Episode 162: Day of the Marvel Zombies

This week Luke and Devin are here to talk about some bad Marvel Zombies crossovers with Black Panther but also that good time that Gravity came back from the dead in Fantastic Four!

Universes and Comics Covered

  • Earth-616 – Black Panther Vol 4 #26, Fantastic Four Vol 1 #544-546
  • Earth-2149 – Black Panther Vol 4 #27-30

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Black Panther Vol 4 #26
writer – Reginald Hudlin, pencils – Francis Portela, Inks – Victor Olazaba, Colors – Val Staples, Letters – VC’s Cory Petit
Previously in the 616, Ragnarok the robot clone of Thor destroyed the Wakandan Embassy leaving T’challa the Black Panther and his new partner Ororo Munroe, Storm, without a home. T’challa plans to build a new embassy which would take time. The couple meets with Reed and Sue Richards of the Fantastic Four who plan to leave on a second honeymoon to deal with some problems from when Reed made Ragnarok, the robot clone of Thor that also killed a friend. Reed suggests they move the embassy to the Baxter Building.
And meanwhile an insect champion defeats Annihilus in the Negative Zone, breaks through Prison 42 that they set up in the Negative Zone and goes into the Baxter Building.

Fantastic Four Vol 1 #544-46
writer – Dwayne McDuffie, pencils Paul Pelletier, Inks – Rick Magyar, Colors – Paul Mounts, Letters – VC’s Rus Wooton
So Reed and Sue leave, Deathlok, who is no longer a cyborg, is working with the Wakandan’s and they get the call that the grave of Gravity, a recently killed superhero was defiled and his corpse went missing and there are signs of a black hole appearing. Ben jokingly suggests to ask The Watcher but T’challa gives no fucks so they go in their new space-folding ship and go to his house on the moon. The Watcher doesn’t talk at first so Storm retrieved the Ultimate Nullifier and Tchalla threatened him, so he shows them the Cyclopedia Universum which guides them to Epoch, a celestial force that tries to warn them to go away. She stole Gravity’s body and tries to chase him off because she’s wanted by the Silver Surfer and Galactus. The Thing gets into a fight that pulls in the rest of the team and Epoch, sensing she might die, brings Gravity back to life, pulling him from his chrysalis where he was supposed to fully merge with the force of gravity.
Black Panther meanwhile takes on the Surfer but Stardust, another herald of Galactus events things out but they get to talking. Galactus shows up and Surfer gives the that window to save Gravity, and Black Panther returns home to retrieve something from Earth as Gravity returns, fighting mad.
Black Panther has Wakanda prepare the Galactus contingency plan. Meanwhile Gravity fights to protect Epoch and the Fantastic Four come in to help.
On Earth the Panther pulls out King Solomon’s Frogs, and so he brings his cosmic fighting suit, travels back and drains power from the Surfer and whoops his ass and then they get the attention of Galactus. Gravity feeds his extra cosmic energy to Galactus and he offers a gift – so Gravity asks to not hurt Epoch and they go home to Earth.

Black Panther Vol 4 #27-30
writer – Reginald Hudlin, pencils – Francis Portela, Inks – Victor Olazaba, Colors – Val Staples, Letters – VC’s Cory Petit
After a good night sleep they get woken up by the champion bug from the Negative Zone that takes everything they have and gives it back. With no other choice, T’challa decides to try and use the frogs on it and end up on a Skrull planet as the Galactic Marvel Zombies show up – Hulk, Wolverine, Spider-man, Luke Cage, Iron Man and Giant Man. The Skrulls try to deal with the invaders including putting up a shield and sending an armada after them and even firing missiles while the Fantastic Four fight other skrulls.
Iron Man and the other zombies attack the bug and they teleport away, only to run into Lyja (who Johnny married on his Earth) and the other Super Skrulls. T’challa explains they should work together. They talk to the general as the ships are destroyed by the zombies and decide that Earth might have the answer. Luke Cage breaks in though and after killing the skrulls, he is surprised to see T’challa and the others because of what happened to them on his world. They attack and outside the zombies and now the zombie bug are attacking. The FF take off so they can talk and reach alt universe Black Panther, the zombies start fighting, and something attacks the FF’s ship – the zombie super skrulls. The Fantastic Four kill them all before the zombie avengers appear, argue some more and Black Panther teleports the FF out of the ship ruins with the frogs. Thanos and Death appear to talk to the zombies and make them a deal before realizing they are in disguise when Peter asks them to kill him. The zombies then wonder if they can eat planet energy like Galactus, which they can and the zombie bug attacks the FF as the zombie bug reappears and we are left wondering if they survived.


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