumans to battle the builders and Blackbolt has an inhuman safe haven while the rest of the world is Thanos’ territory, but the Illuminati – Iron Man, Black Panther, The Beast, Doctor Strange, Reed Richards and Namor are missing and the story of these hidden avengers is used to keep the faith, even though Inferno, who has fire powers doesn’t believe the stories or in Black Bolt.


In the Avengers tower, Medusa visits Black Bolt to try and comfort him and Karnak comes in to let them know they found the weapon they’ve been looking for. Karnak is hesitant but it is too late as Gorgon and Crystal are currently out with the weapon – a person. Medusa, Karnak and Lockjaw show up to meet them but run into the Black Order who thinks since they are conspiracy-ing they have reason to fight.

Inferno sees the fight, Karnak and Lockjaw get pretty unceremoniously killed and then Thanos shows up killing Gorgon and Black Bolt follows him. Then they reveal the secret weapon – Dazzler – now with an eyepatch.

She has Black Bolt scream and she converts it into a blast that kills Thanos and then he kills the last of the Black Order as he asks about the people he killed. It turns out that he killed the Avengers in exchange for Thanos giving him power.

Inferno is very angry, burns the Avengers symbol onto the wall and goes off with Dazzler and Maldar to let people know that Black Bolt sucks, which – fair.


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