Episode 164: Diary of the Marvel Zombies

This week Luke and Devin talk about Marvel Zombies 4 featuring the return of those monstrous bad boys and girls, the Midnight Sons! Also your friend, the Hood shows up, there are drug deals, zombie rain and more!

Universes and Comics Covered

  • Earth-616 – Marvel Zombies 4 #1-4

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Marvel Zombies 4 #1-4

Writer – Fred Van Lente, Art – Kev Walker, Colors – Jean-Francois Beaulieu, Letters’ VC’s Rus Wooton

ARMOR ends up intercepting a distress signal from a cruise ship where zombie men-fish are attacking so they deploy the zombie virus vaccinated Midnight Sons. Jack Russell the Werewolf by Night with a death wish, Jennifer Kale the witch and survivor from the last arc. Daimon Hellstrom the Son of Satan, Defender, and slight hedonist and Morbius the Living Vampire who is using guns now and wants revenge. As the Midnight Sons fail to find their targets they find that Piranha had been laying zombie eggs and strikes.

Unfortunately for them, Simon Garth the Zombie and Headpool the head of Zombie Deadpool who has the virus escaped the ARMOR base, infected the Man-Fish but now have  ended up in Taino at the zombie cocaine plantation of the Black Talon (Samuel Barone), voodou hougan and drug lord. Simon Garth brought him to Black Talon because he can spread the virus. Black Talon reaches out to The Hood, Parker Robbins, the current big villain of crime to sell the virus

Hellstrom ends up exploding the entire boat and Jennifer is worried about dealing with the zombies again.

The Hood has Centurius, one of my favorite villains because of the Parkerbolts run do some testing and doesn’t want The Hood to get it. Unfortunately The Hood’s magical patron, the Dread Dormammu wants him to get it to spread the virus arguing it’s better in their control where they can ransom for it, so he and Night Shift, a bunch of horror affiliated Captain America villains, go for the deal as the Midnight Sons get closer so The Hood and his men attack the Midnight Sons but Morbius and the others have no issue killing the villains which surprises the Hood.

Meanwhile Headpool is able to infect some of the people looking after him and as the zombies enter the fray, Morbius tries to kill them with his vaccine gun but the virus becomes a mutated airborn virus causing them to all realize they’re boned and Jennifer is worried that she’ll die so Dormammu offers his power.

The other Midnight Sons and The Hood do what they can but Dormammu has cut off the Hood’s power source while he talks to Jennifer. She doesn’t buy Dormammu’s deal and summons Man-Thing so he leaves, but offers to grant power if she calls out to him.

As day breaks they regroup but the zombie virus is now a cloud spreading on the island and transforming anything it will touch into the undead except Headpool and Simon Garth and Man-Thing ends up hot on their trail though the rain is burning him

The Midnight Sons and The Hood return to Black Talon’s base and knock him out, The work to board up the base and inform ARMOR and Director Little Sky gives them an hour before he will have to nuke the island from orbit and the government has began to evacuate.

The Wicked Brigade of Ogre, Razor Wire and Lightning Fist who were hired by Roxxon to defend a resort they own run into Headpool and Simon but then the rain hits them and they are melted and then are reformed into a gestalt powered zombie as Jennifer watches through Man Thing. The zombie picks Man-Thing off the ground disrupting his healing connection and he dies. That’s when Jack Russell succumbs to the virus because the vaccine fully infected him and Jennifer calls out for Dormammu, while outside the base the Night Shift zombies show up. Morbius goes to call in the strike but the now Dormammu empowered Jennifer Kale stops him but Little Sky is still going on with the plan.

Morbius, Hellstrom and The Hood with access to Black Talon’s guns, work to hold off the undead while Jennifer works as a conduit so Dormammu can try to take over the cloud, finding inside of it a hive mind with Headpool. Jennifer removes Headpool’s connection and they consider leaving and Headpool is praying for an end.

Jennifer then turns on her teammates transforming into Patsy Walker, Hellcat, Daimon’s ex-wife to torment him while Morbius grapples with Jack Russell. Daimon is able to exorcise Jennifer who turns Russell into Man Wolf which protects him from the virus, curing him.

Jennifer related that Dormammu’s magic froze the cloud and she still has a connection but they’d need to find a host so they force Black Talon to use his magic and they begin channeling it as the gestalt zombie bursts in to attack. Luckily a reborn Man-Thing follows in shortly and is able to destroy the zombie which felt fear that it would be stopped.

Unfortunately they still needed a vessel so they pour the virus into the now returned sans-Headpool, Simon Garth and Morbius is able to call off the strike via astral projection. The Hood with his magic back, leaves with his now restored Night Shift and the team wonders what happened to Headpool who we see is sailing away in a boat.

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