Episode 128: Wedd-If?

This week on MultiversalQ, Jean Grey and Scott Summers are getting married and Luke wanted to do a whole wraparound sketch thing where the two of them had to get married to keep the podcast, like a Comedy Bang Bang – meta show trope bit, but Devin didn’t have the time to do it so there are some gags but not an overall wrapping story like that, but honestly, balancing the humor without it coming off as “it is funny because it is two dudes” would be hard to do without it seeming homophobic, especially at a time when LGBTQA rights are under attack, but that’s neither here nor there. The Watcher is an awful wedding guest.

Universes and Comics Covered:

  • Earth-94040 – What If Vol 2 #60
  • Earth-94041 – What If Vol 2 #60
  • Earth-94042 – What If Vol 2 #60

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A What If Wedding Album

What If Vol 2 #60


Writer – Kurt Busiek, Pencils – Ron Randall, Inks – Art Nichols, Colors – Bob Sharen, Letters – Janice Chiang


Set during X-men Vol 2 #30 the Watcher could be watchign Jean and Scott’s wedding but instead he gets set off on a tangent by Lorna Dane pondering what it would have been like if Scott and Jean got married earlier.



As the X-men prepare to have Beast leave the team because he graduated and the series was going on reprint hiatus in this universe Scott and Jean also decide to leave and get married. For those less familiar, the first new story published after X-men 66 was Giant Size X-men which led directly into the Claremont era.

So after the wedding the new X-men are Iceman, Havok, Polaris and Angel as the team leader – except all of them decide to leave the team. Meanwhile Scott is now a public figure talking about mutant rights, Jean and Scott have a child – lil Charles, and Professor X assembles a new team – Storm, Colossus, Northstar and Aurora (normally members of Alpha Flight) and Catseye (normally a Hellion). The team and Professor X ends up going to the island of Krakoa – but it’s not any old island – it is living and it feeds on mutant energies – and all of them are defeated so the Avengers are called in – Thor, Iron Man, Vision, Beast, Scarlet Witch and Moondragon (and Sunfire shows up presumably before quitting the team). They are able to defeat it but all of the X-men are dead and Scott, Jean and the others regret that they weren’t there to help.


Back at the wedding, Warren wonders what it would be like if he got to date her and we get to see


In this universe Warren and Jean end up dating so Scott becomes even more serious and tactical, stopping the Brotherhood. When the Brotherhood is sent on the run, Jean and Warren flirt, distracting Scott and Professor X gets injured trying to protect the team and Scott becomes more withdrawn, leading an assault on Asteroid M. They struggle to work together and escape and make it back and the Professor reveals he was watching the whole time, testing him which angers Scott. Before the next mission, Professor X makes Hank the team leader so Scott leaves the team and is recruited by Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver to join the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants where Magneto plans to corrupt him.


Back at the wedding Wolverine is sulking so we go to the final story


Post the birth of the Phoenix, Scott stumbles onto Phoenix (in the form of Jean Grey) and Wolverine because she wanted someone who wouldn’t hold her back. But also nobody knew it wasn’t really Jean or that Mastermind was corrupting her. So the Dark Phoenix saga happens, Phoenix breaks free of Mastermind’s control, destroys the Hellfire club, goes on a destructive spree in face, returns and attacks the X-men and Xavier knocks her out for the time being before they are summoned by Lilandra, Empress of the Shi’ar to judge her, moon combat style. During the battle she changes, destroys the moon and everyone on it and then the entire universe.

And back in the 616 the two tie the knot and nothing bad ever happens to them again.


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