Episode 169: 169 Is Not A Sex Number, Xavier Files

It is a short episode this week because we covered the worst Marvel Zombies comic this week! Like Peter David and Co mess up a story about Howard the Duck and Dum Dum Dugan killing Nazi zombies.

Universes and Comics Covered

  • Earth-12591 – Marvel Zombies Destroy! #1-5

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Marvel Zombies Destroy! #1-5

Writer – Frank Marraffino #1-2 and Peter David 3-5, Art – Mirco Pierfederici, Al Barrinuevo, Color – Garry Henderson, Letters – VC’s Clayton Cowles


Dum Dum Dugan wakes up in his apartment to find Howard the Duck who woke him from a nightmare to invite him for a mission to go to a universe to fight Nazi Zombies. They took over their world and are planning to make a battleship capable of traveling between universes. Dugan isn’t interested until Battlestar, who was John Walker’s Bucky shows up. And then they introduce the rest including a new Red Raven who is a guy with wings and an attitude, the Eternal Brain an Eternal’s brain in a robot, Gur a lion man, Dragoon one of the Dragon-Men from old Marvel Comics, Blazing Skull a WW2 hero, Flexo a rubber robot, Breeze Barton a pilot from WW2, Dynaman another WW2 hero and Taxi Taylor, a woman who can transport people.

There’s a lot of just dumb stuff going on here with sexism and hamfisted responses. Anyway they get into Earth-12591, Gur the lion man gets turned and basically when you get bit, you become a Nazi zombie like in Dead Snow 2 but not as good. The ship crashes and they find themselves face to face with the zombie Invaders. They kill some but Red Raven gets infected and then Dynaman is killed when Namor feeds him to a zombie squid. The Suffragists – Miss America, Libertas, Columbia and Riveter show up to help and go in to meet Zephyr Zog, their Nazi contact. He’s a scientists who doesn’t want the zombies destroying everything and blames the Dark Lama who made the initial Nazi zombies. They descend down to escape but see that there is also an evil Nazi Zombie Dugan helping them.

They get onto a train and Howard explains he wanted Dugan to pretend to be his zombie self.

Meanwhile the Suffragists and Taxi find a mysterious box which they open. Then zombie Valkyrie attacks killing Zog  and infecting Columbia who kills herself.

And then Loki shows up and explains the Asgardians got infected because Loki brought the disease to Earth to get Thor to come but Odin was bit instead which turned the other Asgardians and are now after him.

The Asgardians derail the train so the team splits and hide in Loki’s chest with the new plan being to destroy the flower. Dugan goes in wearing his disguise, meets with Strucker and Zola while the others are faced by more Asgardians and Dragoon is infected and killed.

The team then bursts in to the building and finds the doomsday weapon the Nazis have are Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder attached to a rocket that will let them move universes.

Loki returns, explains that and the Nazis attack so Loki teleports away with Dugan and Miss America to find the flower. Loki tells them to direct the rocket at the ship they want to use to move between universes. Miss America activates the bomb but Bucky climbs on it to reprogram it so she climbs on to stop him in a reverse Bucky death.

Loki is killed but not before he sends Dugan to warn that the bomb is coming so while the rest of the team is trapped, Eternal Brain has his mind sacrificed – the giant Brain – to distract the zombies. They run through and find the Captain America that the Red Skull has been eating in a freezer, Taxi Taylor moves them out and get out of the universe just before the bomb hits and back to the ARMOR base with only Howard, Dugan, Battlestar, Riveter and Taxi Taylor surviving and Captain America wakes up as a zombie in the new universe.

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