Episode 148: Pietro Ran Into Wanda And Vision

This week it is the Last Avengers story ever! Luke and Devin are sorry because well, the comic is bad but the content is good. Or it isn’t as bad as the comic. List, I guess what I’m saying is, Peter David – you keep screwing us over and your legacy. Do better my dude.

Universes and Comics Covered:

  • Earth-9511 – The Last Avengers Story #1-2

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The Last Avengers Story

Writer – Peter David, Art – Ariel Olivetti, Letters – Jim Novak, Logo – Todd Klein


There’s a break in at the Time Capsule, a super secure vault, where the thief finds The Last Avengers Story. Two years later, the current Avengers are all killed at the base.

The press starts turning to the previous still living Avengers, including Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne, who is now shrinking as she ages. The press shows up and Janet chases them off when Pym starts to get angry. Alone again the person who broke into the Time Capsule and killed the Avengers shows up – Ultron 59. Ultron tells them to prepare for the final battle of Avengers and their foes or the remaining Avengers will be hunted down one by one.

It turns out the Last Avengers story came from Kang taking it from the future to the past so he’s pretty sure he can stop the Avengers with his crew including Oddball who gives people mental disorders with a touch, and Grim Reaper, the brother of Wonder Man who has a scythe hand. Reaper and Oddball are at odds with Kang and Ultron so the team is tenuous.

Hank and Janet go to the Avengers base to look for survivors – and it’s bad writing that there aren’t any other crews there – but Cannonball and Johnny Storm survived.

Janet has a flashback when she finds Hercules’ mace – because the gods and the Hulk and the Thing had a big fight called the Cataclysm that ended with only the grey Hulk returning to Earth with Hercules’ mace. They also find Bombshell – a daughter of Hercules and Hotshot, the son of the Black Knight. Hank then picks up She-Hulk, Jessie Wingfoot, the daughter of the original one who worked on the SWAT team as they continue to travel. He tried to get Reed who is in a body brace while Doctor Doom is essentially lobotomized.

They go to Hawkeye and Mockingbird next and Hawkeye is blind. Hawkeye suggests they try to find Captain America, who became president and may be in stasis, and we find out about the other avengers. There was a battle against Ultron-19 and Hulk changed sides because he became evil. Hawkeye stopped Ultron but Hulk literally tears Tigra apart. Mockingbird knocked out Hawkeye and took him and the fight became one with Wonder Man vs The Hulk and then Wonder Man exploded which blinded Haweye. Hawkeye and Mockingbird refuse to go in the end.

Hank then talks about the villain massacre where the heroes rounded up all the villains and then they got executed, which was when Hank left which Cap understood, before he ran for president, became president, and got assassinated. Hank decides he needs help from the Vision.

In the Himalayas, Tommy Maximoff and his brother talk, and Tommy is aware his brother will kill him and asks Doctor Strange what to do.

Hank runs another check on heroes – almost all of them are broken by this point. Peter Parker is unable to go because of his son Ben.

Johnny goes to talk to Marissa his daughter who creates solid objects from flame but she’s an artist.

Hank and Jessie pause in a motel and Tommy shows up, as does the Reaper who tells them they will fight in Greenwich village.

They head to the sky where Vision is in stasis after Vision and Quicksilver had a fight, but he’s non-responsive.

Back at their house, Mockingbird and Hawkeye get a call.

Hank goes out walking and talks to Ultron who sees this as his ultimate experiment – has he become human enough to win.

The heroes arrive for the fight but Hotshot called reporters and Hank reveals his plan is to take the heroes to the Microverse. Jan wants to fight though.

Hotshot dies first when Kang makes his shotgun reflect back. Bombshell loses an leg, Torch is knocked down, Jessie is killed by Grim Reaper which sends Tommy into a rage and Vision stirs. Cannonball goes to help the others, but Kang kills him while he’s blasting.

The heroes have the villains on the rope but Ultrons start to appear to attack the news crews, Marissa leaves from watching the TV.

Oddball goes to grab Wasp but Hank shrinks him down and he’s killed by Ultrons which makes Reaper angrier. Mockingbird and Hawkeye show up to fight the Ultrons as well. As Hank and Janet run, Ultron appears in front of them and Vision becomes aware.

Meanwhile Clint gets knock off his fighting perch.

We find out Billy/Grim Reaper became a Horseman of Apocalypse and Tommy knocks him out. Hank gets shot in the back by Kang while facing Ultron and Ultron is furious. He reveals he planted the book for Kang to find and Wasp blasts Kang through his eyeholes, killing him.

Hawkeye is saved by the Human Torch.

Ultron grows super large, Grim Reaper attacks Tommy and it becomes a full out brawl.

Vision flashes back to Wanda’s death via Quicksilver, because he was running at Vision, Wanda tried to stop it, got in the way, killed her, and then ran off a cliff to die. And this was in front of Tommy and Billy so Vision flew up to the sky. Vision reawakens and merges with Ultron and they both die.

We go to the future. Hawkeye and Janet meet at the memorial monument and we find out that Captain America is hooked up to machines, keeping tabs on everything. He called Hawkeye back in and now he’s ready to return.

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