Episode #200/UltiversalQ 029: Mike Carey!

It’s the 200th numbered episode of MultiversalQ! It’s the 29th episode of UltiversalQ! It’s the 313th episode of MultiversalQ! It’s the 100th story ranked! Also we have Mike Carey on to answer questions! And then the Ultimate Fantastic Four deal with some Italians and then the Silver Surfer is back!

Issues Covered:

  • Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol 1 #39-46

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Adventureview Module 146: The Mysterious Mansion ft. Al Ewing

Outside of a small town sits the MultiversalQ Mansion, a building which has been filled with questions ever since the mysterious owners vanished months ago. Enter in with Marvel writer Al Ewing as he braves the mansion to find his prize – but will he survive – and will he answer your question?

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Episode 133: Claire Chrismont with Claire Napier

This week Luke sits down with Claire Napier to talk Claire Chrismont comics, but more importantly, personal continuity, what matters to you as a reader and some other interesting but big concepts.


Episode 131: The MultiversalQ 3rd Antos-versary

Happy Anniversary Episode! Luke and Devin sit down with Marvel editor Heather Antos to talk about editing Infinite digital comics, the dream lineup of titles, poor Sinjin, Doctor Aphra, non-Marvel Comics, Power Pack Noir, Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows, what makes Gwenpool special and more!

Notes and Mentioned:

Episode 107: Entry, Bathroom Pass, Skeleton Key with Gregg Schigiel

This week Luke and Devin sit down with Gregg Schigiel to talk about his comics career, X-babies, the resilience of Spider-Ham’s popularity, his creator owned series PIX, pitching comics, a Civil War that almost happened, spin-off comics, and more.

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