UltiversalQ 53: Devin’s Top 54 Weezer Songs

Luke and Devin get together for the final episode of UltiversalQ as the Ultimate Universe ends with birth in Ultimate FF, a breakup in All-New Avengers, and a bust in Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man! Plus Devin reads his Top 54 Weezer songs while Luke tries to say goodbyes.

Comics Covered:

  • Ultimate FF #4-6
  • All-New Ultimates #4-12
  • Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man #10-12

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Ultimate Universe Part 53

Ultimate FF #4-6

Writer – Joshua Hale Fialkov, Stuart Moore,  Art – Andre Araujo, Color – Rachelle Rosenberg, Letters – VC’s Joe Sabino

Currently Future Foundation members Sue Storm, Tony Stark, Sam Wilson, and Victor Van Damme are stuck in the space between universes with Rick Jones who are also being watched by the Gah Lak Tus swarm. 

Tony eventually figures out that they can’t teleport out normally, if they combine the portal tech and Rick Jones’ power they can get out which works – only for them to be stopped by Hawkeye, The Thing, Giant- Woman and Hercules until Sue is able to de-escalate things. 

They head to the Pentagon though because things have gotten bad and they get worse as Ben realizes he didn’t kill Doom like he thought – but they step down.

Coulson and Machine Man introduce them to someone who wanted to talk to the Future Foundation – Miles Morhames, Ultimate Spider-Ham – which frankly is a weak pun – like Miles Morcilla would work for the alliteration at least.

Miles explains that his world was similar to their except with animals but their world started to unravel because Sue had a child with Ducktor Doom instead of Reed Richards. 

Ben gets angry and Doom reveals that The Thing killed Mary Storm in Doom armor until they are separated.

Miles promises the only way to save the world is for Reed and Sue to have a baby or else and Sue refuses to accept it and finds Reed in the ruins of the Baxter Building, talks to Reed and then binds him.

We follow up with Sue giving birth and Ben being supportive even though Reed is the father. In the months since the world has tried to prepare but it is falling apart. 

Tony has been trying to find Thor to no success and the Machine Men suddenly find a massive power surge so everyone prepares  – and they find an army of cyclops Avengers attacking. Villains start to follow out of the portal as well as the X-men and the All-New Ultimates show up against Cycloptic villains before Sue gives birth and the cyclopses are sent back through. 

Ben promises to love Sue and the kid forever before she reveals it is Ben’s – and we see that Reed convinced her to find another way and Sue, not knowing how it would turn out, kept it secret. Reed promises he wants to get better and that’s the future. 

All-New Ultimates #4-12

Writer – Michel Fiffe, Art – Amilcar Pinna, Color – Nolan Woodard, Letters – VC’s Clayton Cowles

The women of the team – Kitty, Lana, Jessica and Tandy are hanging out at Coney Island having fun while Cloak is working to protect the church and Miles is helping Ganke get across town.

The women talk about sex and Jessica reveals she’s a clone of Peter Parker but is still attracted to women when Lana gets a call from her boyfriend Poey who is then shot in the head.

Meanwhile the leaders of the Serpent Skulls are fighting other gangs to take over their turf.

When Lana gets to Poey’s apartment she gets hit by Diamondback using Devil’s Dust hypnosis powder and plans to get her to reveal everything.

Kitty, Miles and Jessica fight some crime while Tandy works to help Cloak enjoy some time to themselves and Diamondback forces Lana to empty her bank account.

Meanwhile Detectives O’Reilly, tipped off by Bart Rozum, shows up to clean things up. Bart doesn’t want O’Reilly arresting them but still tells her where their base is but that he also wants to fix his life. 

The team arrives back at the church because Lana had called them under hypnosis and they start fighting the Serpent Skulls when their leader Crossbones appears.

Meanwhile Detective Brooks and Dennis get a lead to Scourge’s hideout but get called by O’Reilly to the church – which Scourge, who was hiding, overhears. 

Back at the church, Diamondback starts forcing Lana to attack her friends but when Diamondback mentions Poey she breaks free of the control as the church starts to turn into an inferno.

As the church starts to break apart the Serpents try to escape with the fight spilling onto the streets where the detectives appeared against orders. 

Meanwhile Scourge has followed in with a gatling gun and starts murdering while Kitty tries to calm Lana down enough so they can escape while she tries to find Diamondback.

Miles meanwhile has been fighting Crossbones and Scourge after causing more problems, runs into the fight, stabs Crossbones in the chest and then gets webbed up by Miles while Crossbones escapes.

Ultimately Cloak absorbs the fire as much as he can and Lana realizing what she did is tired. The detectives meanwhile let the Ultimates leave after they caught most of the Serpent Skulls except for Diamondback, Crossbones along with Scourge and Lana is upset about Poey’s death, finally having time to grieve.


Art – Giannis Milonogiannis, Color – Jordie Bellaire

The Ultimates except for Lana are fighting Vermin, a giant rat man in the sewers and ultimately send him running, while they look for Crossbones. 

Scourge meanwhile was arrested and turns out to be a high school janitor who was explicitly racist and wanted to kill everyone doing crimes.

Meanwhile Detective Duc No Tranh aka the Bengal is transferred in to help the department slash keep him from trouble.

The Ultimates meanwhile find Terry Shreck along with Vermin and Agent Crock a bulky cyborg. The team works to fight Vermin and Crock and takes them down and Shreck is able to reveal that Crock was a former Roxxon/SHIELD project and they have a secret base filled with rejects and washouts underground.

Meanwhile Detective O’Reilly gets home only to find Shreck there, brought back by the Ultimates.

Meanwhile Knockout, Whiplash, Bloodlust, and Mindblast are sent out to find the Ultimates. 

The team except for Lana meets up at Jessica’s apartment and Miles mentions Jameson offering them support but they decide it might have more issues.

Lana meanwhile went to Poey’s funeral with her other friends.

That’s when the Ultimates get an alert via explosion that the Femme Fatales are attacking downtown to the team arrives to help but are generally outmatched until the Future Foundation comes in to help, albeit without Doctor Doom. 

They chew out Jessica for not having official support and then go to arrest the others. Meanwhile Cloak and Dagger have an argument and Tandy decides they need to split up to get some distance.

In Pittsburgh the Watchdogs decide to bust Scourge out before his case while the Ultimates decide to follow though Lana is still not there and Tandy and Ty haven’t seen each other in a few days. 

Lana is visiting her mother at the prison and she tells Lana to try to do right by herself.

The Watchdogs with a planted officer driving the bus get Scourge out who is unhappy to be rescued by them. The Ultimates enter the fray but when the Watchdogs give Scourge a gun he uses it on them instead and he runs off. And then someone knocks out Ty and Tandy. 


Art – Amilcar Pinna, Color – Nolan Woodard, Inks – Terry Pallot, Lorenzo Ruggiero, La Beau Underwood

Diamondback reaches out to Spider-Man asking for help so he goes along with her except that when she is trying to set him up, she gets shot by Taskmaster who then shoots Spider-Man, while Sidewinder who was working with Diamondback to catch Spider-Man is stuck unsure of what to do.

Kitty is meanwhile moving out of Jessica’s apartment when they both get captured by Taskmaster as well.

Meanwhile O’Reilly and Shreck have been fired as cops for using force so they decide to form their own team to fight gangs.

Meanwhile Ecstasy meets with Mr. Jip to talk about their drugs that went missing along with Crossbones and Mr. Jip took a bunch of experimental drugs.

Taskmaster meanwhile waits to catch Lana who overhears him talking and takes him by surprise. 

Meanwhile Sidewinder steals the van with all of the kidnapping victims and Taskmaster latches on and Lana follows. Diamondback gets up and frees Miles who punches through the roof of the van but in the fight, Sidewinder gets shot and crashes the van, flipping it up and Cloak teleports it into the water so they can safely escape. They capture Taskmaster and Diamondback and Lana decides to let her go. Meanwhile Crossbones returns to his base as Mr. Jip transforms into a giant monster that explodes out of the building. 

Taskmaster meanwhile explains he captured them because they owe who they are to Roxxon and he needs to capture them but then they see the giant Jip and go to help.

They are joined by Terror Inc. the detectives who were let go who also want to help.

Terror Inc goes to fight the criminals with help from Lana fighting Diamondback. Jip meanwhile is having issues and Terry asks Lana for help getting in so he can control his body and Dagger helps by keeping it open and Terry is able to turn off the mutation drugs even though Jip dies. In the aftermath the detectives capture the members of the Serpent Skulls that they can.

Monica Chang who is somehow still alive, debriefs with Jessica who explains Crossbones was a SHIELD infiltrator trying to catch Ecstasy who had control over the police which is why the detectives were fired. They wanted her links to Hydra but Crossbones quit SHIELD but Ecstasy is safe and Taskmaster is free. The team meets up in Jessica’s apartment after to celebrate. Meanwhile Bart is mostly through recovery and decides to join Terror Inc who they want to capture. The team decides to split up for now but to keep in touch in the future. 

Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man #10-12 

Writer – Brian Michael Bendis, Art – David Marquez, Color – Justin Ponsor, Letters – VC’s Cory Petit

Maria Hill and the New York police tracked their way to the Spider Twins hideout only to find they left out.

Meanwhile Jefferson Davis has officially come back to his life. Miles meanwhile runs into Electro and Sabretooth who are fighting initially but when he has to stop and save victims of collateral damage they notice him and attack until Cloak and Dagger show up to help and they beat them and leave them to be arrested. 

Miles catches up and tells them about how he revealed his identity to Katie and neither of them like her and they ultimately tell him to talk to her about it at her house, so after changing at home he shows up and Katie’s dad drugs Miles.

Jessica Drew meanwhile catches the Spider Twins in action and after a good fight they knock her out. 

Jefferson meanwhile comes home and is worried when he can’t find Miles and reaches out to Ganke and Judge reveals he knows Miles is Spider-Man.

Miles wakes up to find himself tied up sitting across from Katie who explains her parents are Hydra members and that her sister revealed her secret but she does love Miles.

Jefferson is meanwhile kidnapped followed by Ganke.

When Miles breaks free Katie’s dad reveals the fact that he has Miles’ loved ones and they will die if he doesn’t surrender. 

That’s when the leader of HYDRA appears – Doctor Doom.

Doom has everyone including Jessica captured and plans to take his DNA. 

Judge is meanwhile looking for Miles everywhere when he runs into Cloak and Dagger who were also looking for Miles.

Miles explodes out of the captivity when they try to read his DNA but falls unconscious. 

Meanwhile the other members of the Ultimates and Judge go to Detective Hill for help and there are some explosions and they head over with Frank Quaid as well.

Miles meanwhile recovered and punched out Doom and webbed up Kate’s dad. They free everyone and are about to celebrate before Secret Wars happens.

Ultimate FF #1-6 – Strangest Ever

All-New Ultimates #1-6 – Scourge

All-New Ultimates #7-9 – Recoil

All-New Ultimates #10-12 – No Gods, No Masters

Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man #10-12 – Revelations

Additional thanks because Luke didn’t write ahead of time

Thanks to Traci Shepherd for the cover art that we’ve used for the show and to Eric “Rhythm Bastard” DiGiovanni for making the normal theme song that I somehow lost like an idiot. The normal theme was by Vibe Leviathan and was created for Sounds In Space but was released as a public domain thing.

Thanks to Devin of course for doing a number of the image galleries and putting up with a lot of me, because I can be a lot. We completed the show more or less – I think ended is a better phrase. We didn’t go into Spider-Verse or Secret Wars but here is a good place. It is an end point that makes sense, instead of a depression fueled quit – which almost happened often – and it’s something recognizing that we are in a different place now than we began.

When we started we lived in the same state and general area and we’d physically hang out to record these for the most part.

Doing this show has led to a lot of friendships and opportunities but getting to know you better was the best one.

And because Devin never visits the website, he won’t see this message. Feel free to tag him on Twitter.

Anyway, I’m just doing this as the image gallery loads. Thanks for checking out this part too.

– Luke Herr @koltreg

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