UltiversalQ 52: Teen Problemz

This week on MultiversalQ – sorry, UltiversalQ. Luke accidentally deleted all of the old show files and couldn’t find the old theme song in time. But in this episode, the last era of the Ultimate Universe begins with teen problemz!

Comics Covered:

  • Ultimate Universe Part 52
  • Ultimate Spider-Man #200
  • Ultimate FF #1-3
  • All-New Ultimates #1-3
  • Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man #1-9

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Ultimate Spider-Man #200

Writer – Brian Michael Bendis, Art – Dave Marquez, David Lafuente, Sara Pichelli, Mark Brooks, Mark Bagley and Andrew Hennessy, Colors – Justin Ponsor, Letters – VC’s Cory Petit

Aunt May has invited everyone for a celebration of the life of Peter Parker, including Miles and Ganke, Jessica Drew and Lana Baumgartner, Liz Allen, Johnny Storm, Bobby Drake, Mary Jane and her new boyfriend who Mary Jane asks not to come.

At the party, Ganke gives Gwen a gift we don’t see and then Tony sends Pepper Potts a bunch of catered food by Chester Cebulski, which changes the tone of the event, and is followed by Kitty Pryde showing up and then Kenny Kong who nobody had seen in ages. 

Outside J Jonah Jameson considers coming in before deciding to leave.

After eating everyone discusses what they thought it would be like if Peter had lived like Mary Jane thinking he would lead the Ultimates, Aunt May thinking he’d inspire other people to be Spider-Heroes, Gwen thinking he’d be a crime fighting reporter, Miles thinking he’d have trained and gotten along with Peter, Kitty hiding that she’d thought they’d get married, and Bobby thinking they’d be on a cool teen superhero team. In the end they all decide to donate the remaining food to a homeless shelter and then leave, while someone mysterious watches all of them.

Ultimate FF #1-3 – Doomed

Writer – Joshua Hale Fialkov, Pencils – Mario Guevara, Tom Grummett, Andra Araujo, Inks – Juan Vlasco, Scott Hanna, Mark Pennington, Jay Leisten, Colors – Rachelle Rosenberg, Letters – VC’s Joe Sabino

At the site of the Galactus attack in New Jersey, there is a massive explosion and the Future Foundation is called in – consisting of Tony Stark – Iron Man, Sam Wilson – Falcon, Danny Ketch – Machine Man, Susan Storm, and Phil Coulson. They find that a portal to another dimension has opened up releasing extra dimensional energy transforming the people inside. Coulson and Machine Man debate and finally decide to release their secret weapon, while inside the team tries to start up a shield generator that fails and the team is doomed. 

The secret weapon is released who is able to close the portal and reverse the energy and everyone believes that it is Reed Richards, the Maker, who was sent in but it is actually Victor Van Damme, Dr. Doom, who everyone thought was dead.

The team is sent down to Lemuria where the Kratos Club, the evil billionaire group, turned it into a playground for the rich before transdimensional energy started appearing. Inside they find Namor who is ready to fight but is confused to see Doom who he saw die after Ultimatum. The fight between Doom and Namor causes their ship to get locked off. 

Meanwhile on the surface. Machine Man and Coulson find more life signs suddenly appearing. 

Sue and Namor catch up as Sue tries to find why Namor thinks Doom should be dead when they run into an army of blue Atlanteans who try to kill them and they find Falcon, Iron Man and Doom who recognize they are from another universe while Sue tries to hold them back. Eventually Queen Namora shows up and explains that Kratos was pumping their waste into Namora’s dimension. And then Namora sees Namor and attacks so Tony knocks everyone out with gas so they can escape. 

Doom wants to murder all of them in revenge by dumping in more trash, killing the other dimensional Atlanteans and Namor is fine with it. And then Doom tosses Namor into the waste and creates a vacuum that will dissolve the city. Doom forces the team to decide whether to save themselves, or the Atlanteans but they all end up passing into the Negative Zone where they find Captain Marvel as the portal shuts off. 

All-New Ultimates #1-3

Writer – Michel Fiffe, Art – Amilcar Pinna, Color – Nolan Woodard, Letters – VC’s Clayton Cowles

The new team of All-New Ultimates currently consists of Miles Morales, Spider-Man, Jessica Drew, Spider-Woman, Lana Baumgartner – Bombshell, and then Ty Johnson and Tandy Bowen as Cloak and Dagger.

Ganke gets mugged on the way to get some Legos but is saved by Cloak and Dagger and afterwards, they meet up with Spider-Man, give him the run down and Miles gets Ganke home.

Jessica is having issues getting everyone on the same page when it comes to working together which is not working until she mentions she has a lead to a drug lab formerly owned by Roxxon, that has been seized by the Serpent Skulls, the gang the guys who attacked Ganke belonged to. The lab is producing the drugs used to give powers similar to the ones Cloak, Dagger, and Bombshell had but is more dangerous to the user. 

Afterwards, Jessica brings pizza home to her apartment where Kitty is staying and Kitty explains she isn’t up for being a hero yet. 

Meanwhile Lana is returning home and sees Serpent Skull members attacking and charges in after alerting the team with Jessica Drew, now going as Black Widow, showing up with a new look.

The police who’ve been looking for leads show up, following the explosions, and one of the Skulls accidentally melts the face off of Terry Shreck, one of the Detectives, before more Serpent Skulls come out, led by Diamondback.

The fighting escalates until Black Widow gets stabbed with a drug filled syringe and then the SWAT team appears. The Ultimates escape into Cloak’s cloak but everyone is tired and badly beaten and unmotivated. Lana is frustrated because she was willing to explode other people but couldn’t if she was going to be a hero and quit the team. 

Miles helps Jessica get home, while the Detectives comment one of the people they were looking for initially escaped – before he is murdered by a man in a white mask. 

Back at the Serpent Skulls base, Crossbones, the leader, gets the rundown and talks about how other members of the team have been getting killed. Their next step is to take down whoever has been killing their members. 

Meanwhile Jessica starts to hallucinate from the poison as Kitty promises to join the team and Jessica asks her to call Pierce, and the white masked man known as Scourge takes out more members of the Serpent Skulls. 

Pierce is able to save Jessica while Scourge is angry that his murders haven’t been getting any attention. 

Lana meanwhile checks in with some of her old friends, trying to find what happened to her boyfriend Poey, unaware that Miles was following her. Lana tracks him down to find out that he moved and is dealing drugs for the Serpent Skulls and he hid it from her because she’s too complicated, but she gets him to promise to bring her to the next deal. 

Meanwhile the detectives are looking into news with Bart, an informant, who mentions he’s seen Cloak and Dagger around their base and fighting Serpent Skulls before she gets news that Terry Schreck has vanished. 

At the drug deal, Miles watches Lana arrive with Poey and his cousin, while Kitty and Jessica start chasing after Scourge. He shoots Kitty with a gun that blinds her before Cloak and Dagger show up only to get tied together, bringing them down.

Miles meanwhile gets caught and gets into a fight while Lana gets Poey out of the way so she can fight and Spider-Man webs up most of the people. 

The team regroups, with Lana rejoining the team and apologizing, as they realize they have their work cut out for them.

Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man #1-9

Writer – Brian Michael Bendis, Art – David Marquez, Color – Justin Ponsor, Jason Keith, Letters – VC’s Cory Petit

At SHIELD, Norman Osborn, who is still alive, has his custody transferred over the more standard authorities. Meanwhile two men in costumes with powers like Spider-Man lead some daring robberies. Miles is meanwhile still dating Katie Bishop and he talks about how his father is still missing and Miles can’t tell her everything.

While Norman is being transferred, he escapes in a ball of fire. 

Miles talks to Ganke about wanting to tell Katie his secret and decides to ask MJ about what he should do. She suggests that revealing his secret is the same as asking her to marry him.

On the way back he sees the news about the Spider-Man twins and when he gets home he finds a living Peter Parker in the apartment, and he asks Miles for the web shooters back.

Norman meanwhile returned to the Osborn headquarters and went to his secret lab.

Miles is upset that Peter is back and is refusing to tell him anything and wants to just know what is going on. Eventually Peter reveals he also doesn’t know anything that is going on but he wants to keep it private and return to being Spider-Man. And then Peter knocks him out, steals the web shooters and Miles wakes up, wondering if he could be a clone. 

The Spider-Twins meanwhile hold another heist. 

Miles tries to figure out what to do with Ganke’s help since he also can’t reach out to anyone, but then Katie Bishop shows up and he tells her that he is Spider-Man.

Meanwhile the news about Norman being alive reaches the Bugle, and at the police precinct the reports of the Spider-Twins turns when one of the security guards is killed and Maria Hill decides to track down Miles.

After Miles tells Katie his secret she runs away, Detective Hill shows up and Miles runs away with Hill following him before he returns, and then the news that Norman is back reaches them. 

Former SHIELD Director Chang meanwhile goes to Osborn Industries where she finds Osborn waiting for him and when she opens fire to try and stop him, he kills her.

Miles meanwhile schlepped his way without web shooters to Aunt May’s house looking for her when Norman appeared.

Katie meanwhile comes home in tears and confides in her sister who tells her to break up with Miles before their parents find out.

News about Spider-Man fighting Osborn comes out and Peter Parker returns as well. Things escalate and Miles venom shocks Osborn and he retreats. The police prepare to arrest them and Aunt May knows the Spider-Man she is seeing is Peter. 

Detective Frank Quaid tries to get them to stand down but they escape, but not until after Miles gets grazed by a bullet. Detective Hill found him though and offered to get him out.

Meanwhile the Spider-Twins, who we find are brothers, are disagreeing on what to do next. Miles checks in with Ganke while Maria helps with the wound because the original Spider-Man helped her out.

Meanwhile Jameson is trying to figure out what is going on with Osborn before Osborn crashes into his apartment wanting to give his side of the story. Osborn realizes the venom blast has made him more lucid and that he killed his son before he starts going wild again and Jameson pulls the trigger to kill Osborn with a gun, point blank.

And Miles and Hill track Peter down to Mary Janes’ house. 

Jameson calls Ben Urich about the kill before Osborn gets back up and kills him.

At MJs, Peter reveals he is sure he’s real but isn’t sure how he is alive but he woke up in a lab in Georgia, returned home, found MJ, discovered his casket was empty, and decided he wanted the web shooters back that he made with his dad so he could start a new life. And then Aunt May and Gwen showed up, followed by Osborn. 

Miles dives in this time and starts zapping him again and again which returns him to being human and Osborn tells Miles if he is locked away, he will never find his real father. And then he says he is Miles father and Miles Zaps him again so he flies off and Peter tosses a web shooter and Miles sends him down to the ground and asks for the truth and Peter joins in and they knock him out. 

And then Maria tells the Spider-Men to get everyone else out of there, shoots Norman and lights him on fire. 

Peter meanwhile decides he needs to go on his own to find out what is going on and gives Miles his blessing to be Spider-Man. 

We find out that Katie’s parents are with Hydra, Peter and MJ ride off into the sun together, and Jefferson Davis returns to talk to Miles.

In the past, Jefferson saw his brother involved with crime and it got turned badly, and he ended up being arrested until Nicholas Fury paid his bail. 

Fury tells him that Turk, his brother’s boss, is going to offer him a job, and Fury wants to recruit him. Turk offers him a job working as a bartender. Fury finds him after and explains that Fury will use Turk to do great things to attract Wilson Fisk. 

Fisk offered him a job by threatening his family, and had him work with the Enforcers, unifying everything under the Kingpin, but Jefferson wanted out and Fury told him to stay until the next thing – which turns out to be Mutant Growth Hormone, produced by Toynbee and harvested from mutants. 

Jefferson had an issue and got into a scuffle before SHIELD and Nick Fury showed up and it allowed them to put a lot of people into jail and Jefferson wanted to get out. He did, met Miles’ mom and changed everything.

In the present after Jefferson finished, he admitted he realized what he did was wrong. 

Ultimate Spider-Man #200

Ultimate FF #1-3 – Doomed

All-New Ultimates #1-3 – Power for Power Pt 1

Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man #1-7 – Revival

Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man #8-9 – The Secret History of Jefferson Davis

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