Episode #200/UltiversalQ 029: Mike Carey!

It’s the 200th numbered episode of MultiversalQ! It’s the 29th episode of UltiversalQ! It’s the 313th episode of MultiversalQ! It’s the 100th story ranked! Also we have Mike Carey on to answer questions! And then the Ultimate Fantastic Four deal with some Italians and then the Silver Surfer is back!

Issues Covered:

  • Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol 1 #39-46

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Ultimate Fantastic Four #39-46

Ultimate Fantastic Four 39-41 – Devils

Writer – Mike Carey, Art – Scott Kolins and Wil Quintana, Inks by Jaime Mendoza, Mark Brooks and Sotocolor’s A Crossley, Letters – VC’s Randy Gentile and Rus Wooton

Sue wakes up Reed who had been focusing on building the cube that Thanos planted into his mind before heading to meet General Ross.

Meanwhile in 1483 in Milan, four wizards work to lock away Diablo, Menendez Flores, a wizard attempting to build a Philosophers’ Stone, wielding the four elements. The wizards end up losing one of their own in the process, knowing that if Diablo ever escaped, they would be doomed.

Meanwhile Ben goes to visit his mom for the first time since becoming the Thing, unaware that Diablo is watching him from the past and plans to use the four elements that make up the Fantastic Four to break free from the prison. Ben meanwhile talks to his mom about how he is feeling like he isn’t special because while he’s strong, he keeps meeting people who are even stronger so that isn’t enough. Suddenly his mom, along with Johnny’s girlfriend Donna, Doctor Storm, Sue and Johnny’s father, and Enid Richards, Reed’s sister all vanish. 

They end up in the past, 16 years after Diablo and his servant Peppone were locked inside the tower. Diablo forces Peppone to go into the fire to send a message to the future. Peppone as a fiery apparition appears before the team as they meet up back at the Baxter Building. He tells them Diablo plans to challenge them to a contest of skills by opening a portal to go back in time to 1499 or they will lose their loved ones, before Peppone dies. 

Reed then finds that he was not untouched by the theft and that his sister was stolen as well as a massive time arc appears outside the building for them to enter and they decide to do it with Sgt. Lumpkin who brings along with some troops in costumes from the costume shop.

Meanwhile the three remaining wizards find the Fantastic Four are coming back in time as the team arrives and one of the wizards decides to attack instead of talking.

Diablo meanwhile binds Enid and the others to release the energy for immortality once the time has come. 

The three wizards and local guards come and the four and the soldiers get into a fight and the wizards create water simulacrums of the heroes. During the battle The Thing bursts through the wall into the tower. He finds Diablo, threatening Enid, who effortlessly shatters him into pieces and then uses Enid to filter through the energy from the spell, announcing that it will destroy everyone in the future which will give him the energy that he needs to be immortal.

With the wizards halted, the team is able to talk to them, while in the present, the fire department tries to halt the energy, unsuccessfully. The rest of the team arrives inside the tower and finds that Ben was killed and Diablo takes them out one by one before turning two of the three wizards completely into gold. 

Reed ends up surviving getting entombed because he doesn’t need to breathe and Diablo tries to convince Reed to work with him, which Reed rejects. Diablo starts to poison Reed, gloating about the destruction he is sending through the portal into the present, so Reed blows it up, stopping the destruction in the present before Enid accidentally destroys him. The last wizard who was partially turned gold, Vecchiato, tells them to reconstruct Ben and he is restored by the Elixir and he is healed, albeit blue. Vecchiato, now a partial conduit of alchemy because he got gold plated, helps them to open the door and they return home to the present. 

Ultimate Fantastic Four 42-46 – Silver Surfer

Writer – Mike Carey, Art – Pasqual Ferry, Color – Justin Ponsor, Letters – VC’s Rus Wooton

The Richards and Donna’s family are upset that they can’t see their loved ones because of a mandatory quarantine due to time travel. Reed’s dad is pissed, blaming Reed for everything that went wrong. Sue works to comfort Reed, and to distract him as he has been working on the cube and trying to fix how it converts mass too much.

Meanwhile Ben’s mom is flirting with Sgt. Lumpkin who is into it and Ben is back to his normal color. Johnny and Donna make out but when Donna wants more, Johnny brushes her off and says she’s there for his needs which Donna doesn’t like.

Reed connects his device to pull energy and it connects unexpectedly with something. Reed realizes he bent space and brought something new which telescopes around the world pick up as something massive gets closer to the Earth causing world wide disasters. The Baxter Building is hit by the storm it’s presence causes and Reed tries to cut the connection, soon finding a large metallic object that he brought forward that is filled with energy.

Reed finds that he pulled the Silver Surfer from a higher reality and it is rapidly compressing and shrinking as it destroys the solar system heading towards Earth and Manhattan.

Reed and the team get into the new Fantasticar and head out to halt it and Sue and Johnny are unable to do anything. So thinking quickly, Ben gets launched at it knocking out the surfer who falls into the water. Fury calls in and orders them to meet with Captain Carol Danvers who orders the team to turn the Silver Surfer over.

Carol is rightfully pissed but Reed wants to research what is going on and sends subs to retrieve it and they pull him up and work to secure him. The Surfer breaks out of the Hulk-resistant restraints, learns English and introduces himself as Norrin Radd of Zenn-La. He then plans to build a beacon to summon his master and to cause necessary death.

Carol Danvers and the team try to stop him and they are all defeated except Ben who is good at punching until even he is toppled. The Surfer talks about wanting to bring them peace and enters the Baxter Building to start building and Reed realizes Enid was left in the building. 

The Surfer calls his master, Revka Temerlune Edifex Scryos III when Enid appears and he controls her to love him and tell him about the Earth. The Fantastic Four find Revka walking with Enid in the streets and Reed recognizes that the people are under control to worship Revka. Revka notices the Fantastic Four are different and Reed punches him to get him to stop but instead of getting angry, Revka ends up taking the entire city with him to see the paradise of Zenn-La.

On Zenn-La, the team has been brainwashed so Reed is now Danum Ket who is no longer a genius, Sue is Ivri Sansou who is out of Reed’s league, Ben is the Stone Man who likes stones, and Johnny is Teph. The Silver Searcher is memorialized for his sacrifice and there’s strange dreamlike memories from Earth. At the dance, Reed and Sue get to spend some time together when Norrin Radd reappears. He has Reed get on the board because he knows Reed still searches for Truth over Happiness and helps Reed remember his powers and begin to remember things. Norrin explains that Revka was made the leader for life of Zenn-La and used telepathy and psycho-machines to increase his powers to make everyone happy, but he was still unhappy which might have driven him insane. He started making a successor who wasn’t affected the same way by his powers and that boy was Norrin Radd who saw it as a curse and who tried to free the people only to see them descend into chaos, and so Revka and Norrin were both made immortal and Norrin was sent to find a new race to populate Zenn-La with the memories of the dead of Zenn-La.

Revka meanwhile is treating Enid like his daughter. When he finds that the Reed woke up so he sends three other metallic figures after them.

Reed meanwhile gathered the group with Sue and Johnny regaining their memories but Ben has yet to get his back. They meet up with Norrin and plan to shut down the machines to take power away from the so-called Psycho-Man, Revka. They track where they believe the signal is coming from when the metal figures come in and fight and as the other members of the team are endangered, Ben starts to recover and Reed knocks out the other metal men. They head to Revka’s base but he is waiting for them and holds off their powers. Norrin argues they are happy slaves but Revka sees nothing wrong with them staying peaceful forever so Reed suggests that Enid be freed and as a child, pick the life that she would prefer – the paradise of Revka or the truth of Earth. Enid freed, immediately runs to her brother and asks to go home to Earth. Revka gets angry and so he connects Reed to the circuit used to control everyone that is part of Revka and Reed struggles until the rest of the team joins in to help and they psychic blast Revka and returns everyone home to Earth. Norrin decides to go back to searching in space, Reed removed the memories of Zenn-La, and Revka was reduced to be like a child, attended by his three other metal men.

Ultimate Fantastic Four 39-41 – Devils

Ultimate Fantastic Four 42-46 – Silver Surfer

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