Episode 127: BLOODWITCH

This week Luke and a sick Devin join the New Exiles on their first adventure where they wonder what Sage even is, face down BLOODWITCH of the BLOODFORCE, and also Sue Storm and Namor gave birth to Gambit.

Universes and Comics Covered:

Earth-6706 – New Exiles Vol 1 #1-4

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New Exiles 1-4

Chris Claremont – writer, Tom Grummet – art, Scott Hana – inks, Tom Orzechowski – letters, Wilfredo Quintana – colors

Current team

Morph – only original team member – sort of. is possessed by Proteus but has been mind wiped into thinking he is Morph, goofball who transforms

Sabretooth – from the Age of Apocalypse, he’s gruff anime dad

Psylocke (616) – just like standard Psylocke who isn’t detectable by machines and Slaymaster is hunting down versions of her

Sage (616) – A living computer who got filled with all the memories of Roma who witnessed everything in reality, is not doing well, is also trash

Rogue – Rogue from another world, saved by Morph, not much is known, sort of an outlaw

Mystiq – dude version of Mystique, his wife died, he cooks well

Cat – fell through a portal and ended up in the Panoptichron

We flash back to the launch of the Fantastic Four’s ship into space led by Sue Storm instead of Reed Richards. And then hundreds of meteors hit the ship and Earth. Somehow they make it back to Earth – which sure, but only Sue survives and she’s rescued by Namor, who is black in this universe. The rest of Earth pretty much dies and 50 years pass.

Back at the Panoptichron, Cat is trying to learn everything about the base and somehow nobody wears like – casual clothes. Anyway Morph comes in to get her to hang out, and Sabretooth watches before monologuing about everyone. Sage ends up sneaking in and watching them playing football and asks to join. Cat is hesitant but Morph convinces her – and like – the entire time she’s seeing all of these things she absorbed from Roma that are taunting her and it is difficult but she manages to make a point in footy.

Psylocke is floating around outside, sees Raven and then goes into a reflection and then shares a picnic lunch and plays chess with him. Rogue wanders into the observatory, she says Baka so maybe she’s an otaku. Sabretooth seems to sneak up on her and she ends up somewhere else and then the team gets called together.

Sabretooth wants to send himself, Psylocke, Rogue, and Mystiq leaving behind Cat, Sage and Morph. Also Sabretooth got everyone jackets and new costumes but they aren’t good. Psylocke has a corset Rogue has a black leather trenchcoat and a red dress under and tall red books with a heel, Cat has a black leather trenchcoat and black leather pants, Sage has a worse midriff bearing outfit, Morph…doesn’t need a costume, and Mystiq ignores it.

And then Sabretooth springs and attacks Psylocke giving her own version of the Tallus so he can track her.

And they teleport away and Rogue immediately gets injured when she falls off a cliff, attacked by the Panther’s BLOODFORCE, a team including Black Dog, ROOOOOOUGH JUSTICE snd BLOODWITCH, Bloodwitch who bites Sabretooth.

Meanwhile a mysterious man saves Rogue in the Water with a kiss.

Sabretooth starts attacking Psylocke, Bloodwitch goes to bit Psylocke but is stopped as a storm starts.

Rogue and her savior get out of the water in the ruins of Genosha because a Storms a coming joanie. The mysterious blonde man wearing a Namor style suit introduces himself as Remy or Gambit.

They return and see that it was likely that the rest of the team was either taken by Storm or BLOODFORCE and we learn about how the east coat was destroyed, north America was split in two – pretty much every island or costal region was destroyed and 2/3 of all people on earth got killed.

Psylcoke and the rest of the team wake up in Alexandria where they all had their clothes changed and they run into Wolverine and they explain the whole other universe thing.

Meanwhile Storm is working on a treaty with Warlord Kang of the Atlantean Rebellion. He threatens her and leaves because Namor may have been overthrown.

meanwhile Rogue and Gambit reach Gambit’s family camp where they are being attacked by raiders and they get their asses beaten – and they save Gambit’s mom – Sue Storm, and his dad Namor. they have to move and since Rogue can fly, sue storm makes an invisible jet for her family to load into so she can fly it.

Back in Alexandria, Sabretooth smooches up Psylocke because BLOODWITCH CURSE.

Rogue flys them across the desert to some ruins but then Psylocke, Sabrettooth and Shadowclaw who works for Ororo shows up and starts attacking because of the Bloodwitch curse and then the Bloodwitch shows up along with the rest of BLOODFORCE including Blackdog, Rough Justice, Bloodwitch, Iron Maiden, Sandstorm and Black Panther.

But Sabretooth and Psylocke flip around and knock her out. Sandstorm tries to start up a sandstorm and Sue locks him in a psychic field but eventually he breaks free and Sue ends up next to the claw of the Black Panther.

Sue punches her way out and things become chaotic, Black Panther and her team run out and leave in a giant bomb that explodes, sealing them in but Sue and the team was able to lock it up and Mystiq who we totally forgot about had made it look like Sue was dead so Bloodforce thought they wouldn’t make it.

The team is quickly running out of oxygen because the place is also filling with radiation, luckily Attuma comes to save them because Valeria Fen, Namor’s atlantean daughter convinced him.

Gambit wants to learn more about the Exiles and Valeria married Attuma for a treaty. They then fly into space and have to burst out of a force field Black Panther is setting up and they make it with Psylocke making a psychic shield. Ultron greets them as they approach the moon where Nick Fury is there, as is President Amara Aquilla. They will have to break into earth eventually and they are going to have space wars between the other planets Tony Stark terraformed. Sabretooth tries to call back but nobody seems to be around and they have to return, Gambit wants to go with them and it turns out that was their real mission but now they need to save the rest of the team.

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