UltiversalQ 032: Is Baby Oil Flammable?

Luke and Devin and Spider-Man are back but are they new personalities created by Moon Knight to help Daredevil take down Ultimate Kingpin? Also Aunt May caused the death of Uncle Ben? And Kitty Pryde and Peter broke up but now they have a baby? All this and the return of Norman Osborn!

Issues Covered:

  • Ultimate Spider-Man #106-117

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Ultimate Spider-Man #106-117

Ultimate Spider-Man #106-110 – Ultimate Knights

Writer – Brian Michael Bendis, Pencils – Mark Bagley, Inks – Drew Hennessy, Color – Justin Ponsor, Letters – VC’s Cory Petit

As Damage Control and the Wrecking Crew work on Aunt May’s house, May herself is in the hospital and recovering, while in his New York apartment, Kingpin finds out that he owns the rights to Spider-Man and decides to run the market down. Peter swings MJ to the Baxter Building to have her checked out and Peter is almost fired from the Daily Bugle until he finds out about Aunt May. Peter passes on the information blaming it on the Green Goblin. Meanwhile Shang-Chi tries to get close to the Kingpin but is caught and barely escapes being killed thanks to Daredevil. MJ leaves with a clean bill of health though she is now dealing with PTSD, and Matt Murdock approaches Peter telling him to come to a meeting to kill the Kingpin. And then at school, after MJ asks if Peter broke up with Kitty it turns out that she is now going to school with them.

The class recognizes Kitty and is excited except for Liz who is mutantphobic. The topic of Spider-Man comes up and she mentions she broke up with him but when the head of the newspaper Jessica Jones keeps drilling her she phases away and the teacher scolds everyone. 

Peter comes to talk to her after class and she’s angry and explains that Xavier had her leave for asking him to wipe Aunt May’s mind. Peter feels bad and then finds out she’s only here because her mom lived in the school zone and Kitty found him getting back with MJ and Kitty is angry and leaves. 

Peter leaves May’s hospital room that evening to meet with Daredevil and also finds Doctor Strange, Iron Fist, Shang-Chi, and Moon Knight. Daredevil explains he brought them together to work and stop Kingpin and Spider-Man doesn’t want to kill no matter what. The plan is to infiltrate Kingpin’s operation as his new assassin-bodyguard and they decide to use Moon Knight who will create a new person but none of them are aware that Iron Fist is feeding the information to Kingpin.

Moon Knight’s other identities are worried about making a new persona but they eventually create Ronin who Kingpin tasks with destroying Spider-Man’s life. 

Mary Jane meanwhile gets accepted onto the school news team for a video she made on Spider-Man, As they celebrate the win, Ronin hijacks a bus and drives it into the school and starts shooting. Kitty gets in the way and fights as in Moon Knight’s mind, the other personas try and fail to stop Ronin. Spider-Man comes in to save Kitty but is knocked out and he steals away with Spider-Man as the police arrive and in his mind, he kills the Moon Knight persona, before delivering Spider-Man to Fisk in the real world.

Peter wakes up unmasked as Kingpin and his men question why he is protected and threatens to destroy Peter’s school and the Xavier Institute. He says he won’t kill him because he owns Spider-Man’s rights and Spider-Man makes him money and tells him to tell the Knights to cut it out before he attacks Ronin and then tells Peter that Daredevil works for him and always has. He beats up Peter and tells him to keep being Spider-Man or else.

Daredevil reached out to Doctor Strange with help looking for Spider-Man and magically track their way to the room where Peter was interrogated but doesn’t find them. He brighs the Knights together that knight but Spider-Man attacks Daredevil and everyone is confused. Spider-Man eventually explains that Daredevil sold them out which Daredevil denies and his law office is destroyed. Daredevil explains Kingpin killed his dad for not throwing a match and he wants justice and he thinks he set Spider-Man to attack. Daredevil realizes that Iron Fist was the one who sold them out and demands to know what happened. 

That night Fisks men shoot Ronin to send a message. Iron Fist meets with Fisk after and explains they started to fight and that Kingpin threatened Iron Fist’s daughter Colleen and he has files on everyone. Everyone left and Iron Fist came as a distraction and Kingpin runs to find Daredevil with his wife. Daredevil threatens to kill them both and Spider-Man shows up to stop them and tells him he can’t take it back. Kingpin asks what he can do and Daredevil tells him to leave the country forever and Spider-Man threatens to call in Nick Fury. 

Meanwhile Moon Knight’s other identities wake him up from the river and heads to the police station and says the Kingpin tried to kill him.

As Kingpin heads to the airport, he only plans to hide his wife and promises revenge when the police come to arrest him for the attempted murder of Moon Knight which was helped by Moon Knight giving up his secret identity and he ends up in jail but it is a hollow victory for Peter. 

Ultimate Spider-Man #111 – The Talk

Writer – Brian Michael Bendis, Pencils – Mark Bagley, Stuart Immonen, Inks – Drew Hennessy, Color – Justin Ponsor, Letters – VC’s Cory Petit

Peter and Aunt May move into the fixed house and finally get to talk about his origin and how the Osborn Spider and Osborn led to most of the things that happened and Peter fighting crime because of Ben’s motto. He explains how he feels guilty for the death and Aunt May feels guilty too because of the house they ended up in. Peter explains how he works at the newspaper and that helps him find trouble like when Roxxon had an accident and he had to fight the Spot who had a bunch of portals and it took a while but he escaped the police. Peter wants to keep fighting crime which May is fine with and then she asks about sharing the secret and he asks her to keep it, and they hug it out. 

Ultimate Spider-Man #112-117 – Death of a Goblin

Writer – Brian Michael Bendis, Pencils – Stuart Immonen, Inks – Wade von Grawbadger, Color – Justin Ponsor, Letters – VC’s Cory Petit

Spider-Man stops the Shocker and Kitty stops his getaway driver as she appears in a new team. As the police approach they leave.

MJ meanwhile has been having issues with focus and Kitty and Peter get into class later for the classic sitcom raising a baby and Peter and Kitty get paired together.

At the Triskelion with Nick Fury gone, Carol Danvers is overseeing repairs when she finds out that Norman Osborn is calling for Fury because he wants to make a deal. Carol meets and finds he wants to see Harry and she tells him no and walks out. 

Peter tries to pawn the baby off onto MJ who tells him no. Flash tries to mess with Kitty for being a mutant and Kenny stands up Flash ands then gets to talking with Kitty. 

Back at the Triskelion, Osborn’s cell goes dark moments before a massive explosion erupts. 

We find out that the Oz Formula had been evolving him and he transforms and explodes, releasing the other people who were in jail, including Gwen Stacy. Octavius attacks Norman and rants about handing them the Oz but Electro takes him out for help and for work and is told to find him in a few days. Norman knocks out some helicopters and sets out to destroy Fury’s reputation as he transforms back and goes to meet his lawyer to pick up his hidden money and to get in touch with his publicist. 

Norman goes on TV to interview with Patsy Walker which Carol Danvers finds out about when he is already on TV. Norman tries to make out that he was innocent and was transformed by the Oz and was ruined because it could stop wars and put him out of a job.

MJ and Peter see it on TV and MJ starts to have a PTSD episode and Peter says he will find it out, takes her home where he mom is ready to go and hide and Peter goes to see Aunt May with Doctor Miles Warren, her boyfriend, who has to go and help a patient. Peter sends May to a hotel and suits up , heading to Norman’s old penthouse hoping to find him, but finding Electro instead. 

SHIELD and Danvers are in chaos and they end up seeing Spider-Man fight Electro and it spills out into the streets. Electro knocks Spider-Man and SHIELD knocks him out before ordering Spider-Man to surrender and he refuses, is knocked out and ends up, unmasked in a Triskelion cell.

Meanwhile Kitty is working on studying with Kenny when she sees Spider-Man on TV being led away by SHIELD agents and she tries to figure out what to do.

Norman watches the same report and his lawyer tries to get him to turn himself in so Norman kills him.

Peter meanwhile meets with Carol who explains she brought him to find out what he knows. She gets a call about Osborn’s lawyer being killed before Kitty comes in and pulls out Peter only to eventually get caught. Carol explains she was holding Peter as bait for Norman and they find out he’s at Trump tower. She gives them both guns and tells them to join her in fighting with Oz neutralizer. 

Norman is at Trump tower trying to get money from his accountant when Spider-Man comes in and is resistant to the cure. Spider-Man fights with him and Norman is blasted out the window – with Spider-Man along for the ride. Spider-Man’s webs were used up already so Kitty Pryde dives down and is able to slow him as they land in the sewers while Norman hit the ground and then bounced. SHIELD lost track of him and Spider-Man is angry that they lost him and he leaves with Kitty to go to school. He finally apologizes to her and she asks if Kenny is good to date and Peter verifies it. 

They get home, Peter gives some snacks to the surveillance team that is watching him and he then finds Norman in a bedsheet, sitting on his couch. 

Norman wants Peter to be the proof that he made something good and wants Peter to explain that Norman created him which would help him. Peter gets a note sent through the door to turn on CNN where Harry Osborn, under Carol’s protection, says that his father is a monster who turned him into a monster. 

This caused Norman to transform, knock out Peter, and partially destroy the house. 

We find out at SHIELD that it was a localized broadcast that only Norman would see as they prepare for Norman to arrive and get Harry. As Norman lands, Harry transforms to fight and Spider-Man comes in to help but Norman ignites with flame. The fight erupts and Harry ultimately dies to stop his dad who proceeds to punch him until his son is dead. Norman, realizing what he did transforms, asks to be killed and is shot. Spider-Man swears at Carol for not curing them and leaves.

The next day at school, Peter asks for a moment and he talks to the class about Harry died and shares how Harry was a friend who’d defend him when couldn’t defend himself and that’s what a hero is. 

  • Ultimate Spider-Man #106-110 – Ultimate Knights
  • Ultimate Spider-Man #111 – The Talk
  • Ultimate Spider-Man #112-117 – Death of a Goblin

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