136 – I Can’t Believe They’re Not The X-men IN SPACE!

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Art by Mike Norton and Rochelle Rosenberg. Wanna buy the original? I don’t see it listed online!

In which Jay and Miles from X-plain the X-men are called in to discuss Joshua Williamson’s What If Infinity: X-men is a bit like Firefly, there are universes X-men who were also Avengers reunite, DC Earth designations are like trade numbering, Cannonballs Not Actually X-men are a weird group, Sunspot and Cannonball have a weird wifeswap, picking family over team, the Power of Friendship saves the day, the villain is ill-defined, and the X-men are dead – JUST LIKE YOU. Also questions from listeners like you (or maybe you?)!


  • Podcast genealogy
  • Over-reading for Infinity understanding
  • Al Ewing, cereal writer
  • Shuma-Gorath
  • X-men Avengers/Avenger X-men
  • Jay was never an Avenger
  • Marvel Wikia TRNs
  • Universal Numbering System
  • Old Man Logan: 90210
  • All New Numbering
  • Xavier vs The Illusive Man
  • Hugging Norman Osborn
  • Weird Emma Frost Dreams
  • Cute Trainspotting
  • X-men as a Roleplaying Game
  • Spaceship Horseplay
  • Sympathetic Wendigos!
  • Strict Utilitarianism
  • Grizzled Guthrie
  • Haircuts by M
  • Hairsuits or Skinsuits
  • The All New Space X-men
  • Who gets eaten/gets to breed
  • Tahani is Monet
  • Chuck Austen’s Magik
  • Batman/Hellboy/Starman/Disappointment
  • The Doom Factor
  • Space X-men Team Pitches
  • Luke needs to see MOON
  • X-men in Space Vs X-men vs Magic
  • Sorcerer Supreme Peter Corbeau
  • Stardust the Super Wizard
  • Why JJJ doesn’t hate mutants
  • Columbus Podcast Festival

Next Episode: Katherine Pryde and Age of Apocalypse Sabretooth fight Hydra Wolverine!

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What If? Infinity: X-men

What If The X-men were the Sole Survivors of Infinity?

Writer: Joshua Williamson, Art – Mike Norton, Colors – Rachelle Rosenberg, Letters – Travis Lanham


5 years after the Builders beat the space boys the X-men are doing the space salvage to survive thing on the Blackbird. The team includes Armor, Husk, Cannonball, M, Chamber, Phoenix and Beast.

Shortly after they bring in the new shipment they run into an Avengers Quinjet and when Black Widow and Sunspot are on the other side, Cannonball invites them aboard.

The other Avengers include Spider-woman, Starbrand, Shang-Chi and Smasher who Cannonball was seeing. They are suspicious but Bobby’s friendship with Cannonball wins them over, though Smasher is still unhappy.

Cannonball and Sunspot share a quiet moment on the ship and talk about how they escaped, but also what they lost. Also Sunspot and now with Smasher. Sam had returned to the Earth to save his family and the X-men and Bobby is hurt and Cannonball keeps denying they are the X-men.

Meanwhile Phoenix finds Black Widow and Starbrand preparing to steal from them and she sees they are being controlled and gets attacked as the Avengers are forced to attack including Sunspot attacking Cannonball. Sunspot explains they’ve been forced to pirate other ships and the fighting escalates as Sunspot and Cannonball knock into one another causing a massive explosion that frees them for the time being and Sunspot reveals where their ship is with Supergiant, the only survivor of Thanos’ Black Order who was controlling the Avengers – to a degree.

Cannonball pushes her into the space before she can take over the X-men – which he still denies they are, and Supergiant dies in space and he saves Sunspot.

With everyone recovering,  Husk suggests Cannonball becomes the team leader of the new X-men, and Beast has somehow made classic X-men style costumes for everyone as they are all the X-men with Cannonball as the leader.


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