Episode 161: Dawn of the Marvel Zombies

This week, Luke and Devin get a little groovy as Ash Williams dies in a bad comic, and then wakes up alive in a better comic – though he still has a lot of Evil Dead things going on. Enjoy friends!

Universes and Comics Covered

  • Earth-818793 – Army of Darkness Vol 1 #12-13
  • Earth-2149 – Marvel Zombies vs Army of Darkness #1-5
  • TRN195 – Marvel Zombies vs Army of Darkness #5
  • TRN197 – Marvel Zombies vs Army of Darkness #5
  • TRN198 – Marvel Zombies vs Army of Darkness #5
  • Earth-7085 – Marvel Zombies vs Army of Darkness #5

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Army of Darkness Vol 1 #12-13


Writer – James Kuhoric, Pencils – Fernando Blanco, Colors – Ivan Nunes, Letters – Bill Tortolini

Ash Williams and Dr. Madeline Rothleschilde aka Sugarbaby, a parapsychologist who has been traveling with Ash and they’ve reached Weenie Ville in Detroit and it is described weirdly because they say it Detroit’s most well known greasy spoon but it is also apparently a franchise? But this is supposed to be a source of Deadite energy and Madeline believes Ash is the Chosen One, a baby born every 100 years with the potential to destroy the forces of evil. The child is born secretly but that didn’t happen with Ash and a cultists tried to give him the mark of chaos and he fought back but ultimately got marked which is why evil always attacked him and Ash gets angry. He goes and beats up the hot dog man mascot in the bathroom to steal the costume and then wanders into the back while Madeline distracts and then knocks out the employees and the two meet up to fight the cultists. They head down but during the fight a mirror was broken which released a bunch of tiny versions of Sheila, the woman he fell in love with in the past who got turned into a Deadite. Ash and Madeline find the Necronomicon but Sheila confronts him and the duo are stopped by the reappearance of deadites of King Arthur whose castle Ash helped to defend, Henry the Red the enemy of King Arthur, and the Wise Man who saw Ash as the Chosen One in the past.

Ash wakes up with him and Madeline tied up and she thinks this is the end of all things and the ultimate goal of the evil forces through the ages and there’s some stuff that doesn’t make a lick of sense because we see other versions of the Chosen One but if they were only supposed to be once in a hundred years, somehow one was in WW2 and Elvis was another and both were killed.

Anyway Sheila explains that when Ash asked to get sent home the Deaditles took over and served Sheila who created a cult planning for their revenge and they’ve been feeding Deadites to people in their restaurants. Which once again makes no sense if it is supposed to be national?

Anyway the cult resurrects evil Ash from Ash’s body killing the real Ash and Ash ends up in heaven walking towards the light.


Marvel Zombies vs Army of Darkness #1-5

Writer – John Layman, Art – Fabiano Neves, Fernando Blanco, Sean Phillips (4-5), Colors – June Chung, Letters – Randy Gentile, Rus Wooton

Instead Ash ends up in a dumpster in New York City in Earth-2149, and he sees Thunderball of the Wrecking Crew fighting Daredevil and assumes Daredevil is the bad guy before a Deadite appears and warns him This world will die and an army of the dead will rise. He punches the homeless woman which distracts Daredevil and Thunderball so Daredevil sucker punches Thunderball and goes to stop Ash but Thunderball knocks Daredevil.

A bit later Ash picks up a copy of the Daily Bugle and sees he helped the badguy, gets a rundown on the heroes and tries to talk to the Avengers. He blasts the speakerbox when they get in so the Avengers show up, Thor bends Ash’s gun and when he tries to warn them, Scarlet Witch teleports him away because they don’t believe him.

Ash suddenly remembers what happened to him in heaven and starts trying to warn people so the Avengers ask Spider-man to take him away because he saw the Sentry in heaven, the zombie Sentry, who is now back on Earth. The Avengers get infected instantly as Ash and Spider-man look on and Ash is confused. Spider-man is trying to save other people allowing Colonel America to bite him and Ash lands in front of Hawkeye, Power Man and Ms Marvel. Spider-man, fighting the infection, claims to call dibs on him and Colonel America lets it happen and Spiderman frees Ash on top of a building but remembers Mary Jane and Aunt May and rushes to help him.

That’s when the Punisher shows up, he leads Ash down while he kills Kingpin, Hammerhead and The Owl and then tries to make Ash his ammo boy. When Ash sees Thunderball fighting alone, Punisher plans to let him die so Ash leaves him and takes the ammo before running into Winter Soldier attacking Dazzler. She’s distraught over the realization that her friends died but when Ash says he needs the Necronomicon, the magic book, she takes him to the Sanctum Sanctorum of Doctor Strange but while she explains what is going on, zombie Howard the Duck kills Ash, before we are introduced to Ash – from this universe.

Because there were superheroes in this world, he never needed to be a hero and kept quiet, hated on Spider-man – until the zombies showed up when he started to fight with a chainsaw. Eventually though he saw Ash and Dazzler, Howard the Duck killed him but then main Ash returned and with help from the Scarlet Witch, killed Howard.

They finally fully believe him and they decide to break in and find Dr Druid eating Wong. Ash kills Druid after lying that he could save him and they go to the library and start asking about the Necronomicon and one of the books says it is in Latveria which Ash doesn’t understand what it means. The team now needs a distraction to get to the Quinjet and luckily Nextwave shows up and fights the zombie Power Pack before getting killed off panel, but the trio of heroes escape.

We find out that the virus spread so fast because Quicksilver was bitten allowing it to spread across the entire world and moments after meeting Doom, Ash is already being threatened.

Ash just wants to see the Necronomicon and Doom refuses and then wants to show his power so he shoots zombie Goliath with missiles, killing him, and then orders the Doombots to put Ash in a cell with the other uninfected survivors who are all of breeding age.

Dazzler and Scarlet Witch aren’t too happy so Doom mentions how Richards infected himself and his team, and then invites them to dinner. Wanda eventually frees Ash and stops a Doombot allowing Ash to dress up as Doom and get to the library and threatens the Necronomicon who explains it is not behind the zombies and Ash is trapped to die in this world.

Ash storms out till he sees the Enchantress who he frees, unaware that she is a zombie. Dazzler gets bit trying to save him so Doom kills the both of them. Doom is angry but is interrupted by a servant who tells him all the zombies are swarming the castle now because they’ve been everywhere else. They break through the defenses, Doom is captured by Richards, Punisher infects the Scarlet Witch and Ash runs to the library and warns them that the zombies will eat the Necronomicon if he doesn’t help. So the Necronomicon raises a Deadite army to fight back , an army of Darkness that doesn’t do much except giving Ash a chance to free the people using the interdimensional teleporter that Doom, fighting the infection, is operating. Doom tells him that it is flipping between universes randomly and Ash leaves the Necronomicon behind and enters the portal before Doom destroys it. They talk about how they don’t plan to eat the book but Hulk will use it for toilet paper.

Ash flips through a few universes – an alien one – TRN195, a dinosaur one – TRN197, a post-apocalyptic one – TRN198 before recognizing Earth-7085 as a seemingly normal New York City – except here the Avengers are werewolves who just killed Galactus and who chase after him.








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