Episode 168: Road of the Marvel Zombies

This week Luke and Devin are back with those Marvel Zombies vs Machine Man, but they also brought in friends like Howard the Duck, Killraven, the Darkhold, Amadeus Cho, some Marvel cowboys, and more!

Universes and Comics Covered

  • Earth-483 – Marvel Zombies 5 #1
  • Earth-691 – Marvel Zombies 5 #2
  • Earth-555 – Marvel Zombies 5 #3
  • Earth-8410 – Marvel Zombies 5 #4
  • Earth-12180 – Marvel Zombies 5 #5

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Marvel Zombies 5

Writer – Fred Van Lente, Pencils – Kano, Inker – Tom Palmer, Color – Val Staples, Letters – Simon Bowland

On Earth-483, a Planestorm brings zombies into the wild west world which ARMOR has quarantined. Tony Stark has come to the town of Rango to meet with Jacali “Jackie” Kane about her father, formerly known as the Hurricane, who currently owns the Hurricane Hotel and Saloon which is currently being protested by the temperance movement so Jackie lays out the leader and brings Stark in. Jackie wants her dad to take the job with Brett Sabre’s Wild West Show and he punches Stark in the face, Stark leaves, and is then captured and eaten by the zombie of Kid Colt, because Rango is the host of the most famous Boot Hill where the Marvel Cowboys are buried.

Jackie wants her father to apologize and he refuses and would rather just die in the town. She prepares to leave after saying goodbye to her mother as two figures look on noting these are Ghoul zombies, also known as Romeros – if you die in the radiation from the Planestorm meaning everyone from Boot Hill is back. Zombie Stark attacks the temperance leader as the zombie gunmen roll into town. One of the women asks Hurricane for help so he pulls out his guns and unleashes hell upon all of them except his dead wife Little Cloud. He gets shot in the gut as Jackie rides back and explains that he can only use the power if he has a fight. He tried trickshooting with his wife on her urging and ended up killing her. In his dying moments he passes his powers onto her and she takes out the zombies, her parents and then is confronted by one she can’t kill – Iron Mask which is when Machine Man shows up along with Howard the Duck. She asks to come along and they head into the Planestorm.


#2 –

Inks – Alvaro Lopez

We start off with a flashback of Howard finding Machine Man passed out in a factory filled with kegs because Jocasta left him for Ultron, so Howard wants him to come on a new mission. The Planestorm will connect several universes with zombie viruses so they need samples from the different zombies to make a cure and are sent to Earth-691 which is the canonical Killraven World.

After saving a baby from a Martian Killbot they try to find out where the zombies are but are attacked by Killraven and his Freemen and – we won’t be able to rank this world because there is a lot more here. Anyway after Machine Man gets injured we find out that Martians have human farms to raise babies to eat. They want to destroy the factory. The zombie hunting team explains they are looking for Boyle type zombies and when the Freemen hear Machine Man has a sample they work on a secret plan.

Machine Man talks to Killraven while fixing himself and is told to die a hero’s death which has resulted with the humans being turned into zombies and attacking the Martians and then. Jackie is really pissed off about this especially because there are zombie babies. The Martians decide to flee the Earth but Jackie and Howard are running out of bullets, they call to Aaron who steals a martian saucercrab and starts killing.


#3 –

art – MW Kaluta joins Kano, Tom Palmer and Felix Ruiz on art.

Sir Percy the Black Knight was in a conflict between his Christian father and his Pagan mother. He found a magical tower where he was asked for help and found the Darkhold of Cthon offering a solution which turned the dead into essentially Deadites from Evil Dead which moved towards the Castle they wished to destroy. That’s when the zombie hunters including Machine Man’s still Martian Body show up. The ship is destroyed and they crash in and get to do some Army of Darknessing.

The Lord Admiral Gervase wants them killed and the team needs to stop the Raimi zombies so Jackie volunteers to help since she has her super speed, Howard is crushing on her a bit and so after she is decked out with armor and a sword she runs through and finds the tower with the Black Knight and the Darkhold. It offers to rescue her parents so she uses the Ebony Blade to destroy the Darkhold and that kills the Deadites. Machine Man fixed himself to a degree and Howard is worried because on the next world there’s a version of Jocata and after they leave, Thor shows up.



Art – Fernando Blanco and Felix Ruiz

Amadeus Cho is a hacker who is thrown out of a cyber bar but not before he steals a new TV season of Catharxis.

The zombie hunters meanwhile entered into the world, Machine Man traded his metal limbs for better ones, and the world has EATR zombies and Jackie also gets some new duds. They decide to try and find the new zombies when Jocasta shows up on a big screen and Aaron gets sad.

Amadeus returns home to his girlfriend and goes to share the new season of Catharxis with her after sharing it online but it is a virus that makes them both zombies that eat each other.

Machine Man meanwhile went to the base of BainStark to look for Jocasta who sees him and invites him inside. She has released the virus to take over them because they were running low on resources and were going to start killing robots.

Meanwhile Jackie is going to get a chip in her brain because she wants Aaron to like her and she becomes infected and chases after Howard.

Jocasta explains she made a show that everyone wanted the next season of which mutated them and Aaron doesn’t want it and plans to stop her so she uses Aarno Stark to attack him. He escapes and finds Jackie and wants to save her. Jocasta asks why he is going to save her and then he sees the source of the virus is Jocasta’s head so he shoots her.


#5 –

Art- Fernando Blanco and Frank Brunner,

Wendell is a comics fan and a Marvel Zombie who is very critical about everything but also buys everything Marvel puts out. He ordered a mysterious comic from Sumatra – Marvel Team Up 151 with Machine Man and Howard the Duck, the final issue that was pulped. He wakes up that night and finds out he has been turned into a zombie.

Back in the 616 ARMOR Director Little Sky is angry that he sent agents into the Planestorm and they have now reached the core of it – Earth-12180 – a world without superheroes like our universe.

Wendell tries to figure out what to do but he has a realistic zombie virus so he’s succumbing to rigor mortis and his brain is dying off and he’s afraid of asking for help and ends up trying to eat his parrot Lockheed but stops. He hears a knocking at the door and sees a Girl Scout selling cookies and buys cookies, resisting eating her but he wants to debate eating others. He debates killing himself on a live steam so he gets attention for it and debates lighting himself on fire but is stopped when he hears a woman screaming – but it turns out she was on her phone but unaware of that, he decided to be the Marvel Zombie, a hero. The zombie hunters burst in but the rigor mortis fully set in, he can’t talk and so Machine Man lights him on fire killing him and the leave talking about why more zombies are stuck like him.

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