UltiversalQ 035: Immortal Ultimate Reed

This time Luke and Devin are back as the Salem Seven show up to mate with Johnny Storm, Wolverine is made of the drugs that Cyclops and Colossus are high on, and Reed decides to get married to ensure a dark timeline. Also there’s some Heroes Season 2, EuroTrip adjacent music, and Valley Girl remake discussion.

Issues Covered:

  • Ultimate Fantastic Four #54-57
  • Ultimate X-men #94-97
  • Ultimate X-men/Fantastic Four Annual #1
  • Ultimate Fantastic Four/X-men Annual #1

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Ultimate Fantastic Four #54-57

Ultimate X-men #94-97

Ultimate X-men/Fantastic Four Annual #1

Ultimate Fantastic Four/X-men Annual #1

Ultimate Fantastic Four #54-57 – Salem’s Seven

Writer – Mike Carey, Pencils – Tyler Kirkham, Colorist – Blond, Letters – VC’s Rus Wooton

Sue Storm got called out to the Nursery Two by Crazy Josie when she found a giant hatched egg. Sue takes a sample, Josie hits on Sue who’s unhappy with Reed, and they hear about Salem’s Seven, the new superhero team in Salem, Oregon, and she returns home, unaware that she is being watched and followed. 

Reed welcomes Sue home and then is surprised to find that Johnny and Ben did a lot of damage. 

That’s when Colonel Professor Agatha Harkness, a sexy looking woman comes in for Doctor Storm. She finds Doctor Storm chewing out Johnny and Ben and says she’s here as a social psychologist to see how well the team is working. After he sees the email, she starts interviewing the team one-on-one asking Reed about his failures, Ben about just being a tool, Sue having a crumbling relationship, and then she comes onto Johnny, hard. Sue throws herself into her research on the cell when the city is attacked by energy blasts and when they go to help, they find Salem’s Seven. They immediately get aggro towards the Fantastic Four so Reed has them stand down.

The team of Alpha Dog, GhostWare, Penultimate, Neuropath, Primal Screamer, Filament, and Synchron save the people and become heroes. They return to find Doctor Storm angry at Agatha and she tells the team to come to another meeting where she asks them who leads the team, what everyone does and then sends out everyone, angry at each other, away except for Johnny.

Josie checks in on Sue and they find out that the sample is a living creature that constantly grows and dies. When Reed goes to check on her, she’s having doubts about their relationship and wants something less intense and complicated. Agatha takes Sue to see Carol Danvers in a helicopter but when she lands at the meeting place, Salem’s Seven attacks and Sue does her best to fight – and ends up being saved by Namor when she falls, unconscious, into the water. She wakes up in Namor’s bedroom where he healed and stripped her.

Meanwhile Doctor Storm called security on Agatha and found no record of her from before she came in, blocked the messages he sent, and rerouted the phones and she attacks.

In Sestanivor, Namor shows her around the empire and warns of the Parasite who destroyed his kingdom.

Reed meanwhile looks for her and finds the sample, and Agatha goes to drug Johnny to steal him.

Namor explains Tan-ed-Dril or the Dragons-of-Seven, or the Hydra, a telempathic monster that could be one person or seven people destroyed them. Namor goes an alarm when the egg hatched and wants to kill them before they multiply in a massive release of energy like the one that destroyed Atlantis. 

Reed calls to check with Josie and finds out about the egg but is distracted when they find Agatha with Johnny unconscious so Reed and Ben attack and Agatha turns into the Salem’s Seven.

Meanwhile Sue and Namor smooch, Reed and Ben fight, and Gus, one of the other Nursery teens, and found the Salem Seven’s egg clutch. The Seven return, killing two of the giant monsters while Sue and Namor find Reed and Ben were knocked out. Crazy Josie and the others work to hold off the Seven but end up getting captured and tied up. Meanwhile Sue and Reed work together to figure out how to make explosives to take out the Seven and Reed tries to hit on her. Namor doesn’t get why she likes Reed but they head out. 

Johnny wakes up before Namor flies in and starts to smash through the eggs with the ship, Johnny is freed and Sue spreads the chemicals which makes the Salem’s Seven explode and they die and Reed and Sue kill in a force bubble surrounded by the genocide they did.

Ultimate X-men #94-97 Vol 1 – Absolute Power

Writer – Aron E. Coleite, Pencils – Mark Brooks, Clay Mann, Inks – Jaime Mendoza and Troy Hubbs, Carlos Cuevas, additional art by Brandon Peterson, Colors – Edgar Delgado, Letters – Comicraft’s Albert Deschesne

Way back Piotr was a child with mutant powers who is forcibly made to work as a mobster.

In the present the team is playing baseball to unwind with Nightcrawler back on the team and Firestar joining when Iceman returns before breaking apart followed by Alpha Flight which consists of Vindicator, Shaman, Snowbird, Aurora, Sunfire, Sasquatch and Jubilee. Wolverine knows them and attacks and is shot into the sky so everyone fights and they get their asses handed to them because they want Northstar, Colossus’ boyfriend and Aurora’s brother to return home. The team flies off with Northstar, Iceman is set to heal with Beast looking after him, Scott misses Xavier, and Wolverine finds out they’ve been using the drug Banshee – it gives normal humans mutant powers and enhances the powers of mutants. Jean decides to go into Colossus’ memories and finds out when his father found out he was gay, when the mobster turned him down because he couldn’t actually move in metal form and then when he started to use Banshee so he could fully use his powers. He attacks Jean and she kicks him out for using drugs and refusing to rehab and Cyclops decides to go with him along with Rogue, Dazzler, Nightcrawler, and Angel who now because of drugs is a big bird headed man.

We get a flashback of Scott being picked on in school and then him accidentally killing his foster parents when his optic blasts activated.

They wait in Siberia for Colossus’ dealer who insists on meeting him blindfolded and he pays them. Meanwhile since Rogue is on Banshee and can control her powers she goes to make out with him, and Scott pretends to take Banshee because he’s a narc working with Jean, who is testing all of the students for Banshee and they ask him to stop the supplier, and they find out that Wolverine tests positive which makes him angry. 

Back at Alpha Flight’s base, Jubilee asks if what they’re doing is right and Vindicator wants to take control. We also find out that Sasquatch is Rahne Sinclair. Colossus’ team attacks and Cyclops is still being outmatched so he actually takes Banshee, flashes back to when Xavier and Jean showed up and gave him control but now he doesn’t need his visor. Colossus meanwhile finds Jean Paul who is suffering from the Banshee and is causing earthquakes so Colossus has to kill him.

The Phoenix meanwhile has been traveling through space trying to find the afterlife when she’s stopped by Norrin Radd while she’s connected to Jean, who is pushing the remaining X-men to train harder. Nightcrawler reaches out to her because the X-men are beating the shit out of Magneto’s Acolytes to steal their drugs because everyone is addicted. Scott sees her psychic form and he attacks her sending her back to her body and she realizes they need to do something.

Kitty and Spider-Man are fighting some Banshee users when Wolverine shows up looking for Spider-Man’s help with Banshee. Spider-Man figures out it’s because it is based on Wolverine’s DNA.

In Siberia, the X-men take Colossus’ team by surprise and Jean finally accesses her full Phoenix powers again, sees her dad who she wanted to find because he never gave her attention when he was alive and he kicks her out of heaven and tells her to fight her junkie friends before she lands unconscious, before Wolverine cuts out Colossus’ heart.

We find out in the past, that Charles developed an earlier form of Banshee to fight dinosaurs by getting Wolverine’s powers but only he could use his psychic powers to fight the addictive effects.

The fighting gets worse and Nightcrawler wakes up Jean to go and get Jean-Paul who is now paralyzed from the waist down and Colossus stops everyone except for Scott who can fly now.

Everyone gets set to heal and Jean goes to Scott on the moon, steals the drugs from his body, and forces him back to wearing glasses.

Wolverine heads to Muir Island looking for Xavier and attacks him for producing more Banshee only to find it was Moira because she needed money to run her facility and attacks with a sonic attack like comics Banshee. They fight, Wolverine destroys her production facility that Xavier was unaware of and Quicksilver shows up to talk to Moira.

Ultimate X-men/Fantastic Four Annual #1

Writers – Aron E. Coleite and Joe Pokaski, Pencils – Dan Panosian and Mark Brooks, Inks – Danny Miki and Troy Hubbs, Colors – John Rauch and Antonio Fabela, Letters – Comicraft’s Albert Deschesne

20 years in the future, Wolverine,  and Captain America hijack a train, with help from Kitty who has webshooters, a boy going by Phoenix who can control people psychically, and Rogue. They say a prayer before the railcar crashes.

In the present, Sue is waiting for her date with Reed but he fucked with time because in a previous timeline her forgot and made plans. That’s when the railcar crashes in the past and they find the X-men. Captain America explains in the future every other mutant got killed and they start to attack. The fight breaks out and the X-men steal Reed.

Meanwhile present Rogue is dealing with withdrawal and residual symptoms and talking to Wolverine when the Fantastic Four show up and Jean agrees to help them and tracks them down. 

The future X-men use Phoenix to try and kill Reed but he can’t be destroyed and Reed realizes Phoenix is a version of his son, Franklin. That’s when he’s stabbed as swarms of cybernetic Wolverine Sentinels attack. They find the team is dead including Captain America who was Cyclops once he got depowered. They find a severed Wolverine clone head, mourn the deaths and then we see the future where Iceman is being captured and put into future prison next to Reed Richards from the past – because they’re held captive by the future Fantastic Four – Susan Storm, Firestar, Namor and Ben Grimm in a metal suit.

Ultimate Fantastic Four/X-men Annual #1

Writers – Aron E. Coleite and Joe Pokaski, Art – Brandon Peterson, Eric Nguyen, Colors – John Rauch with Antonio Fabela, Letters – Comicraft’s Albert Deschesne

In the present, current Wolverine, Future Kitty, current Firestar and Ben Grimm attack the Helicarrier to get Pym Particles and retrieve them, allowing them all to open the portal. The plan is to go to the N-Zone prison and save their friends from future Susan who is evil.

In the future, Reed is angry and confused but is happy to see Ben is back to being human. Susan explains that she wants to cure all mutations.

Past Johnny, Ben, Firestar, Iceman and Future Kitty are then sent to find Reed and potential future allies, while Jean, Wolverine, Rogue, the Sentinel head, Phoenix and Sue will go to the N-Zone Prison. When they get to the Prison, Nihil and his army shows up.

Meanwhile Ben gets them in where they find the future Fantastic Four, while Susan gets Reed to work on the promise to fix everyone.

Nihil turns out to be future Reed who wants to help. Future Firestar and Ben are in a relationship, Reed removes Iceman’s powers causing the fighting to break out, and Susan steals Reed away.

Meanwhile Nihil lost his powers when he tried to cure Ben along with Cyclops and Captain America. Nihil explains Sue is Phoenix’s mom and they all have shit coming up – namely Ultimatum. They all attack the Wolverine Sentinel army and in the fight, Phoenix steals Jean’s Phoenix energy because he’s working for Susan. 

Back on Earth, Rogue, Wolverine and the Sentinel head find the core future Wolverine and cut him free which turns off all of the Sentinels, Johnny realizes this is because he died somehow, and then Reed blasts Susan and Franklin with the depowering ray and everyone is freed. The present heroes return to the past, Johnny asks out Firestar, Rogue considers dating Wolverine, and Reed plans to ask Sue to be his wife.

Ultimate Fantastic Four #54-57 – Salem’s Seven

Ultimate X-men #94-97 – Absolute Power

Ultimate X-men/Fantastic Four/Fantastic Four/X-men Annual #1

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