UltiversalQ 013: This Was A Watchmen Homage?

Issues Covered:

  • Ultimate Adventures Vol 1 #1-6
  • Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 1 #46
  • Ultimate Six Vol 1 #1-7

This week Luke and Devin go on an Ultimate Adventure(s) as they Ultimate Spider-Man their way Ultimate Six times and learn… Ultimately nothing?

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Ultimate Adventures #1-6

Writer – Ron Zimmerman, Pencils – Duncan Fegredo, Inks – Walden Wong Colors – Paul Mounts, Kanila Tripp, Letters – Chris Eliopoulos, VC’s Cory Petit and Randy Gentile

This book was hit with major delays and should have taken place after the first half of Ultimates Volume 1 in terms of reading order.

Hank Kipple has been brought to Father Joe by Sister Mary in the St. Fredrick’s Orphanage in Chicago because he’s a troublemaker who feels like he’s too old to get adopted and so he acts out which keeps getting him in trouble. That night some robbers break in and when he mouths off to them they threaten him till The Hawk-Owl shows up. Hank ends up distracting them and allows Hawk-Owl to stop and capture them.

The next day, Jack Danner, his butler James Tolliver, Lee the chauffeur, and Jack’s aunt, Ruth, show up because Jack wants to adopt a kid and none of them support him on it. Jack explains he also lost his parents so he is adopting a kid and also setting up a foundation to get them all through college. Hank, being written as a shitty genius, asks him questions about the electoral college and critiques Jack and is asked to leave and so Jack decides to adopt him.

Hank doesn’t like Jack so the two separate with Hank being taken to his room by Tolliver who is an inconsistently written black man. He doesn’t like Hank’s attitude and is also an asshole to him. When Hank hangs out in his room he sees Hawk-Owls ship fly past.

During a hold up at an Internet cafe, Hawk-Owl takes them all down in a scene to I guess, show him beating up poor people?

The next morning as everyone shares breakfast, Hank continues to be a miserable asshole and then he gets dropped off at his new school where he’s immediately pegged as a rich kid. He goes to meet the principal, Principal Jones and his assistant Miss Gail. Jones was friends with Jack and his brother Joe who ended up being killed when he stepped on a rake, thus making him easier to kill than Sideshow Bob. Shortly after Jack’s parents died when he drove off a bridge and they drowned because they didn’t know how to swim. The principal tried to be a funny guy but Hank continues to be an asshole so he’s put in a remedial class and is literally thrown off the bus when he gets home.

That night when he sees the Hawk-Owl ship flying past he follows it and ends up in the Hawk-Owl lair, The Nest.

As he explores, Tolliver finds him and thinks that Tolliver is Hawk-Owl and then a bird shits on him. Hawk-Owl returns and he’s actually Jack who stopped a number of crimes and he reveals who he is on accident before he notices Hank. Hank doesn’t like it and Jack starts testing to see if he could be a sidekick.

Meanwhile Principal Jones gets home and finds his wife with the mailman and he gets kicked out of his house.

Hank wants to leave but when he goes back to his room he makes friends with an owl he names Ralph.

Hawk-Owl meanwhile goes to visit Father Joe because he’s having problems with Hank and Father Joe suggests he gives him a family and he is a dad. Jack then heads to the school where he bumps into Principal Jones. As they talk, Hank gets the shit beat out of him and when the principal tries to get involved, Hank knocks him out and the principal is taken away in the ambulance.

Hank and Jack talk and Jack apologizes for being bad and Hank asks him to quit being Hawk-Owl and when Jack shows he is willing, Hank relents and then the two play football until the Ultimates show up with Giant Man and Wasp still on speaking terms.

Jack doesn’t like the Ultimates but Hank does and the Ultimates are supposed to recruit Jack and we find out his past includes “Navy Seals, Shaolin Temple, Black OPs, Weapon X Program” and that really goes against his super liberal background. Thor and Wasp do like Jack though.

They go into the Owl’s Nest and there’s some weird stuff with the Ultimates trying to put Jack over by being awful to him. Anyway Cap tries to draft him with a presidential order, he says no because he wants to protect Chicago and so Cap and Hawk-Owl fight till Giant Man tries to stop them so Hawk-Owl attacks him with Owls but Thor ends up zapping him. Captain America wants to arrest him but the Ultimates are split and Hank and Tolliver stop him and Tolliver goes into another rant and the Ultimates leave.

Meanwhile Principal Jones returns and kills his wife and the mailman before burning down his house and making out with his secretary Ms. Willow who was obsessed with him.

The news report comes on the TV and Hank feels guilty but when he gets to school the Principal starts beating the shit out of students and teachers with Ms. Willow who is “sexy schoolgirl type” and when the Principal goes to look for Hank, he escapes, can’t find Jack and decides to put on the sidekick costume.

Jack finds him though and tells him the costume is for his sidekick, Woody, like a woodpecker but says he’s going to handle the principal alone the two get into a fight but really it is Jack humoring Hank and Hank gets angry and captured while Hawk-Owl leaves.

Jones meanwhile plans to kill all the teachers and is using the bullies at the school as the henchmen. Hawk-Owl stops him initially but gets caught shortly after by Ms. Willow.

Lee meanwhile who never spoke before but who has a not great bad English accent shows up with Tolliver and give his origin. Jack and Tolliver were raised together and were causing trouble so they were sent to train with Kwi Chi, Lee’s father who is pretty much Mister Miyagi but Ultimate, and they learned to work together and became amazing fighters. One night he saw a Hawk grab a baby owl  so he saved the owl and got attacked by the Hawk and took the name Hawk-Owl, went into the military and then decided to fight crime.

Meanwhile the Principal beat up Jack and dropped him off back at his house with a failing grade.

They get him hooked up and healing and Father Joe visits who tells Hank to not do anything crazy. Ralph the owl returns and brings a picture of the Principal back in the YMCA and Lee tells him to fight. Tolliver meanwhile got caught some time and is being tortured but Hank shows up as Woody and just gets the crap beaten out of him and he didn’t call for him. The Principal explains he always felt like a second choice for Jack but then Hawk-Owl shows up with Lee and Lee gets knocked out immediately by Ms. Willow so Hawk-Owl has Ralph fuck up the Principal’s face and everyone is fine.

The next day Aunt Ruth asks them to stop fighting crime and having their Ultimate Adventures and especially Hank is out and they agree but really they don’t and then they stop a Waynes getting murdered in Crime Alley.


Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 1 #46

Writer – Brian Michael Bendis, Pencils – Mark Bagley, Inks – Art Thibert, Colors – Transparency Digital, Letters – Chris Eliopoulos

Sharon Carter of SHIELD is getting interviewed regarding illegal genetic mutation and specifically Otto Octavius who we last saw Spider-Man fighting. When Spider-man left she turned off the cameras, sent in a raid on the Hammer Labs, where they ended up finding Flint Marko, Sandman who escapes.

Spider-man who was unable to get home that night (partially why he was late enough to get grounded) faces Sandman down, saving Sharon’s life until a scientist disrupts him.

Sharon has issues with all of the new super powered people and wants them destroyed.


Ultimate Six #1-7

Writer – Brian Michael Bendis, Pencils – Joe Quesada (Prologue), Trevor Hairsine, Inks – Danny Miki, Colors – Richard Isanove, Avalon Studios, Dave Stewart, Letters – Chris Eliopoulos

Electro ends up waking up in a hospital after the Kingpin was taken down and the FBI agents don’t know what happened. As Electro collects his bearing he remembers Spider-Man stopping him before he kills the agents, escapes and plans his revenge he’s stopped by Captain America, Iron Man and Black Widow.

SHIELD currently has Otto Octavius, Electro, Sandman, and Norman Osborn held with their powers being negated by collars as Henry Pym monitors them and tries to get them to talk. Nick Fury has them in a secret prison until their genetic code can be regulated or until they can be rehabilitated or till they die.

Kraven meanwhile, last seen being knocked out by Spider-Man is giving an interview about how he plans to go after Spider-Man again and he got some illegal genetic enhancements. As he walks out of the interview though he is immediately stopped by the Ultimates and is captured after Hawkeye shoots him and he goes down. He’s put into the secret prison as well but Norman Osborn expects a sixth member.

The next day, when Norman is being interviewed, Pym informs him that all of his information including his OZ formula is in SHIELD possession and against the shock collar, he transforms so Hank gets big and knocks him out. After this Octavius offers to work with SHIELD, saying he didn’t know the effect the OZ had and he wants to help the world.

Fury ends up giving the Ultimates a briefing on Octavius and how Pym is trying to see if the genetic mods they have have made them unstable so if that can be cured, they can be tried for their crimes. Fury wants their opinion on what to do and ultimately Octavius is trusted with a lab and he finds his arms there. He immediately reconnects with them from a distance, kills the scientists and security, causes a power outage, disconnects the shock collars and frees the other members of the team. Octavius and Osborn consider themselves even and Osborn wants to get his boy and revenge on Fury and his boy is Peter Parker, the sixth member of the team.

Fury hears about the breakout, orders in the Ultimates and they find everyone but Pym and two other agents have been killed. Fury warns that Osborn and Octavius are the brains here and Fury realize that means Peter and his loved ones are in danger.

Peter gets taken out of class as he is getting in trouble for using rap lyrics, thinking he could get it past his teacher who is into the Wu-Tang but he gets pulled out and brought to the Triskelion and Peter doesn’t change in his costume. Fury gives him the rundown and proves he has eyes on Aunt May and they are still working to keep his identity secret and he also has eyes on Mary Jane but Peter is more worried about her.

The president’s chief of staff, Mr Stone ends up getting a call while the Sinister Five are in the Kingpin’s Hampton’s house. Fury is brought in by the president who was apparently unaware of him being the Green Goblin, and called the president demanding one hundred million dollars, his company, the return of his son, international amnesty for him and the other Sinister Five, and Fury to be arrested or they’ll release the tape of Kraven being illegally detained and Fury is on thin ice. As Fury leaves Osborn calls to taunt him.

The Five are meanwhile planning to destroy his world by revealing they all got their powers as a result of Fury’s secret super soldier program and there will be a massive cover up and they’ll be freed and paid off.

Meanwhile the Ultimates attack the studio of Kraven’s production company while Spider-Man is stuck back at the Triskelion. But then SHIELD gets hacked, Electro attacks the base knocking out Auxiliary powers threatening to release Banner and Magneto and Sandman and Goblin appear in front of Spider-Man.

Aunt May gets detained by SHIELD after being told Osborn might be after her, but Fury finds out Peter was taken without his mask by the Five. Osborn threatens Peter telling him if they don’t work together then he will kill everyone he loves starting with Aunt May and they need him to get their work done.

Captain America meanwhile confronts Fury about this legacy and as they talk Fury figures out Osborn’s plan as Osborn and the now Sinister Six attack the White House followed by the Ultimates.

While the fight is going on Peter is hesitant to do anything until Cap says they have Aunt May safe so he works to help take down the Sinister Five. Wasp knocks out Octavius, Kraven gets electrocuted trying to stop Parker, Iron Man uses tech to knock out Sandman coded to his genetics, and as Cap is fighting the Goblin, Harry Osborn shows up asking Norman to stop. Harry came on his own while Iron Man preps the anti-Goblin code and blasts him mid-transformation back to Norman causing him to wild out. Thor meanwhile knocked out Electro, the government moves in for cleanup, Harry promises revenge on Peter and the Ultimates and everything gets covered up again more or less.

Peter gets to see Aunt May and tells her he was in holding too, Janet says she doesn’t want to see her husband, Fury keeps Osborn alive to try and derive the OZ formula and Captain America is unhappy about Fury pushing this genetic war.


Ultimate Adventures Vol 1 #1-6

Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 1 #46 – Afterwards…

Ultimate Six Vol 1 #1-7


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