Episode 170: Spy Slash Slash Durr

This week Luke and Devin go down the Gerard Way to talk about Peni Parker, aka SP//DR, anime, and some more stuff. Also we have an image gallery for this episode again.

Universes and Comics Covered

  • Earth-14512 – Edge of Spider-verse #5, Edge of Spider-Geddon #2

Check after the jump for notes and the image gallery!


Edge of Spider-verse #5

Writer – Gerard Way, Art – Jake Wyatt, Color – Ian Herring, Letters – VC’s Clayton Cowles

We start off with the death of Peni Parker’s father as he pilots the SP//dr mecha. Peni is brought to talk to her Aunt May and Uncle Ben who plan to adopt her and she will be trained as the new pilot for the SP//dr since she’s genetically a match and it bites her to bond.

5 years later, Mysterio is attacking the city in a giant orb releasing hallucinogenic nerve gas. She breaks through fighting to power through the gas and having to trust the suit as Mysterio takes selfies and she knocks him out. He reveals he was a fan of her and is arrested.

The next day Daredevil takes her out of class where the other students are the cast of Evangelion because Mysterio tipped them off that someone is building enhanced criminals. They share a moment before they attack, knock out the cast of AKIRA and Ghost in the Shell and it continues with more criminals until some other Spider-men come for her help.


Edge of Spider-Geddon #2

Writer – Lonnie Nadler and Zac Thompson, Art – Alberto Albuquerque, Color – Triona Farrell, Letters – VC’s Cory Petit

Addy Brock, a new student approaches Peni trying to talk to her about piloting SP//dr and Peni runs off as Addy tries to talk to her but ultimately she’s blown off but Peni’s confidence is shook.

May and Ben are talking about the SYM Engine but she comes in and they talk to her about how they are working together but it’s not what she was looking for.

May and Peni work on web-traps together but when she takes a break, Peni sees Addy getting into her own suit, VEN#m, which Addy is working on with Uncle Ben. It allows a more direct connection than SP//dr.

The alarm goes off though and MORBIUS, a giant energy draining monster attacks and Peni is told to avoid it since it absorbs electricity – which she doesn’t do and she gets captured so while they wait for May to reboot the backup they send in VEN#m. She’s specifically told not to kill it but the suit is taking over and makes MORBIUS die, looping into itself and overcharging the SYM Engine. May goes in to check and finds that Addy is being absorbed into the suit and it consumes both of them, but not before May sees that Ben never fixed the thing that made him pull the suit originally.

Peni is charged back up but the VEN#m is evolving and beats the heck out of her but when it tries to convince her that May wanted her to fail, she’s able to deploy the web – but it’s too late and May and Addy were absorbed into the suit.

Afterwards Ben comes to talk to her because he needed to apologize and explain more but before he can say more she’s called to the next event.




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