Episode 167: Survival of the Marvel Zombies

This week Luke and Devin return with the Marvel Zombies, the OG Zombies, those very first zombies you liked from Marvel. It definitely won’t get gross and bad and vore.
Oh wait yeah, it gets to be vore pretty fast. I’m sorry. We all are sorry.

Universes and Comics Covered

  • Earth-91126 –Marvel Zombies Return #1-5
  • Earth-2149 – Marvel Zombies Return #5

Marvel Zombies Return – 2009

#1 – Writer – Fred Van Lente, Art – Nick Dragotta, Colors – Lee Loughridge, Letters – Simon Bowland

Previously those boys, the Marvel Zombies showed up when The Sentry appeared and started infecting people, some select zombies ate Galactus, got the power cosmic and then eventually came back, conquered their hunger, and prepared to rebuild the world with the human survivors but they were betrayed and teleported away.

We see Spider-Man got sent to Earth Z/91126 and he quickly realizes he lost his power cosmic when he tries to fly and nothing comes out so he will have to use his veins. Remembering when Kingpin and Silvermane tried to steal the Lifeline Tablet, he decides it could probably cure him so he swings to get it from campus, being spotted by one of Kingpin’s men.

Meanwhile, Peter, Mary Jane, Gwen and a fu-man chu’d Harry Osborn are on campus when the Sinister Six, released by Kingpin, – Doc Ock, Vulture, Kraven, Mysterio, Electro and Sandman attack. Zombie Spidey can’t resist the hunger and rips out Kraven’s neck before launching into an attack killing the others except for Sandman who starts to breakdown so he runs away. Kingpin meanwhile has the tablet and goes to facedown zombie Spidey and it goes poorly.

Normal Spider-man confronts Sandman who doesn’t know there’s a difference, fills Spider-man’s body with his sand and then explodes him.

Zombie Spidey stops feeding and goes out to see that all of his friends have been killed or zombied by the Sinister Six so he destroys them and rips off his skin.

Then on the moon as the Watcher watches everything Giant Man shows up and eats him and plans to eat the entire multiverse.



Writer – David Wellington, Art – Andrea Mutti, Colors Gotem Studio’s Luca Malisan

2 years later Giant Man ends up in the sub-basement of Stark International. Stark is in the process of a buyout, Pepper is preparing to quit, when the alarm goes off. Happy goes to check and is bit by Giant Man and the chaos starts going off so Rhodey, head of security, starts shooting as zombies escape. Pepper wants Tony to put on the suit but he doesn’t remember where he put it.

Giant Man commands the zombies to go and kill Stark who has something from the Watcher’s base but is unable to do anything except drink while Rhodey finds the Iron Man suit in a bathroom. He’s able to use it to get back to Tony, but Pepper gets bit by a zombie. When Pepper rises again, he pukes on her and it turns out he drank nanomachines meant to cure cancer which devour her. Rhodey goes to charge and so Tony sacrifices himself and Giant Man steals the piece he wanted.



Writer – John Mayberry, Art – Jason Shawn Alexander, Colors – June Chung

2 years later Kitty is on the run from the Hand when she confronts zombies Wolverine who eats and attacks the hand til Zombie Spiderman shows up to save her. He takes her back to the base, gives the rundown, and explains he will need the blood from her Wolverine to make a vaccine.

Sunfire shows up and fights Zombie Wolverine blasting him into an underground Deathmatch where he kills Iron Fist, Sunfire, Shang-Chi and more till Wolverine shows up and then The Hand and Elektra interrupt the Wolverines fighting.

Kitty finds out Spider-man is a zombie so he offers to let her kill him but this gains trust. They go to the Wolverines and Wolverine kills his zombie self but then the Zombie Hand start to rise. Wolverine kills them, and Spider-man takes the corpses, but everyone is unaware that Wolverine got bit.



Writer – Seth Grahame-Smith, Art – Richard Elson, Color – Matt Milla

Hulk got planet Hulk’d and stops on the moon on his path for revenge to find the Inhumans on Attilan have become zombies led by Giant Man. Hulk’s Warbound join in and get killed and Hulk trying to save Elloe has it pointed out that he got bit and he kills and eats her before ending up on Earth. The Illuminati which includes Rhodes and two Reeds Richard send the Sentry to fight him. The Sentry convinces the Hulk to revert but then he reverts and Banner infects him so Spider-man decides to get his team together.



Writer – Fred Van Lente, Pencils – Wellinton Alves, Inks – Scott Hanna, Colors – GURU eFX

The Avengers – Quasar, The Sentry, Moon Knight, Sub-Mariner, Thundra, Quicksilver and Super Skrull are discussing their favorite times they got to eat people. They went back to the main zombie universe of 2149 and killed the survivors, they destroyed the Shi’ar Empire and Zombie Luke Cage and the Skrulls led by Zombie Black Panther. They’re waiting on Giant Man to get them into other universes with Uatu’s tech when the Cerebro zombie sensor picks up humans in the Savage Land. The Quin Jet is shot down and they come face to face wit the New Avengers – Hulk, Spider-man, Wolverine, and Iron Man, who is now a cyborg, and a big fight breaks out and the fight is fairly even until Giant Man teleports them to the moon but really he only needed the Sentry – who he needed as a power source and the New Avengers weakened him enough to be captured. That’s when the New Avengers reveal their secret weapon, a nanite composed Sandman that devours all of them including the New Avengers which frees Uatu who uses his powers to send the Sentry to Earth-2149 creating an infinite self-contained loop.


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