UltiversalQ 034: The Shocker is Frank Grimes

This week Luke and Devin are back as Omega Red makes his return, The Shocker gets his revenge, Venom eats a bunch of people, and we get to our first Full Loeb Fiasco, The Ultimates 3. Can you use the clues to figure out who killed Scarlet Witch???

Issues Covered:

  • Ultimate Spider-man #121-128
  • The Ultimates 3 #1-5

The image gallery and show notes are after the jump!

Ultimate Universe Part 34

Ultimate Spider-man #121-128

Ultimates 3 #1-5

Ultimate Spider-Man #121 – Omega Red

Writer – Brian Michael Bendis, Pencils – Stuart Immonen, Ink – Wade Von Grawbadger, Color – Justin Ponsor, Letters – VC’s Cory Petit

Peter and Kitty have to turn in the baby and journal for the parenting sections of school and reveal it was destroyed so Peter is asked to explain.

Previously Peter and Mary Jane discuss Liz Allen joining the X-men which Kitty overhears and is upset about so she thrusts the baby off to Peter. Later on the guidance counselor comes to talk about Spider-Man and Liz Allen and the other dramatic events and it goes poorly for everyone. At the Daily Bugle, Peter overhears Betty Brant and Jonah arguing about Nick Fury being missing and Jonah refuses to give her the story because she tried to hit on Kraven the Hunter way back. Jonah is in a mood, Betty leaves and Peter’s spider sense is going off and that’s because Omega Red snuck in for revenge on Jameson for being disrespectful. Jonah has no idea who worked for him which angers Omega Red even more since he’s now been blacklisted from mercenary jobs for the coverage of his defeat. He decided since Jameson is critical of Roxxon he will kill Jameson to get the offers, luckily Spider-Man comes in and the fight between the two spills into the office causing lots of collateral damage while Jameson records it all. Spider-Man eventually knocks him out but the office and the baby was destroyed along with the journal. Peter and Kitty get a pity B-.

Ultimate Spider-Man #122 – The Worst Day In Peter Parker’s Life

Writer – Brian Michael Bendis, Pencils – Stuart Immonen, Ink – Wade Von Grawbadger, Color – Justin Ponsor, Letters – VC’s Cory Petit

Spider-Man has finally been captured and unmasked by the Shocker. We find out that earlier he was filming Mary Jane to help her with a video interview assignment who is having the jitters. The Shocker then comes out stealing an armored van when Spider-Man swings in. Spider-Man takes him by surprise but when Spider-Man starts to insult him the Shocker blasts him till he is unconscious and the Shocker takes him and the money away in a van and ties him up, angry.

Mary Jane reaches out to Kitty as the police are trying to figure out what is going on. MJ shows Kitty the video but won’t trust the police because they could figure out who he is but Kitty ultimately decides they need to go to the police. They reach out to Captain Quaid who worked with Spider-Man in the past who also knew Wolverine whose name she drops. He asks for help finding him and gets him to promise to help. 

Peter meanwhile started talking as Shocker expressed his pain which angers him more. He mentions that he worked at Roxxon but his invention which could be weaponized was stolen. He gets angry that Spider-Man has been helping them on accident and when he goes to shoot Spider-Man more, Spider-Man swings so the chains are shot instead and he’s free and moves to attack Shocker. Kitty comes in and stops him from doing more and Peter gets his mask back and they leave as the police come in and arrest The Shocker who they don’t believe is a threat. 

Ultimate Spider-Man #123-128 – War of the Symbiotes

Writer – Brian Michael Bendis, Pencils – Stuart Immonen, Ink – Wade Von Grawbadger, Color – Justin Ponsor, Letters – VC’s Cory Petit

Eddie Brock has been trying to figure out what happened in his life since he got the Venom symbiote and started to eat people. The symbiote is gaining control and he realizes that the Symbiote really just wants Peter Parker to fill his hunger and he wants the feeling of the rush.

The Wild Pack meanwhile has been tracking down Venom and attacking him but he eventually escapes. 

Eddie eventually found him near MoMA and attacked where he overpowered Spider-Man whose powers were acting up until the Wild Pack showed up and captured Eddie Brock.

Months ago, when Spider-Man ran across the Beetle, a mysterious figure in an armored suit who he fought and then tracked to Roxxon. Spider-Man followed them as they tried to steal a black liquid but the Beetle escaped and Spider-Man had to flee from security. Peter finds there is a connection between Roxxon and Latveria and Nick Fury suddenly comes up to talk about the Beetle. Peter only knows they’re connected to Latveria so Fury tells him to back off knowing that Peter wouldn’t.

Eddie ended up under the eye of Bolivar Trask and Doctor Adrian Toomes and Eddie recognizes that Trask owned his father and Peter’s lab work. They want the symbiote and Eddie is forced to agree. Meanwhile after the Wild Pack had left the museum the cops tried to arrest them until he told them off and people stood up to support him. Peter got home and talked to Mary Jane and started looking at his blood noticing something was up until he got an alert that something Venom related was going on. At Trask Labs, the Beetle flew in, knocked out Silver Sable and the Wild Pack and freed Venom so it could steal a sample and flew out. Venom followed and Spider-Man showed up in the fight and the symbiote sensing Spider-Man, came back to him.

The Wildpack descends on Spider-Man who can’t tell them to stop while the suit wants him to feed. Things get worse when the Ultimates come down after him and the Wild Pack. Fury hears Eddie Brock saying Parker is getting what he deserves and Fury tells Thor to electrocute him which he does. 

Peter wakes up in bed to Aunt May with no recollection of what happened and an email from Nick Fury. He heads over to the Triskelion with only a spare web-shooter and a torn costume and he wants to know what happened. Fury explains they freed Spider-Man from Venom, found a clean bill of health and sent him home, but he lost Eddie Brock but captured Silver Sable and the Symbiote. Peter wants Fury to destroy it but he refuses because he wants to weaponize it for the future.

In prison, Curt Conners is freed to do work and we cut back to when Gwen was held in the Triskelion recently, post Ultimate Power. Conners was brought in to study Gwen but when Norman Osborn escaped, Gwen escaped as well, wielding the symbiote subconsciously.

Eddie showed up, looking for Peter wanting the Symbiote back, promising to destroy his life otherwise. Peter is in a bad position since he can’t go to anyone for help especially with Fury gone so he decides to do research and finds Trask and Roxxon were fighting over Symbiote technology but finds no trace of his father. When he leaves, Ben Urich takes an interest in the searches.

Peter gets home and finds Gwen waiting there with the face of Lil Ben. She asks for help, saying she was held by SHIELD. Eddie Brock meanwhile shows up at the door and Aunt May pulls a gun on him and tells him to leave, but Peter overhears, snd attacks Eddie, pulling him away. Gwen follows behind and when she gets close, she turns into Lil Ben and Eddie steals the symbiote, turning into Venom and the two symbiotes fight. Venom eventually absorbs all of the symbiote as Tony Stark and SHIELD shows up and Venom leaves, having what he wanted. 

Tony tests Gwen and finds that she is completely normal now, as a clone of the original Gwen with no trace of symbiotes. Carol wants to keep her there but Tony tells her to let them go and Peter has a lot of other questions but Carol tells him to keep an eye out.  

Eddie meanwhile has been eating people in the park while talking to them and the newest person he tries to feed on, absorbs him, before revealing himself to be the Latverian agent, the Beetle, finally having what he wants.

The Ultimates 3 #1-5

Writer – Jeph Loeb, Art – Joe Madureira, Colors – Christian Lichtner, Letters – Richard Starkings

A porn video of Tony Stark having sex with Black Widow leaks sending Tony into a spiral. Venom who is different from the perfect Venom we just saw, attacks the mansion where the Ultimates are including Hawkeye, who now uses guns, Wasp, who has a bad new costume, Black Panther, who isn’t really in this story, and Thor. Venom keeps asking to know where she is, but is interrupted by Valkyrie who had been part of the fake Defenders but now has super powers and a flying horse. She stabs her sword into Venom which Thor electrocutes turning Venom into goo and then the pair make out. 

The next day Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are going out, Captain America slut shames Wanda which makes Pietro angry and when they leave, Janet explains they into incest. Captain America is frustrated, and pushes Janet away so she goes to check on Hank who faints.

While Wanda and Pietro are out, someone shoots a bullet at Wanda which repels Pietro and she dies in his arms.

Spider-Man meanwhile is swinging through when Hawkeye starts shooting at him to get him to talk which Spider-Man doesn’t like. Spider-Man webs him up but Hawkeye already drugged him because he blames Spider-Man for Venom attacking which makes Captain America angry and they leave Spider-Man behind. 

Hank is meanwhile in intensive care because he overdosed when Pietro comes in since he couldn’t save his sister and he decides to go back to Magneto’s Brotherhood as the power goes out. 

That’s when the Brotherhood – Mystique, Sabretooth (who is with them now I guess), Blob, Lorelei, and Madrox attack. Mystique turns into Black Widow to mess with Tony but Janet sees her. Lorelei controls Thor to make him attack Valkyrie, Blob just eats food so Tony sends him into the sky, Hawkeye shoots a bunch of Madri, Sabretooth attacks Captain America and offends him when he says “suck it” and Magneto reaches out to his son and tells him to come home, saying he was not responsible and that The Brotherhood will help them get revenge. Pietro moves out all of the Brotherhood before Wolverine shows up telling them they’ve got trouble.

Wolverine tells them that Quicksilver called his dad which the other Ultimates don’t want to believe until Thor reminds them they need to steal the Scarlet Witch’s corpse back from the Brotherhood – because sure. Janet asks why Wolverine is so concerned and he explains he ended up at Wundagore once, was saved by Magda, the mother of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, they fucked, Magneto before he was Magneto found out, and tossed out Wolverine preventing them from being together again. When Wolverine joined the Brotherhood years later, Magneto asked him to kill Pietro for being weak and he tried – but then Wanda summoned a bunch of dinosaurs – which was the real reason – not Magneto’s science. She ended up saving Pietro and they fell in love. 

Captain America decides to split into two teams with Hawkeye, Wasp and Black Panther exploring the murder and Thor, Valkyrie, Iron Man, Wolverine, and Captain America going to fight Magneto but Janet wants Iron Man and Captain America to solve the mystery instead. Captain America vanishes, and Tony finds the bullet that was used to kill Wanda, recognizing it as one that Stark Industries made – and that he isn’t actually Tony, he’s a robot.

In the Savage Land, Wolverine isn’t sure what Black Panther is doing and that’s when they run into Shanna and her boyfriend Ka-Zar who want to kill Magneto.

When in a flashback to when Charles and Magneto were flying to Australia with Wanda and Pietro as children and the ship crash landed in the Savage Land. At first they wanted peace and then Magneto decided to do some genocide so these white looking native people now want revenge. 

Meanwhile Captain America kills the fake Iron Man until Hank attack that Captain America turning him into a Goo robot because there’s a conspiracy.

Hawkeye starts killing Madri till Sabretooth attacks him but then two sabre tooth tigers attack Sabretooth and Hawkeye tells everyone to leave him behind. Wolverine and Black Panther run into the Juggernaut who beats them. Valkyrie wakes up, finding that she lost her powers under the effect of Mastermind, who is hanging with Pyro who went evil for some reason who also wants to rape her because Jesus.

Meanwhile Thor, Shanna and the other Indigenous people are attacking more Madri and they run across Unus the Untouchable who Thor kills. Magneto shows up and buries Thor under rocks and Quicksilver tells him they want Wanda’s corpse. 

Back in New York, Hank tells her a secret that only he would know as they see Yellowjacket, a robot clone of Hank making more clone Ultimates and explaining that Captain America stuck too close to Captain America’s personality and he assembles his team of machine Ultimates. 

Yellowjacket then exposition bombs that he was made as part of Project Ultron and when the Ultron Robot got horny for Scarlet Witch he became obsessed and decided to “help her” by becoming the butler and then by destroying Tony’s attention with the sex tape, he tried to use a robot Venom to capture her, and then he had to knock out Hank by drugging him before he realized what was going on. He heard Pietro say he loved his sister and shot her. He figured he could make a robot Wanda and a new team and that everyone else would be busy fighting Magneto while he rolled out bio-androids that somehow required living flesh which is why he hasn’t killed the Ultimates who he captured. 

Back in the Savage Land the robot Ultimates including a WW2 looking Captain America and a Hulk show up.

Wolverine and Black Panther are fighting the Juggernaut who Wolverine surprises with a triceratop and Black Panther is actually Captain America. Janet and Hank freed the real Tony Stark and brought him along on Ultron’s jet and Captain America refuses to tell anyone why he was cosplaying as Black Panther, a character who has not actually had an introduction up to this point. 

Valkyrie meanwhile in Mastermind’s grasp who is sexually assaulting her, is woken up by the source of her power, decapitates Mastermind and then cuts off Pyro’s hands.

Ultrons Ultimates attack Magneto, real Thor shows up to fight fake Thor, Janet and Hank attack Yellowjacket and the rest of the Ultimates pop in as well and Magneto is ignored. Hank gets big breaking past Millar’s science imposed height restrictions and pulls off Yellowjacket’s head which disables the rest of the robot Ultimates,

Janet then tells Magneto that Ultron killed his daughter but only because Wanda messed with it. Hawkeye shows up and tries to shoot Magneto but Quicksilver gets in the way, he dies. Magneto steals his citadel into space and Mjolnir. Later he mourns Quicksilver dying since he doesn’t know where Wanda’s corpse is either and promises to make them all pay – the Ultimate Price.

Shanna and Ka-Zar thank them for their help, Captain America is angry that Pym broke house arrest, Janet is angry Captain America pretended to be Black Panther, and this was all a plan by Doctor Doom who made Yellowjacket sentient in the first place as part of his plan for … something. 

Ultimate Spider-Man #121 – Omega Red

Ultimate Spider-Man #122 – The Worst Day In Peter Parker’s Life

Ultimate Spider-Man #123-128 – War of the Symbiotes

The Ultimates 3 #1-5

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