Episode 165: Tales from the Deadpool

This week Luke and Devin discuss Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth which has bad jokes, sexism, pointlessly “sexy” art, pointless fights, zombie Deadpool, 3-D Kyle Baker art, Headpool, racist cavemen and more.

Universes and Comics Covered

  • Earth-616 – Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #1-13
  • Earth-6466 – Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #7

  • Earth-3010 – Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #7

  • Earth-1108 – Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #7

  • Earth-2149 – Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #8-13

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Deadpool: Merc With A Mouth #1-13

Writer – Victor Gischler, Art – Bong Dazo, Inks – Jose Pimentel, Colors – Matt Milla, Letters – Jeff Eckleberry

Deadpool is sent down by AIM into the Savage Land who is trying to get a weapon that HYDRA is after and they want to send him in since they don’t have a good capsule that people can survive traveling in. So after explaining that to Ka-Zaar, Ka-zaar shows him a tribe of cavemen headhunters that are building a monument to Deadpool and he leaves Deadpool to go resolve that but Deadpool instead runs into Dr. Betty Swanson, Deadpool’s AIM contact who was unable to get the target. They move and Deadpool attacks killing a number but then more of them swarm, he’s brought to their leader and it is really just super offensive portraying the indigenous people as subhuman monsters who literally fucking say Oooga Booga. Anyway they bring Deadpool to their god who is actually Headpool, the head of zombie Deadpool, which was his target which Dr. Betty was supposed to hide.

Deadpool and Dr. Betty are tied up and they plan to cut off Deadpool’s head to put Headpool on it, Headpool explains he came from the zombie universe and what happened in Marvel Zombies 4 which ended up with him landing on the island and being thought of as a God. Deadpool is able to escape though, take the head and they stop for the night to rest and they get chased by dinosaurs before ending up in the clutches of HYDRA, though Headpool got away.

Headpool lures in a giant T-Rex, the cavemen also come in to get the head and HYDRA is also in the fight between everyone going for Headpool. They cut through everyone, meet up with Ka-Zar and Dr. Betty calls in help, but the now zombie T-Rex is after them.

AIM meanwhile is worried that HYDRA might have the weapon so they plan to destroy everything with missiles in a square mile of Dr. Betty’s locator – which Deadpool takes while the T-rex is after him, so the T-rex is vaporized, HYDRA calls off the check and Deadpool, Headpool, and Dr. Betty meet up and steal HYDRA’s ship which only had one person guarding it while HYDRA calls for the ship to be destroyed.

Deadpool and Co land on the AIM satellite where Dr. Betty takes Headpool to run studies and Deadpool has a crisis of conscious when he realizes everyone is going to get killed by the virus. Coincidentally that’s when HYDRA attacks, Deadpool steals Headpool and then proceeds to get right in the middle of the fight. Deadpool steals an AIM ship, runs into Bill, Agent of AIM, a knockoff of Bob, Agent of HYDRA, kills the copilot for liking the Star Wars Prequels. With HYDRA after him, he promises to pass Headpool to them if he can escape, actually sends them a bomb and they head to  Citrusville, Florida.

So Deadpool, Headpool, Dr. Betty and Bill land in the swamp with AIM wanting revenge and HYDRA sending in Lord Falcon chasing after them. As the party travels, Man-Thing attacks them, recognizing Headpool and they run into Lord Falcon who is pretty much a guy from Caesar’s Legion in New Vegas who wants to fight Deadpool with swords. Man-Thing comes in though, Deadpool kills Falcon and the party goes into a portal that opens.


Kyle Baker, Rob Liefeld, Das Pastoras

Deadpool first lands in Earth-6466 which is supposedly Kyle Baker art but it isn’t the good Plastic Man stuff, it is bad 3D modeling art.

Anyway he runs into Major Wilson of SHIELD of the United States of North America who is overly militaristic and not Deadpool insane but over the top style, he gets captured but convinces Major Wilson to fight him. Major Wilson has no scars on his body, but Deadpool fakes being sick and sucker punches him, steals Headpool and leaves through the portal.

He lands in Earth-3010 which is illustrated by the Rob. Captain America gets into a fight with Lady Deadpool who is queer phobic pretty fast, accuses Cap of being fascist, but the two Deadpools team up, Headpool is thrown and bites Cap, the two Deadpools make out, it was awkward for everyone, and they leave after Deadpool removes Cap’s bitten arm.

Then Deadpool lands in Earth-1108, a Wild West World where Sheriff Fury wants to arrest Deadpool confusing him with The Deadpool Kid. The art here is good, a bit bulky but good. Wolverine is also here as a bounty hunter. The Deadpool Kid shows up, Deadpool shoots him in the head, leaves the arm and they return back to the 616 to find Brother Voodoo waiting for them.


Brother Voodoo explains how because he traveled through the universes together he is being drawn to universes where Wade Wilson plays a prominent role so Brother Voodoo sets up a portal so Deadpool can send Headpool home. Dr. Betty and Bill consider leaving him until Man-Thing returns so they end up in New York being set upon by zombie Shamrock, Moon Knight and Tigra who they are able to kill with some difficulty.

Meanwhile the AIM agents follow them in through the gate at a distance.

When the Deadpool party rests, the zombie Mecho-Marauder attacks but they are saved by a group of survivors led by Professor Veronica Chase. You know, like Betty and Veronica. Veronica and the other survivors are professors who lead them back to their underground base.

Time passes, Deadpool gets accustomed to the world but wants Professor Veronica to like him and she asks him to capture a super zombie and also she’s attracted to him.

Using Headpool as his head he lures zombie Cypher away from his gang where he is captured but the zombie Absorbing Man follows them.

Meanwhile actual zombie Deadpool shows up and talks to the zombies which confuses them because it was before Headpool joined up with Morbius.

Deadpool and Professor Veronica hook up and Deadpool is able to leave the universe with but the zombie gang led by Absorbing Man returns as does the AIM group. Deadpool, Bill, Betty and Headpool are able to escape and get into a blimp to try and find a way to a teleporter. The blimp is destroyed by Zombie Iceman and Firestar but Deadpool kills them.

Meanwhile Absorbing Man returns and attacks the survivors group and infects Veronica. Deadpool unaware asks for help finding transportation. When they meet up Absorbing Man attacks and Deadpool tricks Absorbing Man into becoming Toilet Paper so he can kill him. Veronica meanwhile developed a serum to prevent the zombie infection so she’s too far gone, they steal it, and kill her and the AIM Sub-Commander Blake returns with a news helicopter.

#13 – Kyle Baker on art, Matteo Scalera and Matt Milla on art

When they land Blake tries to convince Bill to betray Deadpool but he refuses so Blake leaves Deadpool and Dr. Betty, and steals Headpool but he gets bitten by Headpool and has to return to beg for the serum. Deadpool pretends to give him the serum and they leave together and Deadpool pushes him out the helicopter, killing him. They reach Citrusville on fumes.

Meanwhile in a section illustrated by Kyle Baker, Zombie Deadpool, and the Wrecking Crew are fighting gators. Deadpool asks Dr. Betty to cut off his arm and he uses his arm to bind to Headpool so each of them controls an arm so they fight Man-Thing and zombie Deadpool at the same time.

then in a part illustrated by Matteo Scalera, zombie Brother Voodoo shows up and plans to go through the portal , the fight ends with zombie Deadpool being taken out, the zombie Wrecking Crew being killed by Voodoo, gators eating Voodoo, Deadpool taking the cure serum, Headpool being placed on Zombie Deadpools decapitated body, him redeveloping the hunger and ending back in the 616 where he fights Aquarian and Jennifer Kale, ends up decapitated again and sent out on another boat. Deadpool and Betty share a kiss when they return but the Contemplator, an elder of the Universe plucks him out to go deal with Deadpool Corps. The end,


Universes to rank

Earth-6466 – Major Wilson’s Universe

Earth-1108 – Deadpool Kid’s Universe


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