Episode 149: Mirror, Marvel

This week Luke and Devin go with Captain Marvel into a mirror dimension with a Mirror Alpha Flight, a Mirror Black Widow, a Mirror Guardians of the Galaxy, a Mirror Thanos, a mirror little house with a mirror little window in a mirror little world where everything is mirrors.

Universes and Comics Covered:

  • Earth-? – Captain Marvel #125-129

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Mighty Captain Marvel/Captain Marvel #125-129

Writer – Margaret Stohl, Art – Michele Bandini, Color – Eric Arcinigea, Letters – VC’s Joe Caramagna




Previously in Alpha Flight, Carol Danvers was put in charge of the team by T’Challa to be Earth’s defense force against aliens. There was a Kree child she found and called Bean who was experimented on by a mysterious doctor Eve and turned into energy. Carol wants to save the child. During Secret Empire, Carol drove the space station into a shield that Captain America’s HYDRA clone had used to keep out aliens and heroes who were fighting a Chitauri swarm. Driving the station didn’t break the shield but it did get broken and now Alpha Flight is without a base.

There is Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers, Puck and Sasquatch – former members of the Canadian Alpha Flight, Abigail Brand – green haired space alien, Lt. Wendy Kawasaki, a fangirl of Captain Marvel, who is in love with Hopper, a bearded scientist working with Alpha Flight and the Eager young Space Cadets, Glory, A’di and Dante Cruz.

They start off in Columbia university where they are all put on indefinite paid leave which Carol isn’t happy about so they go their separate ways.

Meanwhile at Project Pegasus, which is the energy concern with questionable morals, Mim, a shapeshifter working for Doctor Eve breaks in.

Carol gets woken up by an energy projection of Bean, who is now a teen who warns that she is in danger, so Carol decides to get the Alpha Flight team back together, which everyone is alright with and they plan to steal the Space Shuttle Enterprise.

Mim shows up in disguise as their support agent, gets into a fight and steals a vial of Carol’s blood and escapes, giving it to Doctor Eve. Carol chases their spaceship with the Columbia following behind but Carol follow’s eve’s ship into a singularity and they vanish.

Mim and Eve land in a shrine supposedly housing the heart of Gaia which will help them to restore the Kree.

Carol wakes up and ends up finding the Alpha Flight base still in the Sky but they recognize her and identify as the Zeta Flight base. She wanders in and doesn’t recognize them yet but Puck and Sasquatch has swapped personalities with Puck preferring to go by Eugene, and Kawasaki is goth and they refer to Carol as Corporal. Also Brand is a bulldog in green sunglasses which is a sort of reference to the TV show that was a part of the earlier run.

They get an alert as a fleet of Quinjets come at them – which was stolen by the Widower and they work to take down the fleet, but Carol notices Eugene is hesitant here, and Kawasaki is a good pilot. The Widower blasts carol down and it’s an alternate version of Black Widow who is angry that Carol cut her out of a deal but Carol is surprised to see her alive since Hydra Cap killed her?

The rest of the Zeta Flight team lands and Widower tells the Crew that her people are planning to cut her out and warns her that she’s still being hunted.

Carol struggles to understand what’s going on and finally puts it together so she decides to use her crew.

Meanwhile Mim and Eve went through the shrine and retrieved the heart of Gaia but it gets stolen from them by Lord Starkill, Peter Quill.

During the night Bean sends Carol a vision of the temple and they find out that the loot was stolen and Widower knows that it was Starkill and the Ravagers that were behind it.

While Starkill talks to his employer who is angry about the murders he’s done, we see he’s not the lovable rogue and his Drax with two Xs killed his own family.

Carol’s crew is less than enthused so to keep face with Widower, she has to rip into them and they follow the Ravagers to the hideout. They get onboard and find themselves face to face with the Ravagers – including skinny Draxx, purple Gamora, Rockette who is just a sexy lady with too much eyeshadow and a tail and Root who is a Carrot form of groot.

There’s a skirmish and ultimately Carol tries to stop things, especially when she finds out that Starkill considers himself her nemesis. Zeta Flight is captured and Starkill plans to sell them to the person who also wanted the Gaia stone, Thanos.

Starkill plans to sell them out but didn’t tell the crew which they aren’t happy about and so they decide to mutiny and so the rest of Zeta Flight is freed and Carol and Quill are locked together.

They still end up going to Titan where Gamora and Nebula have a fight because here Nebula actually likes Thanos who stops the fight.

Carol and Quill are delivered and Thanos explains how here he wants to stop death by waging peace but he wants to get rid of them. Rockette hands over the Gaia Stone hoping for a better payday because it is actually the reality stone and the Ravagers attack with Thanos getting wounded by Gamora, Nebula goes to use the stone but Zeta Flight comes in and lets them escape.

They raid the treasury but when they get back Dr Eve is there and holds them at gunpoint.

Quill is offended that Carol considers Eve his nemesis and Eve want’s the Gaia Stone. Eve stuns Quill and forces Carol to come with her to save Bean on her ship, meanwhile the Zetas and Ravagers come in and find Quill who has them give chase.

Carol wants Eve to restore Bean if she’s going to help and Eve explains they are bonded and explains what happened. Eve is a pink Kree which means she looked human, during the war she invented Mims to make sort of Zombie soldiers but was told to not do it. Hala got destroyed so she decided to perfect her work and needed Marvel’s DNA and also the Hala children. Bean meanwhile evolved, found the Supreme Intelligence with her and has decided it is her job to restore the Kree, and Bean has been working with her, manipulating Carol to save the Kree. She wants to restore Hala to be a hero so they are going to use the Reality Stone to move the Hala from this dimension but the Zetas and Ravagers showed up.

Bean merges with Carol possessing her to use the stone but the other Kree children’s souls are disturbed so they stop it and Bean is restored to a physical form in her own world where the other Carol had been, where Quill is in cuffs and she’d been using her team to plot thefts.

And she brought back the reality stone.


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