UltiversalQ 043: Aunt May Abandons Her Boys

This week, after the death of Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, Luke and Devin reconvene to see about all of the other plotlines they forgot about before getting to the introductions of Miles Morales.

Comics Covered

  • Ultimate Fallout #1-6
  • Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1-6

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Ultimate Fallout #1-6

Letters – VC’s Cory Petit and Clayton Cowles

Spider-Man No More – 

Writer – Brian Michael Bendis, Pencils – Mark Bagley, Inks – Andy Lanning, Colors – Justin Ponsor and Laura Martin

Everybody is mourning the death of Spider-Man and the revelation that he was Peter Parker. MJ is out to get proof that Nick Fury was a direct cause. Tony Stark takes Aunt May and Gwen to the funeral at St. Patrick’s Cathedral where a crowd gathered. When May gets in, Captain America apologizes, blaming himself for Peter’s death. 


Captain America 

Writer – Brian Michael Bendis, Art – Gabriel Hardman, Color – Frank Martin

Captain America explains how even though he doubted Spider-Man, Peter took a shot meant for him. Aunt May gets angry and slaps him, before leaving the church and breaking down in tears. J Jonah Jameson offers to help her and they go back inside.


Writer – Jonathan Hickman, Pencils – Bryan Hitch, Inks – Paul Neary, Colors – Paul Mounts

Thor summons the World Tree and brings Asgard back to Earth, hoping their heroes will help the world.


Writer – Nick Spencer, Pencils – Lee Garbett, Inks – Roger Bonet, Colors – Guru eFX

Rogue is crying in a diner and a waitress accidentally touches her and she runs out, haunted by everything. She goes to a church and prays because she believes the end times are coming soon.


Tony Stark 

Writer – Jonathan Hickman, Pencils – Steve Kurth, Inks – Jay Leisten, Colors – Antonio Fabela

4 days before Peter’s funeral, Tony went to one for his brother Gregory. Jonathan Blackhaven meets and invites him to Switzerland. When he goes, he’s introduced to a group of other super rich self made people including La Contessa Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine, Miroslav and Dieter Buchwald, twins, Ming Xiang, and Damon Dunn – all members of the Kratos Club who want to use their money to change the world the way they see fit, believing they earned the right.

Kitty Pryde

Writer – Nick Spencer, Art – Eric Nguyen

Kitty leaves the funeral getting angry  at people because they never really thought about the man behind the mask and now are using it to talk about themselves. She decides to stop being a hero, runs into Bobby who doesn’t want to return to Aunt May or get arrested and so Kitty invites him and Johnny to come with her.

Karen Grant & The Hulk

Writer – Jonathan Hickman, Pencils Carlo Pagulayan, Inks – Jason Paz, Colors – Rachelle Rosenberg

Jean Grey, pretending to be Karen Grant, is working with Bruce on controlling the Hulk for Nick Fury which she is sure that she can do.


Reed Richards – 

Writer – Jonathan Hickman, Art – Salvador Larrocca, Colors – Frank D’Armata

Reed is still in the Negative Zone after his ass got kicked and resolves to leave, building a computer to send him home using his mind. He builds a dome that he fills with a group of people, telling them to evolve or become extinct.

Valerie Cooper

Writer – Nick Spencer, Art – Clayton Crain

Valerie Cooper is getting dessert in DC, talking to Brett, a Foreign Affairs Correspondent. Brett reveals that she found out about the location where mutants were created by the United States government and it is going to hit the news.


Writer – Brian Michael Bendis, Art – Sara Pichelli, Color – Justin Ponsor

The Kangaroo is attacking a bar in New York City when someone in a Spider-Man costume shows up which the crowd agrees is in bad taste. Spider-Man gets beaten until he knocks back the Kangaroo and escapes and Miles Morales wonders to himself if he needs a new costume.



Writer – Nick Spencer, Art – Luke Ross, Colors – Jason Keith

Quicksilver meets with some business people and is like what if I sold mutants as slaves because legally we aren’t people anymore.

Afterwards he has sex with the businesswoman who he was secretly working with but then his sister, Wanda, switches places with her and she tells him their father would be proud and to go to Egypt before vanishing and turning back into the businesswoman.

Nick Fury

Writer – Jonathan Hickman, Art – Billy Tan, Colors – Guru eFx

Fury checks the news to see that the EU has made a new Captain Britain, Jamie Braddock since his brother got a cancer diagnosis. Also war is brewing. He gets called into a meeting with Jasper Sitwell who tells him they’re losing 30% of the SHIELD budget while also asking him to expand by 30%. 


Aunt May, Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane

Writer – Brian Michael Bendis, Pencils – Mark Bagley, Inks – Andy Lanning, Colors – Paul Mounts

Aunt May is still in mourning while a mob surrounds her house. Gwen reveals that she dyed her hair black to try and hide her identity and they both feel paralyzed, and May also lost her job.

May asks where Gwen would like to go and she replies with France and they decide to take Tony Stark up on his offer and he offers his villa on the French Riviera.

As Mary Jane sees them leaving in a helicopter, Fury explains what’s happening, having appeared in her room. He sees the report she wrote and explains his past – how he knew the Parkers from before and how he wanted Peter to become a better man and how Mary Jane is completely right to blame him.

Kitty, Bobby and Johnny

Writer – Nick Spencer, Art – Eric Nguyen

Kitty and the guys are in the sewers and reach their new home, The Morlock tunnels

Nick Fury

Writer – Jonathan Hickman, Art – Mitch Breitweiser, Colors – Mitch Breitweiser with Bettie Breitweiser

Nick Fury gets the news that Captain America quit.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Vol 2 #1-6

Writer – Brian Michael Bendis, Art – Sara Pichelli, Colors – Justin Ponsor, Letters – VC’s Cory Petit, David Messina finishes on #5

Eleven months ago, Norman Osborn wanted to make another Spider-Man with the help of Dr. Markus. 

The Prowler, after Osborn lost everything the first time, had his lab, who unknowingly also took a modded spider.

Elsewhere, Miles Morales is taken to a charter school lottery and he makes it in. After he goes to visit his uncle Aaron. Aaron is happy that he’ll get another chance. While getting popsicles to celebrate, Miles is bit by the Spider and falls unconscious.

When he gets up, Mile’s father arrives, angry that they were spending time together at all. Miles runs out and when his dad goes to find him, Miles realizes he is invisible.

Miles freaks out and runs, realizing his other abilities are enhanced. A punk tries to mug him and gets zapped and he escapes as they believe he is a mutant and they go to call the police. 

He goes to his friend Ganke asking for help and making him promise to keep a secret. When he does he tries to turn invisible which doesn’t work before he shows his zapping power, destroying Ganke’s LEGO ship. They talk about it and Miles is afraid of being a mutant.

His father shows up and they go for a walk where he explains he and Aaron used to steal things together. He got arrested before Miles was born for stealing and felt shame and stopped while Aaron never stopped. He wants Miles to trust him and before Miles shares he has powers, Iceman and Human Torch fly over and he mentions wanting all the mutants to be rounded up.

That night Ganke texts Miles, sharing a report by Ben Urich who interviewed Spider-Man who shared that he was also bitten by a Spider.

Miles shares that he can wall crawl to Ganke and Ganke explains he is a mutate. The next day they head to figure out why Aaron had the spider and find the place empty. As they walk back they see a house on fire and Miles ignores the firemen to try and save people before he gets away and he decides he isn’t Spider-Man.

When school starts at the Brooklyn Visions Academy, they meet their shared roommate Judge and school starts. One night there is an emergency drill and Miles hears the news that Spider-Man was shot. Miles escapes the school and follows the explosions while Peter dies and Miles asks what his name was once he sees Peter die and blames himself for not being a hero.

At the funeral, he asks Gwen why Peter became Spider-Man and she gets angry before explaining about Uncle Ben and he wore a mask to hide his identity. Miles works to design his own costume before Ganke shows up with a Spider-Man costume from a Halloween store and after his encounter with the Kangaroo, realizes it was in bad taste.

When he goes out a second time, Spider-Woman finds him and asks him who the fuck he thinks he is. He tries to escape, she takes off his mask and she asks where he got his powers from before webbing him, he tries to escape and gets knocked out. He wakes up in a cell with Fury, Hawkeye and Iron Man joining Spider-Woman at the Triskelion and Fury tells them to leave once they know he isn’t a mutant. Fury introduces himself to talk and explains he knows about Uncle Aaron, revealing he is known as the Prowler.

Meanwhile Electro is accidentally underdosed with sedative and escapes, killing people in the hospital and causing a blackout.

Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Spider-Woman try to fight Electro without much luck but Miles as Spider-Man shows up and is able to surprise him long enough for Fury to shoot and kill Electro. 

The next day, Jessica Drew, Spider-Woman, shows up and gives him a new costume based on his design.

#6 – Art – Chris Samnee 

In Mexico City, Aaron goes to meet with the boss and is roughed up by the Scorpions men until he fights back. Aaron wants his money and Scorpion wants what Aaron was supposed to steal. Scorpion pays, he tries to attack in return for being attacked but it does nothing so he escapes and is arrested.

In Brooklyn, Spider-man gets into his first fight, helping to stop a mugging before the police try to stop him and it gets captured on film by Betty Brant. 

Miles gets home to see his mom and talks about his dad’s past who she believes is a bad person. Miles wonders if he might also make the same mistakes before Ganke bursts in, wanting to show Miles the footage of Spider-Man fighting Octopus that he has from the movie filming believing he needs to learn more than Spider-Man knew.

Betty works with Jameson to get her job back in exchange for the footage and in Mexican jail, Aaron sees the news about the new Spider-Man.

Comic Ranked:

Ultimate Fallout #1 – Spider-Man No More

Ultimate Fallout #2-6 – Ultimate Fallout

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Vol 2 #1-6 – Who Is Miles Morales?

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