UltiversalQ 042: The Death of Spider-Man

Oh no! Luke and Devin spoiled it in the title of this comic! But luckily we didn’t spoil anything else! Like how the fallout of the Triskelion in Iran leads to problems or how Gregory Stark wants more Triskelions and some beefy boys have to stop him! Or wait, that was more spoilers…

Comics Covered

  • Ultimate Spider-Man #156-160
  • Ultimate Avengers vs. New Ultimates #1-6

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Ultimate Spider-Man #156-160 

Writer – Brian Michael Bendis, Pencils – Mark Bagley, Inks – Andy Lanning, Andrew Hennessy, Colorist – Justin Ponsor, Letters – VC’s Cory Petit, VC’s Joe Sabino

Ultimate Avengers vs. New Ultimates #1-6

Writer – Mark Millar, Pencils – Leinil Yu, Stephen Segovia, Inks – Gerry Alanguilan, Jason Paz, Jeff Huet, Leinil Yu, Color – Sunny Gho, Jim Charalampidis, Letters – VC’s Cory Petit

Previously, after the Triskelion was teleported to Iran, SHIELD is working to figure out their next steps. Doctor Lang, one of the Giant-Men is working to get his bearings as he hears that they have 10 days to leave Iran.

In Manhattan, Thor evacs Tony Stark with Captain America to deal with his brain tumor.

Monica Chang, Black Widow and Fury’s ex wife returns home where her mother was looking after her son Julius.

At the hospital, Gregory and the Ultimates meet up. They discuss needing to move the Triskelion again before Carol Danvers calls them into a meeting as someone has stolen important information on producing super soldiers and has passed it on to America’s enemies.

They head to Bulgaria where they derail a train and find the Mimic inside who has all of the powers of the Avengers but he’s stuck in an incomplete form, unable to control his powers before he dies. Captain America truth serums another person to find out that the others are going to China and SHIELD is involved as Nick Fury is leading everyone.

Fury meanwhile reached out to the Punisher again offering him the keys to San Quentin prison and a variety of tools to kill and torture anyone he wanted which he accepts. 

Fury offered Blade access to Deacon Frost who caused him to be a half-vampire which he accepted. Hawkeye was just given a flat out mission.

We find out that Ultimate Iron Man, the comic series, was now just an animated series. 

Fury and his team which also includes War Machine track down a deal where First Hulk, Tyrone Cash, is trying to sell superpowers to the Chinese but the deal is interrupted. He ends up beating down the team until Blade shows up to hypnotize him until he calms down and accidentally de-Hulks. He reveals he’s working for Carol Danvers who is selling state secrets and will now aim to kill Nick Fury. 

Thor returns and is bothered by the idea that Fury is selling out the country and sees it as part of what America always does but believes he needs to keep an eye on them.

At the hospital, Tony Stark is awake and requesting the Iron Man suit. 

Carol Danvers meanwhile has a national manhunt going on for Nick Fury while Captain Britain is in Iran trying to make the Triskelion fly, which it was supposed to do. Fury suddenly shows up with a shield and War Machine as Carol and Gregory try to kill him. Carol’s side is saved by Iron Man and they fight while the battle spills out between the Ultimates and the Avengers with Fury using the Punisher to watch his back. Meanwhile Blade captures Carol Danvers but is attacked by the Avengers in the streets. 

At the Triskelion, Norman Osborn is still alive and in Carol Danvers’ SHIELD custody.

Downtown while Peter and Mary Jane are having lunch, Captain America shows up to take Peter for training so Peter and MJ kiss and he leaves.

Dr. Leonard Sampson is sent in to assess Osborn who refuses to work with him and prepares to kill him when he suddenly transforms into the Green Goblin and breaks out, releasing Electro, Kraven, Sandman, Vulture and Dr. Octopus. Electro steals a helicopter so they can escape.

Meanwhile at training, Captain America explains he doesn’t think Spider-Man should be a hero because he isn’t responsible and mature enough, but they get interrupted by a call about the escape, but more importantly for Captain America, the Avengers have gone rogue and the Ultimates are called in. Spider-Man follows behind Captain America while SHIELD tries to locate the heroes and Ben Ulrich captures footage that Osborn is still alive. 

The six villains make a base where Osborn announces his plan to kill Peter Parker while elsewhere, Spider-Man tells MJ to warn everyone else. 

Peter goes home because Aunt May and Gwen are still there and warns them of the situation thought Johnny and Bobby are missing. 

Later in New York City, the Sinister Six plan to take advantage of the situation to escape but Osborn wants them to stay. Octopus meanwhile wants to quit and return to doing science and especially not kill Peter Parker who he sees as their masterpiece. Osborn attacks him knocking Ock out of the window and they fight in the street. MJ then calls Peter because she saw Osborn kill Octopus on the TV and Peter goes and sees before chasing after the trail of destruction. 

Captain America meanwhile finds and starts to attack Nick Fury, and Punisher calls for backup but the other members are busy as Thor comes into the fight. The Punisher aims to shoot Captain America’s kneecap when Spider-Man swings in to save Captain America from being shot, taking a bullet in the side. 

The shot de-escalates the situation until SHIELD agents shoot Fury and capture the Punisher who wants to be punished. Captain America picks up Spider-Man to help evacuate him before a missile hits the bridge sending everyone into the water as Thor arrives. 

Meanwhile the remaining members of the Six track down the Tinkerer and threaten him into giving them technology.

Blade meanwhile is still being chased after he tried to capture Carol with Iron Man knocking him out while Carol accidentally gets hit by a police officer and Scott Lang tries to handle everyone being really bad at their jobs. 

Spider-Man gets up in the rubble, realizing he’s in danger but that he can’t go to the hospital. He sees the members of the 6 flying in the sky and swings after.

Meanwhile Johnny and Bobby head home and find Aunt May’s note to get to a safe place. When they prepare to leave, the Six appear. Johnny flames on to fight the Green Goblin, knocking him out, before Sandman douses the Torch. Iceman tries to step up but gets knocked out, before Spider-Man appears and webs up the Vulture.

Spider-Man explodes a hydrant letting him knock out Electro, Kraven and Sandman but loses his mask as an audience forms and he asks someone to call 911. 

Sandman gets back up and along with Vulture, threaten him and the crowd.

Meanwhile May and Gwen are driving when one of their neighbors calls to say the villains are killing Spider-Man.

While the crowd tries to protect Spider-Man, Sandman, Vulture and Electro fall to bickering about who will kill him with Electro getting the opportunity. Luckily Aunt May shows up and shoots him and checks that the other boys are fine, before the Green Goblin gets back up.

MJ meanwhile sees the signs of the battle and tries to leave but her mom says she needs to stay. 

Peter works to save Aunt May and Gwen, telling them to get away while he faces the Goblin, aware that it is hurting him. He goes back to try and wake up Johnny who tries to explode him with fire but instead he gets powered up by it. Peter realizing a Goblin Torch is stronger tries to get him to stop telling him he can’t return to normal, but all he wants is to kill Spider-Man.

Suddenly MJ appears, driving a truck into the Goblin. Peter helps her from the rubble, and they kiss before he tosses her to safety as the Green Goblin crawls out ranting that God wants him to die. Peter picks up the smashed truck and slams it into Norman before it explodes. MJ and Johnny go to check on Peter as they’re waiting for emergency services to come and MJ asks why he did it and he tells it because he couldn’t save Uncle Ben, but he could save her, before he dies, and in the wreckage, the dead Norman Osborn is smiling.

At the White House, Gregory Stark reports on everything to the president including Fury’s secret actions which he claims was because Fury ultimately planned a coup to become the president, and Gregory also implicates that Carol Danvers is involved as well as they pour over her files. 

The president grants him the position as acting head of SHIELD and the Ultimates. 

The Ultimates meet up at Tony’s apartment to decompress, Tony donated 10 million dollars for Thor to speak like a modern person, and Monica Change thinks that Fury is being set up. 

On the Helicarrier, Gregory has Nick Fury in custody and reveals that he was behind everything and set Fury and Carol against one another. He wants to show up his brother and has gone to set up superhero powered revolutions across the globe to overthrow dictators so everything is under his control. And then Gregory has Fury shot.  

We find out in the past that Fury when Tyrone was hypnotized by Blade found where the Hulk pills were kept and how they worked before he kills Tyrone.

So when he gets shot, he transforms into a Hulk along with Blade, Jim Rhodes, Hawkeye, and the Punisher. Gregory uses a nanite force-field and slams into the Helicarrier casting them all off.

Meanwhile in North Korea the super revolutionaries start appearing, led by the Spider. In Iran the same thing happens and the Ultimates try to figure out what to do. 

Tony seeing the super-revolutionaries reaches out to his brother and SHIELD director Gregory Stark because nobody is stopping the superpowered people who want democracy and who now have superpowers to topple their dictatorships that have been oppressing them. Gregory says the UN would need to give them the authority and he needs to wait. The Ultimates aren’t sure what to do. But then they decide to come to North Korea along with the bulky Hulk Bois because the revolution is illegitimate because Gregory Stark told them to revolt against oppressive regimes. 

Gregory teleports to the battle leaving Fury behind and Thor tries to hit him with Mjolnir but he grabs it and smashes Thor and breaks Captain America’s shield. Gregory goes on about wanting to make the world better and is holding his own until Tony releases an EMP which knocks out his nanites and Thor hits him with lightning, killing him.

Iran succeeded in their super-revolution in the meantime and the new people are fine with the Triskelion being in Iran.

After, Carol and Fury meet for dinner and Fury tells her that she’s being forced to resign because Spider-Man died on her watch along with everything else. Monica Change meanwhile gets promoted to second in command and as the new head of the Avengers. The Punisher killed and tortured everyone at San Quentin, Cash’s family received a pension, and Blade was given the man that he wanted. Monica also wonders how much of it Fury set up.

Later Fury is building a new Triskelion which Fury likes as he is now back in control of SHIELD and it’s a giant middle finger to America’s enemies. 

Ultimate Spider-Man #156-160 – The Death of Spider-Man

Ultimate Avengers vs. New Ultimates #1-6

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