Episode 128: Wedd-If?

This week on MultiversalQ, Jean Grey and Scott Summers are getting married and Luke wanted to do a whole wraparound sketch thing where the two of them had to get married to keep the podcast, like a Comedy Bang Bang – meta show trope bit, but Devin didn’t have the time to do it so there are some gags but not an overall wrapping story like that, but honestly, balancing the humor without it coming off as “it is funny because it is two dudes” would be hard to do without it seeming homophobic, especially at a time when LGBTQA rights are under attack, but that’s neither here nor there. The Watcher is an awful wedding guest.

Universes and Comics Covered:

  • Earth-94040 – What If Vol 2 #60
  • Earth-94041 – What If Vol 2 #60
  • Earth-94042 – What If Vol 2 #60

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