Episode 137: Shadowcat Kills Wolverine

This week Luke and Devin are back with the penultimate Claremont Exiles story! This week gruff dad Sabretooth and Kitty Pryde team up to fight that evil Hydra universe hopping team. And in the annual, Morph finally deals with the Proteus situation!

Universes and Comics Covered:

    • Earth-80911 – New Exiles #11
    • Earth-TRN038 -New Exiles #11
    • Earth-89145 -New Exiles #11
    • Earth-51489 -New Exiles #11
    • Earth-72911 -New Exiles #11
    • Earth-4321 – New Exiles #11-12
    • Earth-812145 – New Exiles Annual

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New Exiles 11-12


Current team

Age of Apocalypse Sabretooth

Cat from Unknown Earth

616 Psylocke

616 Sage






Writer – Chris Claremont, Art – Paco Diaz Luque, Inks Norberto Fernanez, Colors Wil Quintana, Letters – Simon Bowland


Sabretooth has showed up too late to stop Hydra Wolverine from killing a bunch of kids, and also Wolverine’s new friend – Boy-Bob Banner – a version of the Hulk who is a rock musician who is also there? Sabretooth kills Banner, Wolverine blinds Sabretooth, and that’s when Psylocke from this world shows up as does Slaymaster, the asshole who keeps killing Psylockes. She calls to her family who have already been killed, Wolverine kills Sabretooth, and then Wolverine kill-steals Psylocke which pisses off Slaymaster. Hydra Sue Storm shows up and stops him and Slaymaster vows revenge. Exiles Sabretooth shows up to find the slaughter and murder and returns to the Panoptichron and tries to find Cat who is busy with her own stuff, and we see Sabretooth has been watching Psylockes getting hunted. Meanwhile Cat has been exploring the Panoptichron trying to figure out how it works and she returns. Sabretooth has left though and broken the system so Cat re-hacks the system and sees the Psylocke and Sabretooth die, and finds out about the evil Exiles team with Empress Hydra, Wolverine, Slaymaster, and Venger.

Cat finds about some other Psylockes who were killed and how Slaymaster really wants to kill this one and we see Sabretooth training with her with him acting as Slaymaster.

Then on Earth-4321 which is the earth from Marvel: The End which we need to cover, Hydra Wolverine is hanging around and Sabretooth blindsides him. Slaymaster shows up so he pushes Wolverine off the floating city they are on and they hit the ground and start rolling down. Sabretooth got hurt more than expected and Wolverine calls in his team and Wolverine goes to kill him, but something pulls Sabretooth underground and he travels through the earth getting breath when he can and we see that Cat pulled him through the Earth. Cat convinces him to go home because he’s so hurt but something is blocking the Tallus – which turns out to be Sue Storm. The evil team hunts them down so Cat runs off with them and they run into a plane. Cat sets it off to fly in it’s own and then the two dive out thinking the team will follow the plane because Cat figured Sue can track the Tallus energy, but not while they are phased. Cat figures it will take them a while to catch the plane and she can communicate with machines somehow if she makes them – and Cat is suddenly like weirdly overly competent. Sabretooth is trying to figure out what is up with her and we get a bit of Cat’s backstory – Emma Frost got to recruit her to the Hellfire Club Strike Force before Xavier and Sage (ugh) reached her and she never felt like she fit in.

They took a sleep and Wolverine shows up and attacks Sabretooth but Cat pushes him away. That’s when Wolverine reveals he has anti-phasing vibranium claws but Cat doesn’t give a shit. She breaks off his claws by making them intangible and kills him, and somewhere along the way she also stopped the Inhibitor and they return home.

Cat thinks about how Emma Frost was controlled by the Shadow King so she ran and that’s when she joined the Exiles and she is finally willing to ask for help now.


Earth-80911 – Secret Agents Victor and Betsy

Earth-TRN038 – Boy-Bob Banner

Earth-89145 – Blackhawk Psylocke

Earth-51489 – Conan Psylocke

Earth-72911 – Jack The Ripper’d Psylocke


New Exiles Annual

Chris Claremont – writer, Tom Grummet – Art, Vincente Cifuentes – inks, Wil Quintana – colors, Ed Dukeshire – letters


There are these aliens called the Makers and there was one who was evil called the Mad Maker who transformed some people from that Earth into even more super villains – the Gold Goblin, Blood Skull, Black Baron Dormammu, Doom (a lizard man), and Magneta. Doom attacks New York with a massive tidal wave, Magneta tears down the superhero base, Blood Skull kills people, Black Baron turns people into demons, and Golden Goblin only kills some people. Things are awful and two mysterious people run as they are chased by demons – luckily one of them is Valeria Richards who has Reed stretch powers from the universe where Hydra Sue is from but she only holds them off for so long when the Exiles show up but not the ones she knows, except Morph and Psylocke – because it is Mystiq, Gambit, and Rogue. They got lost on the way to their mission and can’t reach out to get help. That’s when they notice Valeria who they remember.

She ended up making a dimensional link to move between worlds and ran from home. The Exiles decide to try and help and Valeria’s friend Rosetta Stone who was an alternate universe version of her died.

The Exiles attack the villains with Mystiq and Gambit attacking aquatic lizard Doom with sharks, Psylocke and Valeria fight Magneta, Morph fights Blood Skull, Rogue attacks the Black Baron and that intercedes with the Golden Goblin fighting Mystiq allowing Psylocke to knock out Magenta, but that’s when the Mad Maker shows up and steals them from Earth. He decides to try and make them into enemies – and that’s when Proteus reawakens in Morph. The Mad Maker turns Valeria into a villain and the team is caught up until Morph is able to fight back the Proteus side of him and moves to attack the Mad Maker. The Morph and Proteus sides decide to work together and he gets super powered and he takes down the Maker and Proteus sacrifices all the hate he has to live on as Morph completely and they never really resolve the unethical stuff that went on.

Valeria wants to go with the Exiles but they tell her to go home for now and head off to their mission with the slightly new Morph.


Earth-812145 – Mad Maker Universe

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